Good Morning Snore Solution

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MPowrx, the name behind Good Morning Snore Solution, came to see the light of day in 2005, and has since then been focused on delivering wellness through science.

Dr. Nancy Markley is the business brain behind the operation: an entrepreneur with a degree in molecular biology.  Dr. Leslie Dort is the inventor of Good Morning Snore Solution, a brilliant dentist and a sleep researcher.

Construction & Use

Good Morning Snore Solution is a product known as a “tongue retaining device”. It pulls the tongue of the sleeper forward, meaning that it can no longer slip back and obstruct the airway. The product was constructed using dental-grade resin, which is both BPA and BHA-free.

The device is available in two versions: one suitable for adults, and the other one for younger adults. The device is a ready-to-use type of product, which means that you are not required to customize it in any way. However, there is the possibility to trim the mouthpiece in order to get a better fit.

People who use the Good Morning Snore Solution will be required to breathe through their nose. The product can be used with dentures, but also with crowns, implants, or bridges. Because it’s constructed to separate the upper and lower jaw, it can also be used by teeth grinders.

Fitting the mouthpiece upon first use requires following a few steps. First, the sleeper must place the device in their mouth, making sure that the rims are located between the lips and teeth. The bulb tip that’s outside the mouth needs be squeezed to open it.

Using the tip of tongue, air needs be sucked out. As you let go of the bulb, you will notice that suction pulls the tongue gently forward. Once that step is complete, you are ready to sleep.

Mouthpieces, while efficient, can trigger a series of side effects or discomfort, especially for those who are not accustomed to sleeping with a foreign object in their mouth. Tongue tenderness and dry mouth are also a common side effect, while others experience excessive drooling.

Price Range

You can purchase the Good Morning Snore Solution for as low as $104.94 a piece, but there’s also an offer available: two pieces for $144.94.

Warranty & Returns

A lot of the best mouthpieces don’t have warranty coverage, but they do offer a money-back guarantee within the first one or two months after purchase. The Good Morning Snore Solution has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that buyers get to test the product and ask for a full refund within the first 30 days of ownership.

While customers are eligible for a return, the company will not refund any shipping/handling fees, nor will it refund the price paid of accessories.

Shipping Information

The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece is shipped internationally, but the taxes and shipping fees are calculated at checkout, depending on your country of destination.