The Best Boudoir Bedroom Ideas: #16 is Gorgeous!

What is a boudoir? A boudoir is typically what’s referred to as a woman’s bedroom or private room. These rooms are standardly more elegant with taste specifically tailored to that of a woman – whatever taste that would be.

Traditionally, a boudoir bedroom would feature more delicate furnishings such as lace, deep colors and a vanity with sitting table. On a modern level, you could easily transform a boudoir to fit any taste or preference, or you could keep them more traditional, such as these images we’re featuring.

Whatever your taste preference is, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos that could either inspire you to recreate the same or spark creativity in order to make your boudoir specifically tailored to your own style and taste. Keep reading for some great boudoir bedroom ideas!

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1. Classic and Comfortable

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Not only is this bedroom incredibly inviting in its classic style, but just look at all that comfort! If it’s not that fluffy comforter that would lure you in, then most certainly it’d be that inviting sitting table. This is a perfect example on how you can meet that classic style with comfort. All the white and cream hues in this décor make the room seem lofty and give off a dreamy vibe that would be impossible to resist. The sheer curtains and glamorous chandelier add interesting elements without taking away from the comfort.

2. Traditional Glamor

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This room is both traditional and glamorous by way of all these elements that make the whole room come together. The hardwood floors, the high upholstered backboard and the unique chandelier are just a few of these elements that add so much feeling to this room. The sitting area in front of the bed give the room a feeling of peace and beckon relaxation. Adding a sitting area like this in any room will make the room naturally feel more comfortable.

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3. Masterful Bedroom

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This traditional master bedroom has it all — warm tones, high curtains, a colorful rug and wooden furniture. All these elements come together to create the glamorous bedroom you see in this photo. The embellishments in the framework on the mirrors and nightstand are just extra (but necessary) elements that make this room not only traditionally beautiful, but a wonderfully traditional boudoir. This is the type of room you’d see in a magazine or stumble upon while traipsing through a mid-century themed bed and breakfast.


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4. Blue and Silver Hues

This classic boudoir is dripping with glamor. The blue and silver tones throughout this bedroom make the room seem light and airy. Even the bedspread looks as if it’s make from a cloud. The golden undertones via the chandelier, woodwork and headboard give the room an interesting frame which allows the eyes to move over it easily. This is a perfect example of that classic boudoir feel without weighing the feeling of the room down with too much detail.

5. Dripping in Luxury

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I’d half expect to see Marie Antoinette herself lounging around in this boudoir. Everything about this room screams vintage femininity. The delicate fabric work at the top of the four-post bed is quite the centerpiece to the whole rooms. Not only does this incredibly detailed bed tie the room together, it’s enough of a focal piece to set the theme for the rest of the room. The light pink and cream undertones make the room feel as if you’ve stepped inside a French macaron – and it absolutely works.

6. Work of Art

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This bedroom resembles a stately work of art. The back wall against the headboard is practically an art piece in itself with all that deco-era flair. The glittering bedspread and sparkling chandelier fit in perfectly to this glamourous scene. The metallic designs on the back wall almost look like foil cut outs that really set the tone for the entire theme. The dressing mannequin in the corner is a nice touch. Additions like these can add a tiny bit of extra character without dampening the tone of a room.

Modern Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

7. Bohemian Flair

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The boudoir design is modern and features a bohemian flair to it. The giant artistic piece on the back wall is absolutely gorgeous in this setting and is the perfect focal point for tying this whole room together. The neutral tones in the rooms with just a few rose pink accents popping out is a great way to incorporate some subdued color without being overly distracting. This is a fresh, modern take on a traditional boudoir that anyone would enjoy.

8. French Countryside

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Imagine looking out this boudoir window onto the French countryside? This bedroom is the perfect depiction of style and grace. The clean, white tone set with the dark wooden undertones is absolutely stunning. All that natural light pouring in through the large windows makes the room seem airy and light – much like a French pastry. This would be the perfect theme for farmyard chic or country garden flair. It’d almost be impossible not to find this room relaxing and peaceful.

9. Art Deco Space

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With all this great crown molding, it’s hard not to see this a scene from a swanky hotel during the art deco era. Modernize this great era in history by making the room unique, just like this photo entails. Completely up-to-date in furniture and décor, this room still has that nostalgic feeling lingering within the design and textures throughout the scene. The large, dark wood drawers have subtle design work in them which you can’t help but notice. Little additions like these can really add so much to a space.

