Sleep Joy

Overall Brand Rating


Sleep Joy, established in 2010, released their top-selling mattresses and mattress covers to incorporate structural foam that promotes back pain ease and body comfort. With a slogan that says for users to “wake up happy,” it only makes sense that the word “joy” is incorporated to the brand name. These are mattresses structured with comfort in mind, and their products clearly show that.

Products and Materials

Sleep Joy mattress are catered to people who prefer to sleep on their backs, stomachs and sides. Each mattress offers a few tweaks toward these body specifications so that each sleeper is sleeping his or her absolute best. So many unique enhancements make these mattresses and accessories some of the best you can find on the market. Products also come in varying sizes, sure to meet any bed or room specification needs.

The mattresses are broken down into a few varying factors:

  • Mattress Enhancement – As a mattress topper, Sleep Joy provides the highest quality in materials that offer sheer enhancement of any type of mattress. These toppers bring out the mattresses best qualities and provide a much comfier sleep with thermal control for hotter or cooler days.
  • Breathability – Sleep Joy prides itself in it meshes fibers that promote air flow and breathability, which is great for even the hottest of sleepers. No more waking up with night sweats!
  • Memory Foam – Boasting some of the best, premiere memory foam products, Sleep Joy is sure to provide the highest quality of memory foam that is neither too hot or too cold. These mattresses are great for varying body temperatures and sleep preferences.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Not only can you sleep better with Sleep Joy mattresses, but you can rest easy knowing that these mattresses are environmentally sound. Most of the components are plant based and easy to dispose of whenever that time comes.


Ranging anywhere from $80 to $4,000, Sleep Joy provides mattresses, toppers and accessories that are sure to be friendly to anyone’s wallet. Whether it’s a super brand-new mattress or a simple topper for enhancement, Sleep Joy provides many different concepts for many different tastes.

Warranty and Returns

Sleep Joy boasts free shipping and free returns. If Sleep Joy products do not meet expectations for any reason, the mattress or topper can be sent back with no hassle and a full refund. You may also return the mattress after trying it out if it’s not suited for you and your sleep needs.

With a full warranty, the mattress will be exchanged if there are any factory issues or damages with the mattress or any Sleep Joy accessories. Rest even easier knowing that your mattress is backed with this kind of warranty!

Shipping Information

Sleep Joy products will ship free of charge after processing payment, which usually takes one to two days of processing. After that, your mattress will arrive at your home and on your door step within seven to ten days. That’s quite the deal given the quality of the products and the value of these high-quality materials.