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About Slumber Cloud

Slumber Cloud was created back in 2013, as a mean to solve pressing sleep-related problems, such as temperature. In order to create products that are breathable and comfortable, the company has teamed up with Outlast Technologies, in a partnership that long studied the effects of what could improve a person’s sleep.

The company is focused on delivering quality products at competitive prices. The company also vouches to focus on customers’ satisfaction, but also on what they can do to give something back to the community.

Products Offered

Slumber Cloud is known as being one of the top rated bedding items providers in Northern America. Their products range from mattress pads, sheets, pillows, covers, and comforters.

Materials Used

Naturally, there are some materials that Slumber Cloud tends to use quite frequently, but the composition and construction differs from one type of product to another.

  • Slumber Cloud offers the Nacreous mattress pad, which is created using polyester fibers. Each of the pads is made by combining viscose and cotton, for superior temperature regulation. This feature is also backed by the use of lyocell, which is known for being cooling.
  • The Dryline mattress protector was created to expand the lifespan of your mattress, integrating a waterproof features, and a polyester/lycra cover. The product is hypoallergenic and can fit any mattress that measures 16 inches or less in height.
  • The Stratus sheet set is one of the best-selling items provided by Slumber Cloud. If you order this sheet set in Full size and up, you will receive one fitted and one flat sheets, plus two pillowcases. The sheets feature a thread count of 300, and combines 40% viscose and 60% cotton in their construction. The fitted sheet features an elastic band, which allows the sleeper to toss and turn to their own liking, while the sheet stays on the mattress the entire time.
  • The Cirrus pillow is made in three different sizes, and features a cotton outer shell with a thread count of 300. The best part of this pillow is that you can choose between two different fills (down or polyester), but also three firmness levels.
  • You can also opt for the Nacreous pillow covers, which are made from the same viscose and cotton combination as most other Slumber Cloud products. The lining fabric is here to ensure breathability and temperature regulation.
  • The Cumulus comforter is made with a damask cotton cover with a thread count of 300, feeling very soft and cool to the touch. The comforter is filled with polyester fiberfill, and is available in different weights, some of which are suitable for all-seasons use.
  • The Stratus duvet cover is a blend of cotton and fibers, with the same 300 thread count which seems to be characteristic to Slumber Cloud materials. The corner ties are present, looking to hold the duvet secured to the cover.
  • The Stratus blanket is made from merino wool, giving sleepers a very cozy feel.

Warranty & Return Policy

All of the products sold on Slumber Cloud’s website are subject to the Slumber Cloud Promise. This means that all of them have a 60 day free trial period to sue them, wash them, and give them a chance to see how they perform.

In order to initiate a return, you will have to fill out a contact form, so that the company can issue a return authorization number. If you are eligible for a return, you will also have to pay the return shipping fees to deliver the item back to Sleep Cloud.

However, if you are returning the product because of any manufacturing defect, the company will cover all shipping fees (which include returning the product and shipping you a replacement product).

The products also come with 180 days of warranty.

Price Range

Prices naturally depend on the type of product that you’re purchasing. Here are some prices offered by Slumber Cloud on different products, so you can get an idea of what to expect:

  • The Nacreous mattress pad starts off with a price of $149 for the Twin size, and $299 for the Split King size.
  • The Dryline mattress protector costs as low as $139 for the Twin size, and can cost as much as $199 for the Cal King.
  • The Stratus sheet set is priced at $159 for the Twin size, and $209 for a Cal King.
  • The Cumulus comforter costs $129 if you want the smallest size (Twin), and goes all the way up to $189 for a King size.


The products manufactured and sold by Slumber Cloud are available for purchase exclusively on the company’s website.

Shipping Availability

Slumber Cloud offers free shipping on product delivered throughout the entire US territory, as well as Armed Forces delivery addresses. The company only ships internationally to their Canadian and Mexican customers, provided that they agree to handle all shipping and custom taxes that are part of the delivery process.

Brand Popularity

Slumber Cloud is a bedding item company that is focused on one thing and is looking to try everything to make it happen: provide its customers with quality and cooling bedding. Through their partnerships and research, they have created several technologies and blends that have cooling effects and temperature regulation, to combat one of the sleeper’s worst enemies: heat.

The Outlast Technology that’s used in all of their products features a material with unique qualities that absorb, store, and release heat in order to reduce the body temperature of the sleeper. Since the materials stores excess heat, it can release once the temperature of the skin starts to drop. This way, the sleeper is bound to have a constant temperature that doesn’t cause any thermal discomfort.