Everything You Need to Know About Bose Ear Plugs

If you’re sensitive to noise, are a light sleeper, or find yourself exposed to plenty of noise on a regular or daily basis, chances are you’re looking for some way to keep that racket at bay. All these noise-related issues share one common solution: noise-canceling earplugs.

These handy sound-muffling devices are great for providing protection to your ears from more than just noise trauma. There are several applications demanding noise-cancellation or ear protection for air travel, sleeping, and even swimming.

As you read below you’ll learn why we need these noise-canceling devices, the effects of noise on our health and sleep, why good sleep is so important to us, and our recommendation for a solution from Bose made to improve and enhance the benefits of your sleep experience.

Why would someone want noise-canceling earplugs?

The first reason people look for earplugs is that they want to ward off the distracting and potentially harmful noise pollution. Almost everything around you on a daily basis, be it household items like your vacuum cleaner, washing machine or air conditioner to the loud transportation outdoors, creates noise pollution. It can be not just distracting but damaging to your health.

There are situations with prolonged exposure to this noise pollution that can be especially harmful, and it’s greatly recommended to use earplugs when in these situations.

The Effects of Noise Pollution on Your Health

Though the noise you hear can just be perceived as an irritant that distracts you from your everyday tasks, noise pollution for an extended time can actually have a detrimental effect on your well-being. Depending on the intensity and length of exposure, you can experience different effects and potentially put you at the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Sounds at lower than 70 decibels (dB) are pretty harmless and can be listened to for any length of time without harmful effects. Anything over that will require precautionary measures if exposed to for extended periods of time. Any sounds over 85 dB can do a number on your hearing in a matter of hours. High-intensity impulse sounds, like an explosion or gunshot, at higher than 140 dB will cost you your hearing in an instant.

Other problems besides hearing problems and hearing loss can occur. It can, of course, make one tired and cranky, but there’s more than just annoyance. Loud noise can cause inflammation in the brain, a worsened mood, anxiety, lack of focus, throwing your heartbeat out of rhythm, heightened heart rate and blood pressure, issues with having children, and issues sleeping even after the noise has stopped. Poor sleep leads to plenty of health problems on its own, but that’s for later.

When to Wear Ear Plugs

If you work in a noisy workplace, you’ve likely been instructed to wear hearing protection among other personal protective equipment. Earplugs are streamlined, more space-efficient, and made from easily moldable material to fit in your ears effectively and comfortably. They’re usually a better option to use than earmuffs, because they’re more manageable and won’t cause discomfort in hot environments or underneath other protective equipment like helmets or goggles.

For those traveling by air, equipping earplugs is a useful way to protect yourself from the loud ambient noise of the engine as well as the shifts in air pressure right after takeoff and right before landing. Both of these factors can cause a good amount of discomfort in the inner ear.

Earplugs can even protect your ears from the nasty condition known as swimmer’s ear. Made specifically for this purpose, swimming earplugs keep the water out of your ear canals, lowering your risk of infection while not totally masking out all noise. If you’ve got something important and need to hear instructions while in the water like in a race event, these plugs won’t muffle it all out.

Finally, one of the most obvious and important reasons for someone to wear earbuds is for improving the quality of their sleep.

Good Sleep and Noise-cancelling Ear Plugs: The Light Sleeper’s Dream Duo

There are plenty of earplug and even in-ear headphone options especially designed to help you benefit from better sleep, including the Bose Sleepbuds.

Sleep is a lot more important to our health than many people believe. Of course, not getting enough sleep can result in the comically grumpy and tired caricature we see from people and lead to less productive days, but it goes deeper than that.

Health issues related to sleep deprivation in the long term can get serious. Not getting enough sleep contributes in part to depression, obesity, and even shorten your life expectancy.

A study suggests that inflammation and a weakened immune system can occur as a result of the lack of sleep, the latter of which can give way to plenty of diseases and illnesses detrimental to your health.

Cardiac problems related to heart disease are at a much higher risk of happening, ranging in intensity from high blood pressure to diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Bad sleep means bad health and plenty of problems, so you need a way to combat that.

What’s the major culprit behind poor sleep? Besides poor habits and sleep apnea, it’s that pesky noise pollution.

