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About Spindle

Spindle is a mattress brand with a rather unique story. During their childhood, a lot of kid dream about becoming actors, doctors, firemen, or astronauts. However, Spindle’s founder, Neil, always knew he wanted to be a mattress maker. And, unlike a lot of children who don’t actually get to be astronauts, Neil did end up creating mattresses, and Spindle came to see the light of day in 2013.

The interesting thing about Spindle is how they approached this market that is looking to take the hassle off of customer’s hand by offering White Glove services and old mattress removal. Spindle is the Lego of all mattresses, bringing the components to you, and leaving you in charge of the assembly.

While this may seem like a lot of trouble, as some people wonder why they would want to assemble their own mattress when they could buy one that’s already assembled, the concept behind Spindle is actually looking to solve a decade-old problem: what firmness should my mattress have?

There are a lot of cases when people purchase a firm mattress, and then feel like they should have opted for a medium-firm one. Some people buy a plush mattress, but then discover that their bodies are sinking into the soft comfort layers way too much, and feel like they should have went with a medium firmness.

When you order a Spindle mattress, you receive block of latex with different firmness levels, which allow you to configure the bed to the firmness level of your choice. And if that doesn’t work for you, just unzip the cover, and switch the layers between one another.

Mattresses Produced

Spindle has a more unique approach to mattress production, by moving the layer configuration and the creation process over to the sleeper. Spindle actually sells the components of a standard latex mattress, giving you the possibility to place the layers inside the cover just as you want.

Materials Used

The Spindle is designed to be a Dunlop latex mattress. Depending on which firmness level you choose during your purchasing process, you will receive three layers of latex, measuring three inches each, and the cover.

The cover of the Spindle can support a total height of 10 inches, and it’s made from organic cotton and wool batting, leaving you with a natural option for your bed.

Depending on the firmness chosen, you will receive each layer of latex packed and labeled separately, so you always know which is which and how to make your own mattress. The latex is Oeko-Tex certified. The IDL for each of the three layers will also be determined by your firmness choice, and the density ranges from 4.6 to 5.6 PCF.

The Spindle is a mattress meant to be assembled by the customer, and the way you choose to place your latex layer inside the cover will determine the firmness of the mattress. Spindle also provides its buyers with a specification chart, guiding them through the assembly process and disclosing information and hit on how to obtain the desired firmness.

Mattress Production

The parts required to make a Spindle mattress are all manufactured in the U.S.

Warranty & Return Policy

Starting with the moment of purchase, your Spindle mattress will be covered by a 10 years warranty period. For replacing one of the parts of your mattress, you will not have to pay any shipping fees or repair costs.

The company also offers a 25-year comfort life program, which implies buying replacements part for the Spindle, beating the average cost it would take to purchase a whole new mattress.

What’s interesting is that even if a lot of people criticized the Spindle for having a lower-than-average warranty period, they do offer quite a generous trial period. You have a full year (365 days) to decide whether the Spindle mattress is right for you.

However, the company does encourage you to try the mattress for at least 60 nights before you make up your mind.

Price Range

The price for the Spindle mattress will depend on the size of the mattress chosen, but the firmness doesn’t have any impact on the price tag. You can expect to pay as low as $1999 for a Twin-sized mattress, while the King-sized version is $3,799. However, Spindle offers a lot of discounts over the course of one year, so there are high chances of you finding the mattress at a really good price.


The Spindle mattress can be purchased from the company’s official website, but it’s also sold on Amazon. Those that wish to test the four different firmness options of the mattress can do so by visiting the company’s showroom, which is located in Acton, Massachusetts.

Shipping Availability

The Spindle mattress is available free of any shipping costs for all the 48 states located on the continental US. Buyers from Alaska and Hawaii can also order a Spindle mattress, but they will be responsible with paying for the shipping fees. The company also delivers their mattress to Canada, but charges a shipping fee to do so. The shipping fees for each location will be displayed in the shopping cart, once the delivery address has been provided.

Brand Popularity

When people first hear about the idea of assembling their own mattress, they might be skeptical as to why anyone would actually want to do that. It will always be easier to purchase a mattress that’s assembled, sealed and delivered. However, if you discover that a mattress isn’t of the firmness level you hoped for, most manufacturers and retailers will not allow you to exchange it for the same model, in a different size or firmness; only with another mattress model.

Spindle eliminates this problem entirely, by giving its buyers the possibility to make their own configuration, and providing an ease of mattress recalibration should the desired firmness level not be achieved. The company also offers hint on how to place each of the three latex layers inside the mattress to obtain the desired result.