Ostrich Pillow

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In the year 2012, the world was taken aback when the Ostrich Pillow line of pillows and sleeping aids hit the market. Starting out with just one product, the Original Ostrich Pillow; the company has now grown to include a complete product line of pillows designed to suit your needs, body shape and pain issues.

Products & Materials

Ostrich Pillow has increased their product line to include a larger variety of pillows to suit your nightly and even your daily needs. They now have pillows that can be worn as scarves, pillows that can be worn as a hood, a mini version for on-the-go or children and even looped designed pillows for added pressure on areas that experience residual aches and pains after slumber.

  • The Light Ostrich Pillow is designed the same as an infinity circle and can be worn as a neck support or a sleep mask. This multi-purpose pillow is lightweight and available a range of colors. The colors are reversible and has a solid black side along with a solid color that you have chosen on the other. There is a drawstring located within the pillow, allowing the sleeper to adjust the tightness around the head as they see fit. Made using a combination of viscose and elastomer; this covering holds together coated microbeads that act as support and allows the pillow to contour to the neck.
  • The Loop Ostrich Pillow is a looped designed that fits directly over the eyes to act as a sleep mask. The bands also fit down onto the cheeks for a snug, secure fit allowing those who are suffering from migraines to gain relief. The tightness of the bands are adjustable, allowing you to find your perfect fit. The filling is microbeads and are covered by a blend of viscose and elastomer fabric. Purchase in different colors is available.
  • The Original Immersive Ostrich Pillow is still one of their top selling pillows. This full face pillow slips over the head like a hood and comes down to rest on top of the shoulders. Acting as both a sleep mask and a pillow; it folds down easy into a squarest shape, allowing it to go when you do. Multiple colors are available and the microbeads fillings are covered by a viscose/elastomer fabric blend.
  • The Ostrich Mini Pillow is a miniature version of the Original pillow that fits snugly over the hand of the sleeper for those quick catnaps on the go. You can easily rest your head anywhere that you can rest your hand and padding will keep you in comfort. Filled with microbeads and covered with a blend of viscose and elastomer; this pillow is definitely comfort on the fly.


The prices for the Ostrich Pillow fully depend on what product you chose to purchase. They are comparable to other luxury brands for pillows that are committed to high quality without the price tag. Pillows range from $35.00 to $99.00; allowing those with different budgets to make a purchase.

Warranty & Returns

Ostrich Pillow does offer their international customers a year’s warranty on their purchase, protecting their pillow from manufacturer’s defects and damaged goods. Customers in the EU will receive the same warranty but for a period of two years from the original purchase date. Warranty is only applicable to purchases made through the official Ostrich Pillow website. Third-party purchases will be subject to the warranty policy of the retailer.

If you change your mind or you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can receive a full refund for any purchase made through the official Ostrich Pillow website only. This return/refund process is active for 14 days from the original purchase and returns without the receipt will not be accepted.

Shipping Information

Ostrich Pillow currently ships to international countries, along with the United States, for a standard delivery fee. The price of the shipping fee depends on the distance for which the pillow must be shipped and additional custom/duty fees may apply upon delivery.