The Grand Mattress

Overall Brand Rating


The Grand Mattress is presented from Mastertex, a textile company that sells its products through 3rd party vendors including Amazon. Mastertex was founded in 2009. The Grand Mattress comes from the brand The Grand, one of the six owned by the family-operated company Mastertex.

Products and Materials

The Grand Mattress is a mattress pad made entirely from cotton and polyester. The basic quilted mattress pad is quilted with polyester filling. It also has wide-netted sides that hang over the edge of the mattress. It’s a hypoallergenic, inexpensive mattress pad that can protect your bed from stains, dirt, dust, and dander.

It’s an easy-to-clean, machine washable and dryable mattress pad. Unfortunately, this mattress pad is not waterproof and is relatively thin.


The availability of different sized Grand Mattress Pads vary on Amazon since there is a limited supply. These prices are the given prices on Amazon sold from the provider The Grand. This is the official seller over Amazon.

The sizes available are twin, queen, king, full XL, and full size.

  • The twin-sized mattress pad is priced at $20.
  • The queen and the full-sized mattress pads are the same, costing $25
  • Finally, there are the king and full XL sizes, which both cost the same amount and come for $30 each.

There are also multiple deals you can get through Amazon such as 2-packs for full, king, queen, and twin-sized mattress pads.

Warranty and Returns

The information for the warranty and returns is vague, due to the fact that neither Mastertex nor The Grand sell their products directly through a unique retail website. The Grand Mattress is sold through Amazon, where they provide a 30-day warranty.

The warranty is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This only applies to those sellers who are providing you with the official warranty policy. Other retailers on Amazon or different platforms may not do so. This warranty will cover any manufacturing defects found in the material and/or workmanship of the mattress pad.

There are no returns provided for the Grand Mattress. You can, of course, use the warrantied time frame to return the mattress pad for a full refund as many other customers have done so.

Your refund will be provided to you through the payment you originally used. If you’ve had the product for a long period of time, then the refund may not be a full refund. Refunds will arrive within 3-5 business days. If you paid through your debit card, then you will get your refund within 10 business days.

Shipping Information

All shipping is done through Amazon. Amazon works through FedEx and other convenient local delivery services.

Shipping rates will always depend on the shipping speed you select, the weight and size of the items and the original price. All shipping and handling costs will be given to you once you checkout and select your payment method.

Shipments come through within a week depending on the item being shipped, the delivery courier that is being used, and the address you provide. Amazon does allow PO boxes, APO and FPO addresses unless further indicated from the seller of the product.