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About Leesa

Leesa is a company born on the shores of Virginia Beach back in 2014, and is committed to delivering good and affordable mattresses to their consumers. One of their goals has always been to create a social impact and change the world for the better. To do that, they donate one mattress for every ten sold. To this day, they have donated more than 30,000 mattresses, which is nothing short of impressive.

The reason why Leesa has become such a popular mattress brand is because the company doesn’t treat the bed as just a sleeping place: they believe it is a place where you can disconnect, relaxed, and charge your batteries. It’s the place where you feel most vulnerable in, let your guard down, and get in touch with your human side.

The company was founded by David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein, which are the CEO and CPO of Leesa.

Mattresses Produced

Leesa sells two mattresses, one of the made entirely out of foam, and the other one blending foam and coils. The first one is known as the Leesa mattress, while the hybrid is intuitively named the Leesa Hybrid, although it was formerly known as the Sapira).

Materials Used

The Leesa mattress is abed which integrated three different foam layers, acting together to contour the body of the sleep, while alleviating pressure points like only memory foam can do. The top layer is made from premium foam, looking to take the shape of the sleeper’s body.

The second layer is also made from memory foam, allowing the body to sink in deeper to alleviate pressure points and create a comfortable sleeping environment. The base of the mattress is a 6 inch block of dense foam, which gives the mattress shape and durability.

The Leesa Hybrid combines memory foam and a layer of individually-wrapped coils, to being sleepers the best of both worlds. The top two layers of the mattress are made with memory foam which promises a cool sleeping environment, but also comfort and support.

The base layer, which is also the core of the mattress, is made from innerspring. It gives the mattress good motion isolation, since the coils collapsing under pressure won’t trigger the domino effect, making the Leesa hybrid a good mattress for couples.

Mattress Production

While the company doesn’t give out any specific details on where their factories are located, they do mention that their mattresses, blankets, pillows and foundations are made on US territory. As far as other products are concerned, such as the Leesa Hybrid Pillow and Leesa x Third Sheets, manufacturing takes place in other countries, such as China an Israel.

Warranty & Return Policy

Leesa offer a 10-year warranty for its mattresses, but also 100 nights of free trial. The warranty details are pretty similar to what other companies usually over, and promise to cover material or manufacturing defects within the first 10 years of use.

However, some people just can’t get used to a mattress, and that’s OK. Just because a product is good for some sleepers, won’t always make it good for everyone else. Those interested in returning their Leesa mattress should give the bed a 30-days break-in period, just to see if they can adjust to how it feels.

Since there are 100 nights of free trial, that’s a fair time for you to decide if the Leesa is a keeper. You can return the Leesa mattress free of any charge for a full refund, but those living in Alaska or Hawaii will have to pay a $100 return fee.

Price Range

The Leesa mattress is also an inexpensive kind of bed, which makes it affordable for a broad range of consumers. The Twin model can be purchased for as low as $505, but those looking to sleep in style on a Cal King bed will end up paying $1.015 for it.

Those interested in the Leesa Hybrid should be prepared for a price of $930 for the smallest size, which is the Twin, and $1,610 for those looking to buy a Cal King.


The Leesa mattresses are available on the company’s official website, but are also sold on Amazon. Leesa also has partnerships with Pottery Barn and West Elm. In fact, there are more than 88 West Elm store that you can visit if you want to witness what this bed does first-hand.

Leesa also has two showrooms, one of the located in New York, and the other in Virginia Beach.

Shipping Availability

Leesa is very generous in terms of shipping, unlike other mattress brand which only ship in the US or Canada. You can purchase the Leesa mattress from the US, Canada, but also if you live in the UK or Germany.

However, you should know that the limited warranty and the 100 nights trial are no longer available if the product leaves the country of purchase.

Brand Popularity

Back in the days when the Leesa Hybrid was known as Saatva, it created quite some fuss. People who have taken an interest in these mattresses know that Leesa always home discount, or sale, or promotional offer up its sleeve, so a lot of people will remember this brand for being so very convenient.

Both of the mattresses offer are quite unique in terms of sleeping experience. The Leesa is a medium-firm mattress which is good for different sleeping positions, and caters to the needs of people who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds.

The Leesa Hybrid offers just the right amount of support for back and stomach sleepers. The Hybrid is also much cooler compared to the regular Leesa, because the individually-wrapped coils facilitate airflow throughout the mattress.