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Multiple people all around the globe suffer from some form of sleep disorder or respiratory issues (allergies, deviated septum, etc.) that affect their overall quality of sleep and can present itself in the form of snoring. This snoring not only affects a person’s quality of sleep but also those in the same household, depending on the severity and intensity of the snoring.

AirSnore is a new product on the market that reduces the amount of snoring a person experiences by opening airways and increasing air flow to the body using a specially designed mouthpiece. By allowing an increase in air flow to the body during slumber, a person will reduce the noise level found by basic inhaling and exhaling.

Products & Materials

The AirSnore sleep aid is a specially designed mouthpiece that increases air flow throughout the major airways of the nose and mouth to prevent snoring while improving the quality of sleep you are receiving on a nightly basis. This reduction in snoring will also allow the other members of your household to sleep more soundly when they are not woken up throughout the night at different intervals due to the sound soft trapped air coming in and out of your body.

  • The specially designed mouthpiece molds itself to the inside of your mouth to ensure a comfortable and snug fit during slumber. Once the mouthpiece is secure, it moves the jaw just enough to open the inner airway.
  • AirSnore Drops work the same as a vapor rub and will relive any congestion that could cause snoring by opening up airways. It is recommended that AirSnore Drops are rubbed on the chest, neck and under both nostrils before the insertion of the mouthpiece to further open airways and improve your overall sleep quality.
  • AirSnore Drops are made using all natural ingredients and essential oils that have shown results in opening airways. The natural and essential oils included in the compound that is the AirSnore Drops are sunflower seed oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, lavender flower oil, peppermint oil, and Scots pine leaf oil. Each essential oil provides a different method of congestion relief, allowing the sleeper to draw a full breath throughout the night.


The AirSnore products can be purchased as a bundle or separately, depending on the desired results. The combo bundle which features an information packet, AirSnore mouthpiece and AirSnore Drops retails for $154.20 while the mouthpiece alone retails for $68.49. AirSnore drops currently retail for $69.95 but flash sales are available via the AirSnore website for limited time periods.

Warranty & Returns

AirSnore Drops and mouthpiece come complete with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you do not find relief from congestion and snoring issues within the 60 days of purchase, you will be issued a full refund upon proof of receipt. You will also have to return the used and unused products to complete your transaction. Shipping fees will not be included in the refund price but an additional seven days on top of the 60 are allowed for delivery and trial.

Shipping Information

Shipping is available to the United States, UK and Canada through accepted carrier methods. Some additional fees and processing/custom charges may apply.