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About Purple

The Purple brand has a very interesting back story. It was founded by two brothers, Terry and Tony Pearce, who wanted to create a product that would change the world. At that time, Terry has 20 years of experience in project management, design and manufacturing. Tony has about 13 years of experience in aerospace materials.

They started of in 1993, creating wheelchairs. As they received feedback from their customers, it turned out that the problem was the lack of better cushioning. Fast forward three years and a lot of product research and development, the two came up with hyper-elastic polymer.

In 2013, when their invention had become more and more sought out, they decided that it’s time to make bed. As simple as that. Putting their minds together, they knew that could create the most comfortable bed ever. Three years later, in 2016, the Purple mattress was born.

Mattresses Produced

Purple started off with its flagship model, the Original Purple mattress. Recently, they’ve introduced the world their All-New Purple mattress. Both of the models integrate their patented hyper-elastic polymer, but one of them is a foam mattress, while the other is a hybrid.

Materials Used

The Purple mattress will always stand out due to the smart grid comfort layer which makes this a one-of-a-kind bed. The Original Purple comes with the patented Smart Comfort Grid, which is a layer made from column from hyper-elastic polymer, which are meant to identify pressure points and allow them to sink into the mattress as needed. In other words, the mattress knows where your body sinks in deeper and where your pressure points are.

The other layers beneath it are made from polyurethane foam, providing the sleeper with support and contouring, while also giving them a sturdy foam base to sleep on.

The All-New Purple mattress relies on a very similar construction, only it’s somewhat more customizable. For instance, the Original Purple mattress has a medium-firm feel, while the All-New allows the sleeper to choose between three different firmness options.

While the foam layers of the two mattress models are identical, the All-New Purple allows the buyers to choose between three levels of grip thickness for the upper layer. Even more, the All-New relies on a solid base made from 7.5 inches of pocketed springs, giving sleepers that nice traditional mattress feel.

Mattress Production

Purple’s factory is based in Grantsville, Utah, and that’s where all the magic happens.

Warranty & Return Policy

The Purple mattress is covered by a 10 year warranty. In the first 10 years of use, Purple agrees to repair or replace the mattress in case there are any manufacturing or material flaws, but also if the indentations are not within the limits specified by the warranty. The zippered cover of the mattress has lower warranty coverage, which is only two years.

With every Purple mattress that you purchase, you get a 100 nights free trial. As with other brands, Purple also recommends giving your mattress a break-in period, which should be of at least 30 nights. Should you discover that you are not sleeping as well as you expected, you still have a 70-day window to return the mattress.

In order to return the Purple mattress, it has to be in a good shape, without any stains, sweat, smell, or visible damage. If you bought the mattress in a retail location, you will be required to contact them in order to initiate a return.

Price Range

The Purple mattress can be bought for as low as $649 for the Twin model, but you can also expect to pay less if you purchase it with one of the many discounts that the company offer over the course of a year. The Cal King version costs $1,299.

With the All-New Purple mattress, price gets a little more complicated. Which one of the available sizes comes with three firmness options, and the higher the number is, the most the mattress will cost.

For example, a Twin XL All-New Purple mattress with a 2 inch Smart Comfort Grid will costs $1,249, but a Twin XL with a 4-inch grid will costs $2,449. Those that want a Cal King with a 4 inch Smart Comfort Grid will have to pay $3,399 to get one.

Purple also offer a 10% discount for military, which includes reservist, veteran, or retired military members and their families. You will be required to fill out a form with some of your information, after which a verification process will tell you if you are eligible to receive this discount or not.

The answer is usually given on the spot, but it may take up to 20 minutes, in which case you will be informed via email.


The Purple mattress is available for purchase on the company’s official website, but you can also order one from Amazon. You can also visit Purple’s showroom, which is located in Alprine, Utah.

Shipping Availability

Currently, Purple only delivers their products to the US and Canadian audience. However, there is a form that you can fill if you want to be notified in the future, in case Purple decides to cover your country as well.

Brand Popularity

Purple will always be remembered as that mattress with the polymer grid. The backstory of how the technology came to live, as well as how much work was put behind the development of this technology is an absolute inspiration.

This design that they have created impressed in two distinct ways. First, there’s the actual column-like design, which facilitates airflow through this mattress, and does it way better compared to a lot of other cooling technologies used to create mattresses.

Then, there’s the actual support of the hyper-elastic polymer layer. The layer works dynamically to provide pressure point relief by detecting where the body puts more pressure on the mattress, and then triggers the extra support where it’s needed.