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Roughly 20 years ago, ENO burst onto the scene and changed the way that the general public looked at hammocks because suddenly, these hammocks weren’t for people relaxing on beaches or for those who lived a life of leisure. Hammocks could be used for anything from camping to beach vacations to off road adventures and that trend was pushed into gear because of the options suddenly available through ENO.

Products & Materials

ENO is a manufacturer and supplier of hammocks (various types and styles), hammock accessories, personal bug protection tarps, chairs and blankets, fly and tarps for weather protection and even lights and sounds for your outdoor adventure. They also manufacture and sell shelter systems for the outdoorsy soul.

Some of the current products in their lineup include:

  • The DoubleNest Hammock which is their original hammock that was first sold to the general public and took them by surprise with its design, strength and durability. This hammock can sleep two comfortably or wrap up as a cozy cocoon for one, but it can still fold down into its attached compression sack in no time. It uses High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta to increase its drying time and boasts high levels of breathability. Its available in almost every color scheme you can imagine.
  • The Guardian Bug Net easily attaches to any hammock sold by ENO to offer protection against all kinds of insects. This tightly knit SkyWeave Mesh Netting is breathable and cooling, but oxygen is the only thing getting inside of this! It features a full zippered entry and provides ample head room for those on the taller size.
  • The ProFly Rain Tarp is brightly patterned but not enough to distract from the beauty of the great outdoors. It protects the occupant(s) of the hammock from any changes in weather and can be set up or dismantled in seconds. Using double stitched and waterproof seams, it includes both cord and tensioners for when you are securing it to a tree and four DAC aluminum stakes for when you are going to ground.
  • The Nomad Hammock Stand is the perfect accompaniment for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up a hammock in a tree or whatnot. This lightweight stand snaps together using shock-corded construction techniques and is compatible with all ENO hammocks. Stored in a custom carrying case, this hammock stand can hold up to 300 lbs of weight due to its aluminum alloy frame reinforced with impact resistant plastic.


ENO has a vast price range for all their products which is good for those who have a tighter budget then others. Some of their hammocks go for $90.00 or less and others can be up to $200.00. different accessories offered also vary in price range, for example the Guardian Bug Net retails for $80.00 and the ProFly Rain Tarp is $115.00.

Warranty & Returns

ENO does offer a warranty policy that is good for two years provided that the product is in good condition and free from manufacturing defects. The original purchase receipt is also required before any returns or replacements can be processed. ENO recommends trying to obtain a refund from the original seller if a third party was involved before shipping the product back to them.

Warranty only covers manufacturing defects and not issues caused by normal wear and tear on the product. They will not cover a product that has UV damage, elemental damage, accidental damage, damage caused by improper use, after-market design modifications or lost/stolen products.

A return for a full refund can only be obtained if the product is returned unused within three weeks of purchase and they only refund products purchased directly through their website; not those purchase through a third-party seller.

Shipping Information

ENO ships their products from their warehouse in North Carolina and use UPS for all parcels located in the United States. They do ship to all of the United States as well as American territories, but rates are dependent on where the customer is located. Some parcels that exceed $49.00 can ship for free but it depends on what products are chosen.

ENO will ship internationally for a cost but instead encourages people to visit ENO dealers in their area.