Layla Sleep

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About Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep was founded in 2016, and somehow become one of the largest online mattress retailers in North America. Akrum Sheikh, the founder of Layla, came from a family that owned a variety store which turned into a furniture store through an entire process that started with an accidental shipment of table lamps.

When Akrum went into the family business, he discovered that 20% of their showrooms were the ones generating the most revenue, and that was the mattress department. But he then discovered that their mattress suppliers were forcing them to sell the beds at prices that were high and unfair to the customers.

That’s when an idea popped in mind: moving to California and starting what is now known as Layla Sleep. So Akrum Sheikh and his brother had designed the perfect mattress: a double-sided bed which was soft on one side and firm on the other.

But since they knew all about mattresses and nothing about online sales, they partnered with Gregg Dean to handle the digital marketing part of the business.

Mattresses Produced

Layla sells two mattresses: The Original and the Hybrid.

Materials Used

The Layla is an all-foam mattress with a 10 inch height which is flippable to be soft on one side and firm on the other. Each of the sides has a label placed on one of the edges, but also has a distinct color cover: black for the firm side, and gray for the soft.

When the mattress has the softer side facing up, the first layer is made from copper-infused memory foam, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and can naturally repel and kill whatever nasty critters of bacteria forms inside a mattress. This layer provides great body contouring and support for people who like to sleep on the side.

Next, there is a layer made from high-density polyfoam, means to connect the comfort layer and the support layer, which is the next one in line. The support layer is made with firmer memory foam, and would act at the second layer if the firmer side was up.

The last layer is the comfort layer for the firm side, but the bottom layer of the soft side. It is also made with copper-infused memory foam, but visibly firmer when pressure is applied on top of it.

Mattress Production

Layla mattresses are made in America, but their story takes them back to California specifically. The CertiPUR-US® certified foam that’s used in the construction of the mattress is poured on Californian land. Most of the layers of this mattress are, however, made in Georgia.

The textiles used in the production of the mattress come from North Carolina, but when the demands exceeds the capacity of their sewing machines, Layla turns to Mexico and El Salvador for their sewing needs. The final assembly of the mattress takes place in Arizona.

Warranty & Return Policy

Layla offers a lifetime warranty for its mattress, which isn’t something you see every day. This warranty covers problems such as loss of mattress height, cracks in the memory foam layers, loss of shape, or sagging. In order to benefit from this warranty, you must purchase the Layla mattress directly from their official website, or from one of the authorized marketplaces.

The Layla mattress comes with 120 nights of free sleep trial. That means you get four months to decide if you are comfortable with how it feel. The company suggests sleeping on the Layla for at least two weeks before making up your mind.

If you wish to return the Layla after giving yourself time to adjust to it and feeling that it isn’t what you hoped for, you can contact customer service via email, but you will have to provide an order number and the reason for return.

Then, the customer service team will ask you to donate the mattress to charity, and then provide Layla with a donation receipt for a full refund. Shoppers from Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada (who are required to pay shipping fees then they order the mattress) will not be refunded for their shipping costs, only for the value of the mattress.

Price Range

Layla sleep sells one of the least expensive memory foam mattresses out there, which is kind of surprising considering that you are purchasing two mattresses for the price of one. The Layla mattress starts with a Twin price of $474, but goes all the way up to $974 for the Cal King model.


The Layla mattress is available for sale on the company’s official website, but it also sells on other authorized marketplaces, such as that of Amazon.

Shipping Availability

Layla ships its mattress all across the US and Canada, but the free shipping fees are not for everyone. Hawaii and Alaska orders will have to pay an extra flat shipping fee of $125, while Canadian residents have to pay $200 if they want this mattress delivered to their doorstep.

Brand Popularity

If there is one thing that the Layla mattress is known for is the fact that it’s a double-sided bed. The mattress has sort of a sandwich-like construction, designed to be flipped over whenever it’s time to switch to another level of firmness.

As the founder claims, the mattress is also focused on cleanliness, and has integrated copper infusions as part of the product, in an attempt to kill bacteria that could lead to unpleasant odors, mold, dust mites, and the likes. But copper is also known for its cooling properties, a feature which is especially valuable when dealing with a mattress that’s made entirely out of foam, and has a reputation of running hot.