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Established over fifty years ago, Visco mattresses came into the limelight touting their timeless brand of memory foam known as Visco elastic memory foam. The sponginess and springiness of the material is what put Visco on the map, since it’s like memory foam, but contours more to the body due to a special blend of memory foam and gel memory foam. The culmination of these two types of memory foam have transformed standard memory foam mattresses into the Visco brand known today.

Products & Materials

Although there are plenty of other mattresses that come with memory foam, Visco is memory foam that was even invented by NASA to protect astronauts from outside forces in space. If that’s not impressive, then I don’t know what is.

Visco Foam – Visco memory foam is a highly plush foam that disperses body heat and keeps you cool even through the deepest of sleeps. The temperature control is just one of the many benefits of this type of memory foam.

Durability – Visco memory foam is highly durable which means it will have a longer use life.

Hypoallergenic – Visco memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and don’t trap allergens. This is ideal for anyone who suffer from allergies, especially during the springtime.


Low end Visco memory foam starts near $250, while the higher end Visco memory foam mattresses will set you back starting at $550. It’s really a steal considering the high-quality memory foam. The smaller sizes in twin and even full will naturally be much cheaper.

The price for the quality is really a steal, considering the price in the market for this caliber of memory foam.

Warranty & Returns

The warranty for Visco memory foam mattresses is pretty standard. If there is any problem with the product, the manufacturer will replace it no questions asked. Even if you want to test out the mattress for a while, you can easily conduct your own sleep study and, if you are not incredibly happy with the respective mattress for whatever reason, then you can return it.

Returns are easy, too. A 30-day trial should be enough to determine if the product is best for you or not. If not, simply return for a full refund.


Shipping for Visco products is free of charge and typically takes about five to six days for your order to process. After processing, the product or products will be delivered to your home. Easy as pie. Remember, if you have any questions throughout any part of the ordering, shipping and setup process, customer service is a mere phone call away. Boasting some of the best customer service reps in the market, Visco promises a delightful process from the start to the very finish. Call with any questions or concerns and they will happily answer.