SmartHome Bedding

Overall Brand Rating


Sold almost exclusively through authorized third-party retailers, the SmartHome Bedding collection is used in homes, hotels, and hospital facilities around the nation. Marketed as a soft but supportive pillow; the SmartHome Bedding products have been gaining rave reviews from various blogs and websites who dedicate their time to reviewing the best products in the bedding market sector.

Products & Materials

While researching, it seems that the SmartHome Bedding brand only has two products that can be purchased as of publication date.

  • The Super Plush, Down Alternative Pillow is one of the top picks when it comes to “soft” pillows. SmartHome Bedding inspired to create a pillow that would meet hotel standards in terms of longevity, plushness, support and cleanliness; so this pillow was born. The alternative down filling is polyester which is naturally breathable with miniature airflow channels located throughout. This style of pillow is available in either a queen or king and the majority of retailers sell them as a double pack for convenience. Plush enough the head, neck and upper shoulders sink into the filling but firm enough to provide support that doesn’t leave the sleeper with a kink in their muscles in the morning; this pillow truly is hotel quality.
  • The Super Plush, Down Alternative Dust Mite Resistant Pillow is made from the same polyester filling as the previous entry but has a poly mercerized cotton cover for increased breathability. This increased airflow not only reduces the amount of allergens, mites and irritants that could become trapped in the pillow but allows for trapped body heat to escape so the sleeping surface stays cool and dry. It doesn’t matter how warm or humid the night is; the sleeper should wake up without a trace of sweat or sickness. Available in queen size.


There isn’t exactly a set price on the SmartHome Bedding products, due to the fact that authorized retailers sell the products for SmartHome. The price can vary and fluctuate depending on sales, discounts, promo codes or coupons. The average price through most retailers, however, seems to be $30.00 and up.

Warranty & Returns

As the SmartHome Bedding is sold by a third-party; both the warranty and return policies would correspond with the retailer chosen. Some retailers might not offer warranty but instead an increased return period where refunds can be issued for unsatisfactory items.

Before purchasing any brand or product through a third-party retailer; always double check on the return policy, refund policy or exchange policy. Some retailers will only offer exchanges or replacements on damaged good but not a full refund.

Shipping Information

SmartHome Bedding doesn’t ship from a warehouse or direct store but instead it is sold through authorized retailers. Therefore, shipping information and policies would correspond directly to the chosen retailer’s normal policy for pillows or bedding.

Some online retailers will offer free shipping once a certain price tag has been met and others will ship out numerous products for a flat fee. Check into the shipping policy of your selected retailer before committing to purchase.