I Love My Pillow

Overall Brand Rating


The company, I Love My Pillow’, is a relatively new competitor in the pillow-manufacturing industry. Founded by Mark Arthurs, the company was created in 2007 and has a passionate story behind its namesake. Creator Mark Arthurs had found a recipe for a comfortable pillow and upon creating his product he gave it to his daughter who said, ‘Daddy, I love this pillow!’

Products and Materials

I Love My Pillow specializes in making memory foam pillows. There are multiple pillow models currently sold through their online store. They also have a collection of select travel pillows and accessories for their pillows.

I Love My Pillow currently sells the following models:

  • This Signature Contour Pillow is their typical model that is made for side and back sleepers. Comfort is provided with the shallow indent in the form. It has a crafted memory foam core that adjusts to your relaxed sleeping head and neck position. The Micro Mink cover is hypoallergenic and machine-washable.
  • The Classic Traditional Pillow is made up out of this brand’s standard memory foam core and is built ideal for those who sleep on their backs and tend to change their position during the night. It’s the same shape and support on both sides in case any sleepers flip their pillow over for a colder side.
  • The Memory Down Pillow is a combination of down feathers and a crafted memory foam layer to provide support and breathability. As a cover, this pillow uses Tencel for a cooler sleep.
  • This Out Cold Pillow has a cooling effect that lasts throughout all of your night-long rests. It has a memory foam core that is flexible and lightweight. One side of the cover is Micro Mink while the other is the cooling fabric that absorbs your body heat throughout the night.
  • The Supreme Pillow does not use the standard memory foam most I Love My Pillow products use. Instead, it is filled with down feathers while still being covered in the typical Micro Mink covering.
  • The Slim Traditional Pillow is relatively similar to the Classic Traditional Pillow, the only difference being that this is a thinner design. It uses a standard memory foam core.


There is a wide range for the budget on I Love My Pillow products. The smallest payment that can be expected is $94, which is the price for the Slim Traditional Pillow.

The most expensive pillow they sell is the Supreme Pillow, made entirely out of down feathers for those who prefer this type of filling. This pillow reaches the price of $140.

Warranty & Returns

All I Love My Pillow products are made in the U.S and shipped for free in all states. They come with a 100-night sleep trial and easy shipment for returns. Within this 100-night period, if you find that you’re not satisfied with your pillow, then you can exchange or return it hassle-free. This policy only works when buying directly from the I Love My Pillow’s official website.

All pillows are covered with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Shipping Information

Once you have made your order, you will be sent an email with all of the tracking information. Most commonly, the order comes within 3-5 working days. The order is shipped using either FedEx or USPS.