10. White and Brown

Pairing the colors white and brown together is an instant assurance in making a room feel classy and comfortable. These two colors just mesh so well together. In this modern boudoir idea, we see an intricate pattern on the wall against the bed. The pattern almost resembles damask and it adds so much character and vibrancy to the room. The very modern lighting throughout this bedroom also makes the room feel whimsical and intriguing. This would be the perfect boudoir idea for a young woman or to have as a guest room.

Black Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

11. Black and Gold

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This boudoir idea features black and gold as the main colors. There’s just something about black and gold together that makes everything look so great. This sexier version of a modern boudoir idea features bold designs on the back wall and intricate lamp designs. This is a great way to modernize a boudoir idea without completely ridding that boudoir feel in the design. This would be great as a master bedroom idea or even a guest room. The green accent pillow on the couch is a great way to add some color without overdoing it.

12. Classic Rococo

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This boudoir idea mixes up class with that great timeless rococo flair. The black and white go so well together and the black with gray striped wall paper is the perfect addition to break that completely white and black theme. Neutral tones like gray colors or cream colors can add a lot to a room like this. The decorative pillows on the high set bed may seem like a subtle addition to the room, but honestly, they were one of the first things that caught my eye in this whole scene.

13. Neutral Elegance

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Another great idea that features a more neutral black – gray, of course. Although gray is still in the spectrum of black, the gentle fade of the color brings a sort of mysticism to the room. Anything powder colored such as this smoky gray we find throughout this room will bring on a sort of calmness and peace to the décor. The elegance in the room comes from the sparkling chandelier and the interesting details such as that faux fur spread on the footrest at the head of the bed.

14. Luxurious Master Boudoir

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Here is a boudoir idea that would be fantastic as the theme or setting for a master bedroom. This room demands attention, as depicted in all these fantastic details thrown into it. From the glitzy chandelier to the upholstered headboard and footboard on this bed, this room is quite the sight. The foil elements in the back wall embellishes the whole setting to feel artistic and classic. This is another great example of how to incorporate that art deco feel into a modern bedroom.

Purple Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

15. Lavender Dream

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What’s not to love about this fantastic lavender-colored boudoir idea? Lavender is naturally known for its calming and relaxing properties, so why not incorporate that lavender essence into a boudoir? With all this pale and powdery purple in the room, I’d expect it to actually smell like lavender, too. That’d be the perfect touch, at least. The wall in the back of the bedroom is absolutely stunning. The design, texture and color of the wall acts as an art piece all on its own.

16. Purple Pop

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If you love the color of royal purple, this is the setup for you! More on the jewel-toned side, this room embodies a purple lover’s dream with these bold peeks of color. The headboard is not only unique, but the color and shape really add to the interesting play on design featured in this room. The almost lavender colored carpet is a nice compliment to the bolder purple, but the thing that really catches the eye is that fantastic mirrored nightstand. How cool is that?

17. Pale Dreamscape

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A paler version of the rooms before this, this boudoir features a softer hue to the overall theme. The purple color set in this theme almost acts as an afterthought compared to all the crisp, white depicted. The walls are bold where the lavender features on the bed are more subdued. This is great for someone who doesn’t necessarily want a color as the main focus of a room, but more as a complementing feature. The chandelier, of course, helps make the room seem elegant and definitely adhering to that boudoir style.

Red Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

18. Red and Gold

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There is something truly gorgeous about the red and gold combination. Red and gold look like the colors of royalty – bold, courageous and proud. Using the red and gold combination in a boudoir is a great way to incorporate this type of boldness into a truly romantic setting. At first glance, it’s the gold and red headboard that draws you in. Your eyes can’t help but slide down to the bedspread next, peering over all those beautiful gold and red accents. All the pieces in this room are incorporated to invoke a feeling a royalty.

19. Romantic Red

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Being the natural color of passion, red makes any room sultry and intense. To scale back on that intensity (if that’s what you want) it’s easy to incorporate neutral colors into the mix to even that boldness out. In this great bedroom, cream is the heavier accenting color. The subdued red (almost maroon) and cream work together to make this bedroom romantic without the intensity of using bold red colors everywhere. The illusion that the bed is actually opening up for you is created by using the same pattern in the curtains and the wallpaper.

20. Red Bursts

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This boudoir idea almost uses red bursts here and there to add spaces of boldness to the room. The bedspread, long curtains and accenting pillows all have that ruby red to them that makes the room just pop with this jewel tone. Ruby red is a deep, romantic red that would look great if mixed with other jewel tones (such as emerald and sapphire) or even adding a neutral base such as this room. The cream color or light tan in the bedspread helps make the comforter just pop with that glorious red color.

