Cocoon by Sealy

Overall Brand Rating


Sealy is a company that was founded back in 1881, but it wasn’t until March 2016 that they launched the Cocoon mattress. Their products are sold online, and are not available in any physical stores.

Products & Materials

Sealy currently offers two Cocoon mattresses, as well as a suitable foundation for its beds, and a pillow. The mattresses are very similar in construction to one another, with the major difference being the cover.

The Cocoon Classic is a mattress that combines memory foam and a polyfoam support core, and is available in two different firmness options. The cover of the Cocoon classic is made from a blend of cotton and polyester, and it’s actually the only difference between this model and the Cocoon Chill.

The Chill has a similar construction to the Classic, but features a stretch-knit cover which is made from polyester-cotton, but also contains phase-change material. This material is quite the hype amongst newer mattresses, because it helps regulate body temperature for a much more comfortable sleep experience.

Much like the Classic, the Cocoon Chill is also available in two different firmness options, which is identical for both models: the softest option has a firmness rating of 4 out of 10 (10 being the firmest option available), and the other one being a 6 out of 10.

Price Range

Those of you that are on a budget but would like to buy a Sealy mattress can opt for the Cocoon Classic, which is slightly more affordable than its younger sibling. The price for the Cocoon Classic starts off with $399 for the smallest mattress size, which is the Twin, and goes all the way up to $999, which is the price for the King and Cal King.

The Cocoon Chill is a bit more expensive, although the price difference between the two isn’t that high. You can expect to pay $549 for the Twin-sized Chill, while the King and Cal King models are $1,049 each.

Warranty & Returns

Every Cocoon mattress is accompanied by a 10 year warranty, which covers the repair or replacement of the mattress, in case there is any workmanship or material defect.

Those that want to give either mattress a go, can rest assured that the return policy is quite generous, giving sleepers a full 100 nights to see if the product is suitable to their needs. Unlike other mattress manufacturers, Sealy doesn’t require a break-in period, meaning that you can return the mattress as soon as you feel the need to do so. However, it’s always a good idea to give the mattress a test run of at least a few nights before deciding it’s a no-go.

In case you plan to return the mattress, you will not have any additional expenses, as Sealy covers the entire pick-up and removal process.

Shipping Information

Sealy provides free shipping for all its US customers, through UPS’ courier services. Standard shipping is free, but buyers have the option to select expedited shipping as well, as long as they agree to cover the additional costs. Neither Cocoon mattress can be shipped internationally.