#15 of the Best Teal Blackout Curtain Ideas: #7 is Gorgeous!

Updated July 25, 2019

Teal has long been considered the color of introverts, mostly because it’s a shade of green or blue, two cold colors that are sometimes underrated. Teal is the color that doesn’t want to stand out, but it somehow manages to talk about romance. A bold and beautiful romance. It’s a color that encourages you to think differently, to calm you down, and prevent you from being spontaneous.

And yet, the teal blackout curtains that we’ve discovered are a statement of how this color manages to outshine a lot of different other colors. Rarely are we able to find a color that’s as discrepant and counterintuitive as teal, so the following curtain suggestions are somewhat of a philosopher’s dream?


Dark Teal Blackout Curtains


1. Velvet Blues


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Velvet is one fabric that manages to be rugged and sexy at the same time. This bold blackout teal curtain will add a touch of elegance and luxury into any room, blocking external light when a little bit of intimacy is needed. The set is perfect for a large office or living room, where an imposing element is needed to create a sense of coziness.


2. Teal Me Apart


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Brushing your hands over the surface of this embossed curtain is like walking through a Turkish bazaar and having the sense of freedom right at your fingertips. The delicate embroidery adds a lot of personality to an item that would normally de dull and unappealing. It’s the perfect addition to a home that seeks more elements of good taste.


3. Triple Style


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When you’re looking to buy a blackout curtain that makes any room pop up and radiate, this elegant piece is one worthy of your attention. The strong and symmetrical lines do a great job in creating a curtain that combines three different color blocks. These almost metallic combinations between teal, grey, and silver, almost feel like an artistic wall piece rather than a simple set of curtains.


Teal & White Blackout Curtains


4. XOXO, Muah-Muah


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There’s something so sweet about this XO curtain, it almost gained the necessary level of versatility to fit into any room. The letters are scattered on a white background that would compliment any child’s room, but also add a sense of space into a smaller room, like the kitchen. Despite it being a blackout curtain, it radiates light and a sense of happiness.


5. Fishy, but Good


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It may be labeled as a Geometric blackout curtain, but all we see are playful fish scales, in an elegant shade of teal. The pattern is quite a modern one, while the thick white lines make the curtains seem fuller and richer. It fits perfectly into any room that has light (or even white) furniture pieces, giving out an innocent vibe.


6. Are You Damasking Me?


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There’s something about the Damask that will never push it out of style. Especially when we’re dealing with white patterns on a super teal background! This combination is perfect for a daydreaming décor, although there’s a lot of criticism going around that this set looks like a shower curtain.


7. White Medallions


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This is, perhaps, one of the dreamiest combinations of white and teal blackout curtains we’ve ever seen. The white medallion pattern blends perfectly with the subtle nuance of teal, throwing a little bit of romance into any home décor. It’s the perfect piece for any living room, especially when there’s a white dining room furniture set nearby!


8. Lattice Forever


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Everyone enjoys a perfect sunrise… but not when they plan on sleeping in. Sometimes, the sun isn’t the first thing we want to see in the morning, so a set of blackout curtains may just be the perfect item. This particular set features a white lattice print that traverses the teal background, showing that you have impeccable curtain taste.


9. Game On


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If it’s modernism you’re looking for, here’s a striped blackout curtain that combines beautiful shades of teal, blue, gray and white. It’s the perfect fashion statement for people who are looking for an upgrade from their basic curtains. It’s a magnificent choice if you want to block out the light with a playful curtain.


10. Put it in Reverse


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The only thing better than a white and teal blackout curtain… is two of them! This reverse piece allows you to flip the curtain over whenever you want to switch between the modern Moroccan print to the geometric one. One side is perfect for those who like a fully-loaded pattern curtain, while the other offers scarce and discreet shapes, for more elegance.


11. Loving Nature


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The perfect choice for nature lovers, this curtain features a teal print with branches that spread across vertically, creating an illusion of room height. The texture is rich and warm, almost making you feel like you’re wandering through a forest, on a warm spring afternoon. The print makes the curtains perfect for hanging in just about every room in the house.


Light Teal Blackout Curtains


12. Oriental Beauty


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If there’s one thing that makes this set of curtains stand out of the crowd, is the excellent choice of teal medallions that are generously spread on the entire surface of the fabric. It gives the room a more oriental feel, almost like embracing a new culture as part of your interior decorating style.


13. Poppy to Perfection


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How playful and romantic is this light teal blackout curtain? The white poppy print adds an elegant vibe to what would otherwise be a dull fabric. Gazing at this curtain, it feels like you’re wandering around in a field, embracing a sense of peace and desire. It’s like someone reimagined a spring morning, and turned it into a curtain.


14. Stop! You’re Making Me Brush!


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This one would look great in any teal inspired bedroom. There’s something about this set of teal curtains that’s artsy and bold. It’s almost as if a mad painter violently brushed a subtle teal nuance on the fabric, creating an elegant piece for your living room or bedroom. It’s the ideal choice for a warm summer afternoon when the sunlight seems impossible to handle.


15. Flower Power


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Much like the poppies, we gazed at above, this blackout teal curtain features a white floral imprint. It’s the kind of print and color combination that would go beautifully on a spring or summer dress, with a playful and romantic style that’s sure to find its rightful place inside your home.



While we’ve seen some of the most beautiful combinations of teal background and playful white imprints, is there any other print that you think would match such a curtain? If you’ve ever seen, bought, or used teal blackout curtains, we’d love to know more about the kind of vibe they gave you, so let’s chat!