Wise Owl

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Recognizing the need for environmentally conscious paint, free of harsh chemicals or additives; a kind that wouldn’t harm the environment in the long run – Wise Owl was born. Whether you are painting a new bedroom or redesigning the office, you want a high quality paint with a rainbow range of colors to complete the final look. You also want a paint that doesn’t have that strong chemical smell or harsh aftertaste from breathing it in. Wise Owl meets those expectations and then some.

Products & Materials

Using the same environmentally conscious ingredients found in their paint, Wise Owl also offers customers a choice between fresh smelling, essential oil based soy candles to put the finishing touches on their new room.

  • Chalk Synthesis Paint is available in a range of colors and is complete non-toxic with zero VOC. This paint is full coverage, covering any existing color on the walls of the not only adheres to walls but also glass, metal or other furnishings. Typically, sanding or primer isn’t required for coverage but the choice is the customers.
  • Cling on Paint Brushes are constructed using synthetic fibers, epoxy cement and solid wood to become a paint brush that is resistant to shedding. The bristles provide a smooth and even coverage with any type of paint. They can be purchased in oval, round, angled, or square shapes for all of your painting projects. Size options are also available.
  • One Hour Enamel Paint is for industrial projects that may arise, both inside and out. This water-down paint has no harsh chemicals or smells and will dry to a rock hard finish. It’s weatherproof, water resistant and repels abrasions that can cause cracks or flakes in the paint.
  • Stain Eliminating Primer is the godsend for those with hard painting projects on the horizon. This primer will help paint stick to a variety of surfaces that would otherwise have trouble. It provides a smooth, even coat of color and is available in different sized buckets. Always test an inconspicuous area before painting an entire surface and allow for full recommended drying time to see the results.


Depending on the size of the product chosen is how the price is determined for these products. A pint of Chalk Paint is $23.99 and a quart is $36.99. Paint brushes range in price from $18.00 to $104.75; again depending on the size of the cut you require.

Warranty & Returns

Wise Owl doesn’t offer a return policy to the customer unless the product was purchased in a store. This is because the color schemes can be different from a computer screen to in-person. It is always recommended that you visit a store location to compare color swatches before purchasing.

Returns are accepted on paint brushes, provided they are not opened and the original packaging is intact.

Shipping Information

Wise Owl does offer standard ground shipping to all of their customers and delivery times will depend on the carrier. Shipping fees are calculated at checkout.