Vintage Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

21. Vintage Cottage

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Comfortable and cozy, this vintage style boudoir idea encompasses that country cottage feel. With so many plush features in this room, you can’t help but feel that comfy feeling when looking at it – I can only imagine what it’d be like to actually sleep in that bed! Those great garden windows open up to a spectacular outdoor scene that you can’t help but want to sit in that big, oversized chair and gaze at. This is a perfect way to let nature work for you and incorporate a sitting area in a boudoir to make it more romantic and airy.

22. Country Cabin

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Sticking to that vintage, farm house theme, and this boudoir idea brings the comfort of the country with a mix of class. That great chandelier hanging in the middle of the room matches the metal in the bedframe and headboard. It’s little accents like this that, when consistently present in a room, can help the guest’s eye move effortlessly throughout the room and invoke a sense of ease. That great antique bench at the foot of the bed helps make this room feel more vintage and old fashioned.

23. Vintage Garden

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This room is a gorgeous representation of a vintage garden bedroom or guest bedroom. I can only imaging the great garden landscape just outside those windows. All the circular metalwork in this bedroom, such as the headboard and the circular chair at the foot of the bed, makes this room seem more vintage just by this shape. You don’t typically see the use of circular furniture or accents in bedrooms these days, so this helps invoke that classic vintage feel.

24. Graceful Lace

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Lace is classic way to bring a vintage feel to any type of room. In this bedroom, that delicate lace trim is the perfect match to the bedspread. All the powder, light blue in this room also helps make the space seem more delicate and vintage. Having a light accent such as this light blue color can help bring life to a room without taking away from the theme. Adding hidden accents, such as those great curtain hooks at the back of the bed, can make the guest want to search the room harder in order to find all these adorable embellishments.

25. Ravishing Rose

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Perfect for a guest bedroom idea or even a bedroom for children, this classic vintage boudoir idea features crisp white with classic rose colors. The softness of this rose color makes the room feel ethereal and dreamy. The boldness in that gold framed mirror in the center of the room offers a unique focal piece that compliments that rose color nicely. The rose embellished table lamp is a nice touch to keep that floral accent to the room. The embroidered pillows also invoke that vintage feeling since you don’t see too much embroidery work in bedrooms nowadays.

Bohemian Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

26. Bohemian Boudoir

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This boudoir idea looks as if it is set within a bustling city scape. Imagine your own piece of cozy paradise away from the hordes of people and seas of noise. This is a great way to keep a modern, bohemian style boudoir that naturally encompasses that classic feeling. Again, the accents are so important. The hanging plants, candles and great throw rugs all work together to make this room a spectacular bohemian boudoir idea. The touch that I like is the ladder on the side of the wall. It helps make this feel like a city scene.

27. Modern Taste

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This bedroom has the best of both worlds – that bohemian feel mixed with a classic elegance that is ideal to a modern boudoir bedroom. The hanging curtain above the bed steals the show. Adding flowing, vintage style accents such as this curtain will add a natural loftiness to the room even though it is a clearly modern concept. That great decorative headboard also adds a vintage feel of elegance and style. Neutral tones are always a good idea when you can’t decide on a bold, main color.

28. Sparkling Lights

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I’m surprised you don’t see more bedrooms with light accents in them. These tiny lights in this boudoir concept make the whole room seem more elegant and dreamy. The antique white bedspread and matching table cloth accents are full of that heavy lace that is so commonly seen in vintage photos. This is a great boudoir concept that mixes that classic vintage feel with a modern, more bohemian style. This room could be an escape from the modern world, without having a guest feel as if they’ve stepped out of time completely.

29. Bohemian Accents

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It’s all about those great accents! This room is absolutely chock full of them! The draped canopy, the accenting lamps and even the bedspread are all dripping with the bohemian flair. The weathered woodwork in this bedroom also make the room look completely unique and a space that would be perfect for an artist or young adult. This is definitely a contemporary boudoir design that still invokes that great, vintage style that comes naturally with any boudoir concept. Adding these modern accents only makes the room more unique, and catered to your personal tastes and preferences.


As you can see, there are so many different ways to create your own boudoir bedroom escape while sticking to a certain theme or feel. Prefer that garden vintage look? Start looking for classic furniture pieces and lace! Prefer the more modern bohemian concepts? Start hitting up those fancy home décor stores for all the latest accents!

Whatever you prefer, creating your own boudoir should be a fun experience. Don’t become too overwhelmed by all these great ideas. If you have a few standouts from several of these pictures, use them to create your own unique space. Good luck with the creating and let us know how it goes! Feel free to send photos or comments!