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About Amerisleep

The story of Amerisleep goes way back to its founding year, 2007. The mission of the company was to provide consumers with a memory foam mattress that’s made from affordable materials, while looking to build a business that’s environmentally sustainable as well.

The company uses Celliant in all its mattress covers, looking to bring the recovery and therapeutic benefits which have already put this fabric on the map. Their mattresses are made with Variable Pressure Foaming, which is an environmentally-friendly process that makes sure no toxic emission will pollute the atmosphere. Also, Amerisleep promises that any waste created which using this technology is recycled internally.

Mattresses Produced

Amerisleep offers five different mattresses labeled from AS1 to AS5. They are all made from memory foam, and used to bear different names: the AS1 (former Americana), AS2 (former Revere), AS3 (former Liberty), AS4 (former Colonial), and AS5 (former Independence).

Materials Used

Despite there being similarities between the different mattress models provided by Amerisleep, the beds are available in different firmness levels:

  • The AS1 is the firmest mattress out of all the five available, but also the thinnest one. It’s made with two layers of foam, the first one being 4 PCF memory foam, and the core layer made with 1.8 PCF polyfoam.
  • The AS2 comes in second in terms of firmness. It has a layer made with extra-breathable foam thanks to the open-cell structure. Then you have a transition layer made with Surface Modification Technology, for better zoned support. The core of the mattress is made with 1.8 PCF polyfoam.
  • The AS3 follows a configuration similar to the AS2, offering comfortable memory foam, superior pressure point relief, all wrapped up in a mattress that balances softness and support with great success.
  • The AS4 is a medium-soft mattress that’s designed to serve side sleepers. It integrates the same Celliant cover as the other mattresses, but also breathable memory foam, Surface Modification Technology, and a block of high-density supporting memory foam.
  • The AS5 is the softest mattress in the same, but also the thickest one. The comfort layers blends a layer of polyfoam and one made from memory foam, and then continues with the Surface Modification Technology polyfoam, plus the dense base which is meant to support the entire weight of the mattress.

Mattress Production

All Amerisleep mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US® certified materials in their factory in Indiana. Because of the convenient location, Amerisleep is quite fast in delivering their products to most corners of the US.

Warranty & Return Policy

All of the mattresses sold under the Amerisleep brand are covered by a 20 year warranty period. During the first 10 years you will be able to repair or replace the mattress at no cost. This also includes any shipping fees for back and forth transportation between you and Amerisleep.

During the next 10 years, you will be responsible with paying some fees. For instance, if you have to replace the mattress, you only have to pay 50% of the price of the original mattress. In case there are any shipping or handlings costs, the buyer is responsible for them as well.

Amerisleep also provides its customers with 100 nights of free sleep trial, which gives them this entire period to test the mattress and home and see whether or not it’s suited to their needs.

Amerisleep requires that you wait and test the mattress for at least 30 nights before trying to initiate a return, but this is a requirement that a lot of mattress manufacturers impose on their customers. And it makes sense, considering that it takes time for your body to get adjusted to your body shape.

The company will take care of all pickup arrangement, including packaging. The mattress will be donated to charity or recycled, depending on its condition. Please note that the 100 nights of free sleep trial are available only for direct purchases from the company’s official website. Amazon buyers will only have 30 nights trial.

Price Range

The price of the Amerisleep mattresses grows exponentially as the mattress gets softer. The least expensive option is to purchase a Twin-sized AS1, which is priced at $849. The most expensive option is the Split King size of the AS5 (which is the softest mattress in the lineup), and it costs $3,498.


Those of you interested in purchasing an Amerisleep mattress online can only do so by either visiting the manufacturer’s official website, or the Amazon online store. Amerisleep also has eight showrooms in the US, specifically in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado.

Shipping Availability

If you want to order any Amerisleep mattress from one of the 48 continental US states, you will receive your bed free of any other shipping costs. The mattresses are delivered through FedEx’s service, and it usually takes a maximum of five working days to receive your product.

In case you change your mind and cancel the order, you can do so without any charge provided that the mattress has not yet left Amerisleep’s warehouse. You can also order an Amerisleep mattress if you live in Canada, Mexico, Alaska, or Hawaii, but you will have to contact the company’s toll-free number to get more information about what this shipment implies. There will most likely be some additional fees.

Brand Popularity

One of the unique features available regardless of the Amerisleep mattress chosen is the Celliant fabric integration in the bed cover. Celliant has been approved by the FDA and is now considered a medical device, which promises superior energy boosting and slower recovery time.

It was initially promoted as being a fabric for athletes, but some mattress manufacturers took advantage of what Celliant has to offer and decided to use it in the construction of their products. Celliant is a fabric that picks up the energy eliminated by the human body, and the converts it into infrared energy which is sent back to you, to improve blood flow and muscle recovery at a faster rate.