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The Snore Reliever Company

Overall Brand Rating


The Snore Reliever Company, LLC has been in business for about nine years, and has distinguished itself as one of the most affordable anti-snoring devices on the market. VitalSleep is the company’s signature product: an anti-snoring product that works as a mandibular advancement device.

Construction & Use

VitalSleep is a mouthpiece made from ethyl-vinyl acetate, which is both medical-grade and hypo-allergenic. It doesn’t contain any latex or BPA, and it’s FDA approved. The product is available in two different sizes: the smaller one is advertised as being better for the female audience, while the bigger one is more suitable for the male public.

The product requires a primary adjustment before use, through a process that requires boiling the device and then biting it, so that it can mold to your mouth. In order to fit the VitalSleep mouthpiece, you will have to position the components in a neutral position first.

Fill a pan with water and bring it to a boiling point. Use a pair of tongs to dig the VitalSleep mouthpiece in hot water, but only after having removed the pan from the heat source. Hold the mouthpiece in the water for 90 seconds, and then dip it in cold water for three more seconds.

Put it in your mouth, but use a mirror for better accuracy. Bite down the piece for 30 seconds, making sure that you are firmly holding the device firmly between your teeth. Take the piece out of your mouth, and put it back in cold water for an additional 30 seconds.

If this doesn’t do the trick, repeat the process once more, so that you can get a deep and fully-customized impression.

Additionally, the mouthpiece can also be adjusted with a hex key and a screw, if need be. Keep in mind that too many adjustments won’t just damage the mouthpiece, but may cause jaw discomfort.

Price Range

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is priced at $69.95 regardless of which of the two sizes you opt for. However, the company does provide a generous offer, allowing customers to purchase a second mouthpiece for a mere $39.

Warranty & Returns

The warranty coverage for the VitalSleep mouthpiece is really very generous compared to its competition. You are covered by a one-year warranty, during which the company promises to replace the product in case it wears out. Also, there is no limit to how many replacements you can ask for in a single year.

You also have a 60 days money back guarantee, during which you are free to initiate returns if the product doesn’t meets your expectations.

Shipping Information

Another very impressive thing about the VitalSleep is that it is available for international delivery, free of charge. The company has taken upon itself to handle all delivery costs, promising to ship the item the very same day.

Those that live in the US can expect to receive their product in a maximum of four days, while international orders can take up to 10 days.