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A potential freak accident became the root behind the design and construction of the Leacho’s line of pregnancy pillows to prevent discomfort and aches during all stages of pregnancy. The creator of the Leacho brand, Jamie, was a registered nurse and also a mom who knew what a woman’s body will go through during pregnancy. Now a family operation, Leacho is committed to providing quality products to all expectant mothers.

Products & Materials

Leacho has an extensive lineup of products that are aimed to make a woman’s pregnancy run more smoothly and to increase the amount of comfort that they feel during body changes such as weight gain.

  • The Snoogle is marketed as “the mother of all pregnancy pillows” as it was designed by a registered nurse and mom who wanted a pillow that follows the natural contour of the body. Using a memory foam base within the cover, this pillow allows for adjustable height and helps you achieve the perfect position needed to support belly weight as it changes with pregnancy. The curved ends are designed to go between the knees to add additional lumbar support and allow the spine to curve naturally. It can be paired with three different covers in various thread counts using fabric blends of either polyester and cotton or 100% cotton.
  • The Back n’ Belly pregnancy pillow is a full sized pillow that curves around the back and the belly to offer total support. The pillow is designed to allow for support whichever way you turn during sleep so slumber isn’t interrupted by having to get up and physically move the pillow around. It can be paired with three different covers – the Chic, the Chic Jersey, and the Chic Supreme. Each cover features a different thread count and either 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend.
  • The Snuggle Jr. is a body pillow designed for children and is a miniature version of the full sized pregnancy pillows. Using a polyester fiber as stuffing and filling; this cozy pillow wraps your children in a warm hug to comfort and soothe them throughout the night. Covers in multiple patterns and designs can be purchased to go over the pillow to ensure cleanliness. These covers are machine washable and can be removed/installed with ease.


The pricing scale of Leacho pregnancy pillows and accessories depends on what you are looking for in your purchase. Some pillows can be purchased for $39.99 while covers run from $26.99 and up; depending on the style chosen.

Warranty & Returns

Any product purchased only through the Leacho website is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason your product is not what you were expecting, simply send back the item accompanied by the original receipt and receive a full refund. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs or any shipping costs associated with an exchange with another product.

If you love your product, you are then protected by a 90 day limited warranty. This warranty covers any damage or manufacturers defects that are not associated with normal wear and tear. To start a warranty claim, you must provide proof of purchase and contact the customer service team first.

Shipping Information

Leacho products are only available for shipment via the official website to the contiguous United States. They do not currently ship to Hawaii or Alaska along with international customers. Customers in these areas that are looking to purchase a Leacho product will have to visit a third-party retailer, such as Walmart or Amazon; additional shipping and custom fees may apply.

While Leacho offers same day shipping, they do not offer same day delivery and estimated delivery time will depend on the courier used.