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Sleep Defense

Overall Brand Rating


Sleep Defense, by Hospitology, provides a unique sleeping experience by shielding your mattress. Unlike a standard mattress protector, Sleep Defense offers a highly durable mattress encasement which is altogether waterproof, bed bug proof, hypoallergenic and zipper locked airtight. This may seem like overkill for someone who has never used a mattress shield before, but for anyone with allergies or anyone all too familiar with pesky mattress stains, this shield is just what the doctor ordered.

Products & Materials

Although Sleep Defense only offers mattress encasements, that’s not to say that there aren’t variety. Sleep Defense went and did something and did that thing well. There are multiple sizes of mattress encasements you can choose from, but no matter the size, you can have the guarantee of top-quality products. Some of the best features of these products include:

  • Hypoallergenic – Sleep Defense mattress protectors are all hypoallergenic. This means no pesky dust mites, pollen, dirt or standard house dust will settle into this mattress. This is ideal for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies.
  • Waterproof – Not only are these mattress encasements stain proof, but they are totally waterproof. No liquids could set into your mattress no matter how long a liquid is sitting there. This is a super great feature especially for a family with small children, since smaller children are more prone to accidents in the middle of the night.
  • Stretchable and Durable – These mattress protectors are both stretchable and, in turn, highly durable. With so many sizes to choose from, you don’t have to worry about these mattress covers being a bit too snug or too loose. The durable, stretchable fabric will cover the entire surface of your mattress with ease.
  • Machine Washable – One of the best features of Sleep Defense mattress protectors is that they are completely machine washable. This makes caring for these products even easier since you don’t have to go get these specially treated.


A standard queen-sized mattress protector will cost you about $33. The larger the size of the mattress, the higher the price, but really not by much. That $33 is about the medium price when it comes to Sleep Defense products, which offer pretty high quality considering the price.

Warranty and Returns

You can purchase Sleep Defense products off of countless internet home manufacturing sites. As far as warranties and returns go, you’d need to check these polices for each store since everyone has a different policy. The good thing is that there is always a customer service department on standby to help you with your order and to answer any questions you might have. Make use of this department!

Shipping Information

Just like the warranty and return policies, the shipping policy will be dependent on the manufacturer, as well. Again, make sure you understand the shipping zones and prices before you make a purchase, so you aren’t caught off guard later. If you simply can’t find the policy information, there is always that customer service department I was talking about earlier. They can definitely help guide you.