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While some manufacturers include mattress protectors within their lineup of products, SafeRest specializes in just mattress protectors. Why get a chicken sandwich from a burger joint, right? This means that if you are in the market for a good mattress protector, you can’t go wrong with SafeRest because that is the only product they manufacture. They’re pros, so to speak. With so many sizes and features, even if you didn’t realize you needed a mattress protector, you might want to look into them now.

Products & Materials

Mattress protectors are great for large families, but they are perfect for an apartment that holds one or two people, too. They are so important for anyone who has allergies or anyone living in an area where bed bugs could become a problem quickly. These mattress protectors are entirely hypoallergenic and are guaranteed to keep moisture and dust out. Some of the better features include:

  • SafeRest Invisa-Shield – The SafeRest Invisa-Shield is a trademark feature from Invisa-Shield. This shield allows plenty of protection without making your mattress feel bogged down by plastic or an extra protective layer, as some mattress protectors can do. This is meant to aid the mattress, not change the feel of it.
  • Cotton Terry Surface – For added breathability and durability, SafeRest touts a cotton terry surface for protection and softness. Cotton terry naturally absorbs moisture and it also absorbs motion. This is perfecto for anyone sleeping with a restless sleeper.
  • Breathable Membrane – For extra breathability and protection, SafeRest mattress protectors also come equipped with a breathable membrane to more efficiently move heat out of the mattress. This also makes the mattress protector an impenetrable force for bed bugs or dust mites.
  • Cleaner Mattress – Overall, a mattress protector of this caliber will offer you a cleaner mattress and cleaner sleep space. You can wash your sheets and brig them back to a completely clean and sanitary sleep space. Especially great for people with lowered immune systems or allergies.


The classic plus price, or more standard price, starts at $39.95. The next package price, the premium package, starts at $49.95 and the last package price, the renewal package, is $99.95. All come with warranties and care information.

Warranty and Returns

Depending on the price, the warranties come in three-year, ten year and fifteen-year warranties. These are scaled to match each package price. The packages also come with extras per price, such as crib protectors and pillow protectors. You just need to check each package to see which one the best for your needs would be.

Returns are also easy. If you are not satisfied or if there is a problem with the product upon arrival, SafeRest will refund your order entirely.

Shipping Information

Shipping policies are pretty standard with SafeRest. After processing the order within one or two days, SafeRest will ship out products. If you order shipping for the same day, expedited shipping is available for certain areas. There is an excellent customer service department on standby in case you have any questions during the ordering process or even after.