Using a sleep-designed pair of earplugs or earbuds (the wireless kind, wires can be a hazard if you roll around in your sleep) is a fairly effective solution in canceling the noise, helping you sleep better. For the light sleeper, the amount of noise you can actually hear can make a world of a difference in the quality of your sleep.

In the case of in-ear headphones (or earbuds) made for sleep, this popular remedy allows the sleeper to simultaneously listen to calming music or soothing white noise while blocking out the disruptive sounds of your surrounding environment.

As well as helping you sleep, earbuds let you lower your heart rate and fall asleep more relaxed. There are plenty of options available, even among your conventional (but higher quality) earbuds due to their ability to cancel outside noise for an enhanced listening experience.

This type isn’t necessarily designed to be used for sleep and may either be uncomfortable to wear when lying down or just fall out and get lost somewhere in the sheet on the bed.

Along with noise reduction, the best plugs should be both comfortable in shape, size and material as well as easy to use. If not, even your ear plugs could hinder your sleep quality and ruin your night.

The Possible Side Effects to using Earplugs

Though earplugs are very safe to use and pose no threat to your health, regular usage can create some minor potential inconveniences. For example, anything you put in your ear will push back earwax, possibly creating a buildup deeper within the ear. You will have to use ear drops to soften the wax or go to a doctor to get it removed, should it become serious.

The buildup can otherwise result in tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and ear infections. It’s best to take preventative measures by cleaning out your earplugs regularly, and even washing your earplugs or buds can prevent the accumulation and spread of bacteria which also lead to ear infections.

Be sure to use your earplugs properly as per their directions in order to avoid any incidents. Maintaining them properly will not only improve their longevity but also protect you from potential infections caused by bacteria.

Bose Sleepbuds: A Premium Sleep-Listening Experience

Along the many other top-tier audio products from this giant brand in the field, Bose presents a recent innovation in sleep experience. In a commitment to improve your sleep quality in new ways, they have developed the noise-masking Sleepbuds.

Designed specifically for sleep, the Sleepbuds are wireless earbuds that fit your ears the best, most comfortable way possible without ever falling out while you switch sides and roll around in your sleep. They are virtually weightless at about half an ounce in weight, so you don’t even realize they’re resting in your ears as you slumber.

For a more customized fit, these Sleepbuds come in a small, medium, and large-sized flexible fin that will conform in shape to fit your outer ear snugly without falling out and getting lost.

Unlike ear buds made to be used during the day (while you’re awake), the sleepbuds are flexible enough to provide no discomfort while laying down, which is especially beneficial to side sleepers.

Having mastered the science of noise-cancelling, Bose has come up with a new way from the ground up that combines effective noise-cancelling technology with comfort, usability, and good sound quality.

By organically blocking out passive noise with the shape alone instead of the acoustic method, the Sleepbuds, have a prolonged battery life of up to 16 hours to keep you relaxed through the night.

The Sleepbuds come with a pre-loaded collection of sounds and ambient noises to choose from that go on for as long as you sleep, taking over at frequencies that mask out the unwanted noise around you. There is a wider collection of sounds available on their Bose Sleep app.

Along with the app’s sound collection, you can set an alarm that the sleepbuds can wake you up with and only you will be able to hear. If there is anyone else in your room with a different sleep schedule, this feature can prove convenient for all of you.

The Sleepbuds are stored in a compact case in which they are also charged, so they’re good for use the next night.

Everything from the Bose sleepbuds is designed and engineered to give you a better, more restful sleep. One word of advice, they are of a higher quality and come with the price tag to prove it. So, while they are a great product, take a look to see if a product like this one fits within your budget.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of ways loud noises and poor sleep can negatively impact your health (especially with your heart and ears), and the combination of the two can create an especially problematic situation for anyone, most of all for the light sleeper.

Noise cancelling earbuds and ear plugs are a lifesaver for many when it comes to getting good sleep. All that exposure to noise pollution hindering your sleep can have serious chronic results, so with special sleep-assisting products like the Bose Sleepbuds, you can rest assured you’re getting a sounder, healthier sleep.

The Bose Sleepbuds, as pricey as they may be, are an innovative product that provides you with a uniquely effective method to mask out unwanted noise and fill you in with calming, relaxing sounds. These engineered-for-sleep buds allow for comfort and relaxation, allowing you to achieve that healthier sleep you so desired.