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YNM is a company that’s focused on providing bed products with high-end technology to their consumers. Their goal is to be able to create an improved sleeping environment that’s also comfortable. YNM focuses on selling weighted blankets, and they aim to help consumers in tackling a series of sleep disorders ranging from depression to anxiety. Each of the seven layers within the weighted blanket are crafted with special materials that’s meant to achieve deep tactile stimulation. These weighted blankets are meant to stimulate pressure, and create a more natural sleeping environment while reducing levels of anxiety perception.

Products & Materials

YNM sells a wide variety of products including cotton, cooling, and minky weighted blankets. There are also kids weighted blankets, duvet covers, three-piece complete set, and a travel weighted blanket.

While YNM utilizes cotton and mink in their other blanket materials, it also prides itself in being a company that has 100% natural bamboo viscose in its cooling weighted blankets. While most other companies utilise cotton or polyester, this new fabric was developed by YNM and is used in their cooling weighted blankets. This material contains a 300-thread count that not only helps in absorbing body heat, it also aids with moisture and keeps the body cool. YNM’s blankets are also made with a unique technology as they are both machine-made and also handmade. By utilising this process, YNM is able to maintain the quality of their blankets with superior stitching, and ensure that there are minimal quality control issues,

The YNM weighted blankets are also stuffed with quiet glass beads that are non-toxic. The pockets within the blankets also help to evenly disperse the glass beads, and as they make no noise, will help ensure that you’re able to sleep soundly at night. The glass beads also keep the blanket smooth to the touch, and keeps you feeling cool at night.


The cotton weighted blankets usually range between the prices of $57.90 and $114.90. The cooling weighted blankets are a tad more expensive and range between the prices of $65.90 and $179.90. The minky weighted blankets are similar in price to the cotton weighted blankets and range between $54.50 to $114.90

Warranty & Returns

All blankets come with a 30-day warranty. If there is damage to the blankets or there happens to be a hole within the blanket, YNM can help to repair it within the 30-days. Do note however, that the shipping fee is excluded from this warranty.

If you’d like to return the blanket, there is a 30-day free shipping and return. All product exchanges must also be done within 30 days of receipt. If you’d like to exchange the product however, you would need to pay for the shipping cost.

Shipping Information

For now, the company only seems to be shipping its products to the US and Canada.

The company needs about 1 to 2 business days to prepare shipment and they use FedEx and UPS to deliver the packages. There may also be an additional transit time of 2 to 6 business days for most US locations.