Luxe Pillow

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Luxe Pillow was brought to life by a husband-wife team who constructed a pillow with a three-layered structure. Luxe Pillow is a company located in Portland, Oregon. Out of all the profits Luxe Pillow makes, 1% goes to public schools in Portland for teachers and students to use.

Products & Materials

Luxe Pillow promises a better sleep experience given the brand’s special design. Every pillow comes with three layers of comfortable support with an internal core layer and two supportive outer layers. The materials and construction of the pillows is crafted to regulate temperature without getting hot, and allows for maximum air flow and breathability.

Originally, Luxe Pillow only created fine down feather pillows and then over time expanded their variety to polyester gel fiber pillows as well. The two types of pillows the company manufactures is available in standard and king sizes.

  • The Luxe Pillow Down and Feather is the best-seller for this brand. There are three chambers hidden inside of this one pillow, the main material being sustainable white goose down. To go with this, manufacturers also use small-game waterfowl feather for softness and breathability. The pillow protector is certified hypoallergenic and its design construction is made to satisfy all sleep types.
  • The second pillow option they have is the Polyester Gel Fiber Luxe Pillow. This pillow is an alternative for down pillows with the same feeling but different material. Like the down pillow, this pillow also contains three chambers where the polyester gel fiber fill replaces where the down feather would typically be. It has a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial cover.


The Polyester Gel Fiber Luxe Pillow is the cheaper alternative to the Down and Feather Luxe Pillow, selling at $80. Customers can get a two pack Polyester Gel Fiber for $140. This two-pack is only available in the standard size.

The Down and Feather Luxe Pillow costs $130 due to the more qualitative and expensive materials used in manufacturing. The two-pack for Down and Feather costs $230 and once again, only comes in the standard size.

Warranty & Returns

All customers have the benefit of a 100-day free trial where they can figure out if this pillow is right for them. If not, then the pillow can be shipped back to the company free of charge and with a promised full refund.

Information for a warranty given with these pillows is not provided. It is known that buyers have an assured 100-night sleep trial in which the return shipment, if not satisfied, is completely free of charge.

Shipping Information

Shipment within the U.S is completely free with any purchase made. Insufficient information is provided on how long the shipment will take to reach its destination. If anyone wishes to return their purchase, then once again, this shipment is also free on the consumer’s behalf.

For in-depth information, there is a customer service agent always available at for questions and concerns about product purchase or any other queries.