10 Turquoise Blackout Curtain Ideas

Updated March 31, 2020

Blackout curtains are excellent choices for anyone who needs to reset their internal clocks to get the proper amount of hours needed of sleep each night (or day). Our bodies are very much in tune with daylight, yet we rarely go to sleep when the sun sets, nor do we rise with it. Many people also work hours that require their sleep to be during a time when the sun is up. The addition of blackout curtains to a bedroom can provide the atmosphere to allow for a more peaceful, uninterrupted rest.

They also are wonderful additions to spaces that have west and south facing windows that get a lot of sunlight. Sun can heat a house during the day, or create uncomfortable glares. The use of blackout curtains can help with cooling, as well as allow you to enjoy your sitting or dining areas at certain times of the day. These ideas provide a visual stimulation of how to incorporate turquoise blackout curtains to your decor.

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1.Pure Tranquility


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Heavy, draping, long 61-inch dark turquoise curtains frame this wooden walkout. Look for materials that provide dramatic sweeping lines and rich shadows as they fall to make a decorative statement no matter what hues or tones your room reflects.


2. Simple Stripes


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Stripes are always fun and add interest to a room. These stripes are kept simple and provide wide, bold color effects to highlight and work with a variety of furnishings and wall colorings. They are also a popular choice for children’s rooms (along with chevron patterns) as they have a tendency to work with a wide range of bold colors as well.


3. The Ombre Effect


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Mimic the effects of the sea with a popular turquoise ombre blackout curtain effect. The soft changes in the hues of such a dye process incorporate a light turquoise and make it more accessible to a wider range of decor; working in both rustic and modern spaces without looking out of place.


4. Subtle Patterns


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Many people avoid patterned curtains because they feel they are too busy or will take away from the rest of the room’s decor. This subtle pattern hangs from dark grommets and is the perfect choice to work with many existing interior designs, or even serve as a focal point if you wish. Whether you live in the Southwest deserts or winters of Canada, these fit right in.


5. Delicate Details


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The delicate details of these turquoise blackout eyelet curtains provide a soft touch to your window decor. A subtle contrast hints at a gentle beach-like effect, or even mimics the hues of a new day. Use these curtains across door frames and large windows that look out across a visual landscape.


6. Gilted Decor


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Draping, patterned, gold and turquoise hues provide a rich look to these decadent curtains. Despite looking as if they belong in baroque period decor, these are surprisingly versatile and can work with a wide range of bright and bold colors to provide an elegant touch.


7. Sheer Layers


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These sheer layers of opaque curtains create the shadowy depths needed for blackout effects. The overall look allows for a gauzy, light, and airy look that matches rooms that use lighter hues for a more open effect.


8. Whimsical Waves


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The whimsical waving of these vertical stripes of both light and darkened hues of turquoise allows for a subtle hint of movement as you pass by. Perfect for use with highlight walls of either darker grays or soft whites, these curtains offer many decorative options.


9. Peeking Wildlife


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Have a little fun with some patterns that showcase the unexpected. These little birds sit amongst gilded branches and come to life when unfolded. Perfect for a whimsical touch in an office or even a baby’s nursery, don’t be afraid to include something out of the ordinary.


10. Suggestions for Floral


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Touches of turquoise and blue blackout curtain effects hint at blooming gardens or wispy, darkening clouds depending on your surrounding interior design. Far from busy, this pattern and color effect is both relaxing and draws the eye as part of your amazing decorative taste.


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Blackout curtains serve many purposes, and the addition of turquoise hues are well worth considering as they provide a pop of color that works well with many decors. The options provided above range from simple to more elegant to provide you an idea of what waits for you. Share your turquoise curtain experiences with us below!


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