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Founded over a century ago, Lasko offers answers for all the problems or concerns you may have regarding air quality and temperature control. Offering a wide range of products for the maintenance of air quality in the home; whatever the issue is – Lasko can supply a household appliance to make life a little easier.

Available for purchase through a licensed third-party retailer, both online and in-store; Lasko products will fit the bill for high quality but low prices.

Products & Materials

Lasko has such a wide range of products in each category, it can be hard to list them all. This section will touch on the different categories of products that can be purchased and what styles, locations, etc. are available.

  • Lasko currently sells a variety of fans and customers can choose from Outdoor Fans, Pedestal styles, Table styles, Tower styles, Utility, Wall-Mounted, Window models, air circulator models, Bladeless or Box fans. Each category of fans is available in multiple colors and finishes to suit the resident’s current décor and some models are even available to be used as both heaters and fans; making them multi-seasonal. Options are also available for different sizes and heights along with speeds and safety features (auto shut off, etc.).
  • Lasko manufactures a line of home heaters for those colder winter months. All their heaters are lightweight and portable with a variety of models in each category to choose from. Lasko heaters are available in Pedestal, Room, Tabletop & Compact, Tower, Utility and Bladeless models. Recently, a line of Designer Series home heaters was also released to the public. Within each category is a multitude of colors, styles, and designs to suit all your aesthetic needs. Safety features include temperature control, auto shut offs, and remote control or touch screens.
  • Lasko home Air Purifiers are a popular item, as these appliances remove any impurities, allergens or irritants from the air and replaces it with clean air for a better quality of breathing. There is a tabletop model available or a remote-controlled model that is made in black, silver or stark white for a sleek modern take on a home air purifier.


As Lasko products are sold through a third-party retailer; pricing can vary depending on the chosen one. Some retailers might have in-store specials or offer weekly sales on certain products, but the base price would be comparable to other major brands.

Warranty & Returns

Lasko backs all their products with at least a year of limited warranty that promises to refund or replace your product in the case of manufacturers defects, missing components, or an error in the operating system. While some products might have a longer warranty period; in order to access this warranty, the customer must register their product and be able to provide original receipts.

Shipping Information

Lasko products are sold through licensed third-party retailers and if one of their products are purchased in this way; then the shipping policies would correspond with that retailer. Third-party retailers include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, ACE Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco Wholesale, and Sam’s Club along with others.