Overall Brand Rating


Rowenta is a German company that started in 1909. It’s well-known for creating premium quality products that are easy to use, have a sleek design, and come with incredible technological performance. The company is known for their home-based products such as vacuum cleaners, irons, hair dryers, and more. For more than 10 years, Rowenta has also placed eco-intelligent products on the forefront of their innovation.

Products & Materials

Rowenta has a range of products from linen care to home cleaning, home comfort, women hair care, and even men care.

The below is a snapshot of the range of products that Rowenta sells:

  • Rowenta is well-known for their linen care products such as steam irons, garment steamers, travel irons, ironing boards, and more. For steam irons, Rowenta carries a rather extensive range and has an Eco Intelligence DW6010 iron that is 25% energy saving with 100% efficiency. Rowenta even has a travel iron that you can take with you as the perfect travel companion with its dual voltage, travel pouch, and compact design
  • For home cleaning, Rowenta has products such as bagless vaccum cleaners, bagged vaccum cleaners, cordless handheld cleaners, steam cleaning, and even robots. With vaccum cleaners, Rowenta has an impressive range including the silence force cyclonic 4A that is apparently the most silent vaccum cleaner ever. For robots, Rowenta has the Smart Force Extreme RR7145 that’s an ideal cleaning partner for even the carpet
  • Rowenta also has a range of air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumudifiers, heaters, and fans for home comfort. For air purifiers, Rowenta has three different kinds with the Intense Pure Air being the only purifier that is able to filter up to 99.95% of pollution and permanently destroying formaldehyde
  • Women might be happy to know that Rowenta has hair dryers, straighteners, and even stylers and curlers. Rowenta even has a So Curls curler that is an automatic curler for you to easily have the curls that you’re looking for. At the same time, Rowenta also has epilators, and IPL epilators for women


Rowenta doesn’t directly sell the products through their website hence the prices aren’t available directly on their website. Checking Amazon however, Rowenta carries products with a range of prices with most of their products being in the higher range. A Rowenta Turbo Silence Stand Fan for example costs $122.38, and a Rowenta white air purifier costs $304.98.

Warranty & Returns

While the returns would depend on the third-party websites that you purchase from, Rowenta has a 10-year reparability commitment listed on their website. What this means, is that Rowenta is committed to repairing electrical products for up to 10 years. All you have to do is seek out a professional repairer whatever the country of purchase or use. You can head on their website and easily find the nearest repairer to ensure that you can use your products for an extended period of time.

Shipping Information

Rowenta does not provide the shipment of items. Hence, shipping information would differ depending on the third-party resellers.