Overall Brand Rating


The Aveline mattress is known for its unique three levels of contouring foam that is meant to cradle the body and provide a comfortable sleep. The three layers of foam are all certified by CertiPur-US, which means that the memory foam used within the Aveline mattress is backed with a guarantee. Another great factor with Aveline products is that these mattresses are air vacuumed and shipped in small boxes, which makes shipping costs infinitely cheaper.

Products & Materials

Aveline mattresses come in the standard sizes of mattresses, which includes twin, full, queen and king. With three layers devoted to contouring to your body’s own distinct curves, these layers are tempered and plush – perfect for sleepers who sleep in any kind of position. Some of the best features of the Aveline mattress includes:

Memory Foam – This mattress has a top layer of memory foam for core support, a gel infused layer of memory foam for sleep comfort and a third layer of polyurethane foam for achy joints or back pains. Each layer comes together to make one comfortable sleeping experience. This is especially useful for anyone suffering from body pains or arthritis.

Woven Cover – As if three layers of memory foam wasn’t great enough, all Aveline mattresses come with a highly durable and stretchable woven cover which is easy to remove and easy to maintain. You can wash the cover as you would normal bedding.

Pressure Relief – all these layers come together to help with pressure relief off achy joints and to help a sleeper lull into a deep, more comfortable sleep. This also prevents mornings waking up achy and in pain.


Aveline usually features a few different sales, so it’s not uncommon to find a queen-sized mattress for about $250. The ranges in price stem from that queen price, with smaller mattresses being less expensive and the king mattresses being a bit more expensive. It all depends on what will work with your budget. Every size mattress comes with three layers of support, however.

Warranty & Returns

Since Aveline is typically distributed by online sellers, you’ll need to check with each online seller’s return policies and warranty polices. Since most products come with a warranty, you can be sure that if anything is wrong with the mattress upon arrival, it can be shipped back free of charge. Returns are easy, and if you need help, there’s always customer service to turn to.


Much like the warranty and return info, these mattresses are shipped out by outside distributors, so you need to check with each distributor about shipping prices and policies. Thankfully, many of these orders can be sent out after processing, which usually takes a standard three to five days. Since the Aveline mattresses are vacuum packed, this means the box that arrives with be minimalist in size and that saves on the potentially higher shipping costs.