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Smartduvet is a new product that was originally created in Montreal, Canada. This cutting edge duvet not only helps to make the bed for its owner, it also allows each side of the bed to be set to a specific temperature. A special light inflatable sheet that’s inserted between the duvet and duvet cover helps to bring this technology to life. According to its creators, Smartduvet’s temperature feature can lower the consumption of energy and help individuals suffering from arthritis.

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With the Smartduvet you can easily set your preferred temperature and when you’d like the bed to be made with an easy to use application. If it’s cold outside and you’d like your bed to be warm and toasty when it’s bedtime, you can preheat your bed ahead of time and get a wonderful night’s sleep.

The Smartduvet can both heat as well as cool the bed. To heat the bed, the Smartduvet uses heated air from the control box and distributes it evenly. Openings in the latter also help in getting rid of humidity and keep you feeling warm at night without overheating.

As for the cooling function, the Smartduvet increases the body’s natural evaporation process to create a cooling effect. Since this is a natural process, there also won’t be any emission of greenhouse gases and your body is cooled only using room temperature air.

Finally, the Smartduvet also has a self-making bed feature. This is perfect for individuals who don’t have time to make their bed in the morning, and for those that may have mobility issues. When you’d like to make your bed, the device will inflate the main air chamber which in turn lifts both the duvet and top sheet back to its original position.


The price of the Smartduvet differs on the size of the duvet that you’re purchasing. The website is currently running a special with a single/twin Smart Duvet priced at $299, the full/double at $309, the queen-size at $349, the king-size at $369, and the California king at $389.

Warranty & Returns

Currently, the product is covered by a one-year limited warranty. In order to get the benefit of this limited warranty, you should retain a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase. However, the limited warranty only extends to the original purchaser of the product who is located in the United States or Canada. More details about the warranty can be located on their website.

Returns only seem to be applicable during a defect, there wasn’t any specific information pertaining to returns on the website.

Shipping Information

The item currently ships internationally with the shipping rate differing on where the item is being shipped to. If you plan on shipping the item to Australia for example, there would be a flat rate shipping fee of $34. You won’t have to worry about adaptor issues though as Smartduvet will provide the necessary external power adaptor to ensure that it works without any issues in your country.