Coop Home Goods

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Coop Home Goods was founded back in 2013, from a desire to provide more customizable pillow options, instead of going for that one-size-fits-all approach. Kevin Chon co-founded this business together with his sister Jin, in order to deliver a product that was meant to provide support, pain alleviation, and be safe for allergy-sufferers at the same time.

Construction & Use

Coop Home Good delivers several types of bedding accessories, but is most famous for the pillows it creates. If you’re looking to buy one of their pillows, but aren’t sure which model best suits your current sleeping needs, there is a quiz with a couple of questions that you can answer, and let the algorithm decide what’s best for you, pillow-wise.

Coop Home Goods offers a wide variety of pillows: some of them are for the head, such as the Original and the Eden models, while others are for the knees, for the body, or suitable for toddler use. Those looking to get the best offers can find different combo packs, with two pillows and a pillowcase, for example, at a really good price.

The two flagship models are the Original and the Eden pillow. The first one is a best-seller which combines microfibers and shredded memory foam, with everything encased in a cover that’s made with bamboo rayon and polyester. This pillow is adjustable, as the cover is zippered and allow for removal of the contents.

The Eden is also made with microfibers, but the shredded foam is gel-infused, for higher breathability. The loft of the Eden pillow is also adjustable.

Coop Home Goods also sells bedding accessories, such as mattress protectors, sheet sets, eye masks, and different bundles with all sorts of sleeping-related products sold at convenient prices.

Price Range

The main pillows produced and sold by Coop Home Goods are available in different sizes, so you can expect the price to vary depending on the size chosen. The Eden pillow, for instance, can be purchased for as low as $69,99, provided you want the standard model.

The Queen size of the Original pillow costs a mere $59,99. To give you a glimpse of the prices for the other products:

  • The silk eye masks costs $39,95.
  • A bundle containing the 2 x Original pillow, a mattress protector and a pillow case costs $158,07.
  • A pillow protector costs $29,99.

Warranty & Returns

The Original, Eden, Body, Travel, and Camping pillows are comes with a five-year warranty, but those that buy a pillow plus protector bundle can expect a 15 year warranty for the mattress protectors.

The aforementioned pillows also have a 100 night sleep trial, without a break-in period required. During these 100 days, customers are free to initiate a return for their pillows.

Shipping Information

The Coop Home Good products are shipped free of charge to all the 50 US states. Additionally, the company also delivers to countries such as Canada, China, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and the UK, but customers in these countries will have to pay a shipping fee (plus customs taxes, which different depending on the destination).