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About GoodMorning

GoodMorning is a Canadian based online retailer that looks to address mattress seekers all across the country by providing several mattresses that are good in terms of quality and price. All of the mattresses sold by GoodMorning are Novosbed mattresses, a Canadian-based business that was established back in 2009.

The Novosbed, which is their flagship model, was introduced to the market in 2009. The Douglas mattress was made available in 2017, while the remainder three mattress models were sold to the public starting with 2018.

Mattresses Produced

GoodMorning currently delivers five mattresses: Douglas, Logan & Cove, Brunswick, Recore, and Novosbed.

Materials Used

All of the five mattress models which are currently sold by GoodMorning are good, but their individual specifications can make one bed more appealing than the others.

The Douglas is a mattress that combines different layers of memory foam for a premium sleeping experience. The cover embeds CoolSense technology, to give you the best in moisture wicking and heat dissipation, through fabric that’s derived from eucalyptus. Underneath the cover lies a layer of cooling gel foam, meant to draw heat away from the body.

The next layer is made with Elastex foam, which gives the mattress a nice bounce, and good support for the sleeper. The base of the mattress is made with motion isolation support foam, looking to give the mattress the same feel that pocketed coils do.

The Brunswick is a hybrid mattress which combines memory foam and coils. The cover is made with Canadian-sourced materials, and promises to be three times stronger than cotton. The cover goes hand-in-hand with the Euro-top cushion sill, which is softness felt the moment you lie in bed.

The mattress continues to impress with two layers infused with gel, for added cooling properties. Then, there is a transition layer to the pocketed coils underneath. To top it all off, this layer is encased with memory foam, to enhance edge support.

The Recore debuts with a SilverCharged cover that’s infused with silver ions, believed to be a natural barrier for allergens and odors, with a reputation wide-spread across the mattress industry. Underneath the cover, there’s a layer of latex which features graphite-infusion. This is meant to better regulate temperature, while allowing air to flow through the perforated surface.

Next, there is a layer of cooling gel foam, for maximum breathability, and a high-density foam base, which gives the mattress shape, but also supports all the layers above it, as well as the weight of the sleeper.

The Logan & Cove is a luxury hybrid mattress with all the elements for success hidden inside it. The cover is eucalyptus-derived, which means that it’s not just soft, but also moisture-wicking. The pillow-top also feature silk-blend fill, which makes the upper side of the mattress very comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

The next layers feature gel infusions and bio foam, looking to contour the body and cradle its contours. Underneath those, there’s one more layer of gel foam, and then there’s the transitional bio foam to look forward to. The core of the mattress is a layer of individually-wrapped coils, with a firm edge support.

And then, there’s the Novosbed – probably the most popular mattress GoodMorning has to offer. A lot of you may have already heard about the Novosbed: a mattress created by putting together several layers of premium memory foam.

The top cover is made with Tencel, a moisture-wicking fabric which is also machine-washable. The comfort layer is made with premium foam that facilitates air flow through its open-cell structure. The support of the mattress is given by two layer of high-density memory foam, and everything is held together by a base layer made from foam.

Mattress Production

All of the mattresses which are sold by GoodMorning are made on Canadian territory. However, the Novosbed was initially made in China. Back in 2012, the company moved its Novosbed manufacturing in the US.

Warranty & Return Policy

Each of the five mattresses currently being sold by GoodMorning are backed up by a 15 years warranty, although the company provides clear specifications and warranty info through dedicated warranty pages for each particular model.

Since GoodMorning offers 120 nights of sleep trial for all its products, you have 120 days to decide if the mattress is everything you hoped for. However, GoodMorning does not accept returns for mattresses that were not given at least a 30-day break-in period (60 for the Novosbed). This means that you can return your mattress starting with day 30, and until day 120.

You won’t have to worry about shipping the mattress, as GoodMorning will make all arrangements to take the bed off your hands. While there are not return shipping feed, GoodMorning may deduct a fee from your refund if the pickup address is different from the original delivery address.

Price Range

Prices will always depend on the size of the mattress chosen. To give you an idea of what you can expect: the lowest price for a mattress on GoodMorning is C$649 for the Twin size version of the Douglas mattress, while the highest price is C$1,439 for the Cal King version of the Novosbed.


All of the five mattress models with are currently being sold by GoodMorning each have their own individual websites, where you can learn more information about them, but also place your order. Some of the models are also available on Amazon, as well. GoodMorning does not have brick-and-mortar stores or showrooms.

Shipping Availability

GoodMorning currently ships their five available mattress models throughout most of Canada for free. There are some remote locations that charge a shipping fee, but the company claims that their shipping is free to “99% of Canadians”.

The only exception to this rule is the Novosbed, which also ships to the continental US, as well as Canadian land.

Brand Popularity

GoodMorning will always be able to rely on the reputation of the Novosbed, a mattress that has served people in North America for a decade now. They offer competitive prices and five mattresses that cater to the need of a broad range of sleepers.