Bluewave Bedding

Overall Brand Rating


Founded in one of the most humid states in the United States; 2016 saw the birth of Bluewave Bedding in Florida. The makers of the Bluewave Bedding are a family unit and saw the need for contouring pillows that doesn’t sleep hot while supporting the neck and the head of back and side sleepers. That is when the Bluewave gel memory foam pillow was born. With sales all over the United States, Bluewave Bedding has proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

Products & Materials

Bluewave Bedding focuses their efforts and products on gel memory foam pillows. Memory foam tends to sleep hot and can maintain trapped body heat for hours before dissipating. This can lead to some pretty sweaty and uncomfortable nights. Using a gel based memory foam allows this problem to be reduced.

  • The Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow is designed for back and side sleepers. This is the thickest pillow sold by Bluewave Bedding and it is four inches high. There are temperature regulating gel particles throughout the foam located in this pillow to reduce trapped body heat and act as a natural moisture absorbent. It does come with a machine washable cover made from a polyester and bamboo material blend; adding more comfort and breathability to your pillow.
  • The Super Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow is only 3.25 inches high and perfect for those who need a bit of extra support, regardless of how they sleep. Each and any sleep position will feel comfort and support while using this pillow. Using only certified memory foam, this pillow contours to the neck and head to offer support to the muscles and reduce that normal pain that is felt upon waking. Gel particles are infused throughout the memory foam to lower temperature and provide increased breathability. The polyester and bamboo blend cover is easily removed for washing.
  • The Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow is Bluewave Bedding’s smallest pillow at only two and a half to 2.75 inches high. The memory foam layer is meshed with gel particles to reduce moisture caused by overheating. The bamboo and polyester pillow cover is removed in seconds and can be washed with the rest of your sheets. The lower height can take some adjusting to get used to but it is guaranteed to reduce pain.


You want a pillow that is comfortable, contouring, and supportive and also will last. This type of quality will cost higher than what you are used to paying for a pillow. Bluewave is on the fence in terms of pricey products with prices ranging from $44.95 to $46.95 at time of publication.

Warranty & Returns

Customers are protected by the Bluewave Bedding three-year limited warranty. This warranty covers specific guidelines only, such as manufacturer’s defects or damaged products. Warranty must be activated once the item has been received for hassle-free claims.

Bluewave Bedding has a policy that can be rare to find in terms of pillow purchases – trial period. Typically mattresses do have trial periods but the pillows do not; however, Bluewave Bedding is committed to their product and allows their customers to try their pillow for 100 nights from the original purchase date. If during this time frame you are not happy with your purchase, then simply return it for a full refund.

Shipping Information

Bluewave Bedding has partnered with Amazon to be their official retailer and all shipping policies would be what Amazon has put into place. Depending on the location for which the purchases will be shipped to – standard and/or additional fees could apply. Shipping will be through a major delivery service, such as USPS.