15 Amazing Orange Blackout Curtain Décor Ideas!

Updated October 18, 2019

Orange is the color of joy, of creativity, of summer, happiness, and fun. Choosing a set of orange blackout curtains has precisely these effects as far as interior decorations are concerned. It makes you feel like your home is vibrating with color. It gives a sensation of warmth, no matter the season. It’s playful and quickly draws attention upon itself. In other words: it’s the color of emotional energy.

We’ve brought together some of the best ideas for anyone who wants to bring more color into the room, giving out positive energy and creating a warm and cozy environment all year round.


Burnt Orange Blackout Curtains

1. Playful Stripes

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Nothing beats a curtain dipped in burnt orange more than vertical stripes in different shades of the same color. The visual brings a lot of color to the room, reminiscent of the sun’s shades at both dusk and dawn. It fits perfectly with golden décor elements, in a living room or an office that needs a touch of vividness.


2. Stylish Tradition

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It’s beautiful to see a curtain that manages to be both stylish and traditional, bringing a lot of possibilities as far as room placement is concerned. The circular embroidery gives the curtain a timeless look, matching natural colors perfectly. It’s the best addition to every living room, as it brings a dash of elegance because of the fine weave.


3. Indian Masterpiece

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Straight for the heart of India comes a curtain tapestry with a unique print. The tree of life adorns with orange blackout curtains, making a beautiful conversation starter for all the guests that will admire it. The tassels seem like the perfect addition to this cotton handmade curtain, a piece that fits perfectly in the home of all those of you who are in love with Eastern cultures and décor influences.


4. Dress Like a Princess

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There’s something about this orange set of curtains that resembles some a princess would wear at a royal ball. The shade of orange is absolutely stunning, and the sheet light filtration brings romance to every room. It’s the perfect match for your reading corner, not to mention the romantic ambiance it creates when placed in the bedroom.


5. Rugged Orange

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Who said rugged curtain can’t have that special je ne sais quoi? From a distance, this polyester curtain looks more like fierce leather or perhaps some hard-core velvet. One thing’s for sure, orange curtains have never looked manlier. They are the perfect addition to any office decor, especially one that has solid wood furniture.


Light Orange Blackout Curtains

6. Summer Madness

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This is definitely a curtain that makes every season look like summer. It’s fascinating how, despite it being a blackout curtain, it can bring to much light into the room. The orange henna pattern gives the curtain an oriental look, but also a perfect match for every room inside the house.


7. Radiant Vibes

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Blocking sunlight and bringing elegance to the room: what more could you possibly ask for? This set of curtains has a medallion imprint, combining shades of light orange and gray, much to the delight of every homeowner. They are precisely that “something” missing for your living room, giving it a shiny vibe.


8. Autumn Leaves

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If fall’s your favorite seasons, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this orange set of curtains. With a gradient color and a romantic leaf imprint, this is the curtain set that can complete your home décor. It’s a great match for a child’s room, as the nuances feel playful and innocent.


9. Style & Versatility

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Vertical stripes are here to stay, and this orange blackout curtain is here to prove it. The versatility of the look makes it a match for every room, especially when covering patio or balcony doors. The traditional combination of white and orange stripes provides a lot of décor options, the only limit being your own imagination.


Orange & Grey Blackout Curtains

10. Timeless Elegance

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This beautiful blackout curtain brings out the best combination of gray and orange shades, with an intricate flower pattern. This is definitely one of those stylish pieces that stand out in a room, giving out several different vibes or romance, good taste, and elegance. It’s a subtle combination between summer and fall feels, when flowers peak with life, or when leaves become rusty and astonishing.


Bright Orange Blackout Curtains

11. Curtain or Masterpiece?

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You know those abstract painting that is a splash of color and so visually appealing, that you have to have one? This curtain is just about that: an abstract pattern that combines shades of teal, orange, and yellow. The fine sateen weave will block out light, not only creating a dark environment, but also turning your room into a masterpiece.


12. Alive & Kicking

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There’s a bunch of adjectives that can describe the look of this curtain: vivid, lively, contrasting, and powerful. These are all vibes emitted by this curtain, being the perfect item that can bring life to a still room. Because of the plain bright orange, the curtains can complement or supplement your living room, making it feel like summer all year round.


13. Oriental Elegance

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Are you ready for another oriental piece to style up your home? This bright orange curtain is both romantic and elegant, with golden patterns that bring up a mystery and daydreaming vibes. They could be the centerpiece of your living room or bedroom, making you feel a part of a different world each time you look at them.

14. Turn It Up!

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Similar to the piece described above, we find yet another combination of golden elements on a bright orange background. The truly amazing thing about this piece is that despite its blackout features, the summer-ish vibe complements the lack of light when the curtains are pulled shut. A perfect choice for people who love warm colors and even warmer seasons!

15. Loves Me, Loves Me Not!

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But you will surely love this curtain set. With floral patterns in shades that vary from romantic yellow to bloody orange, this is the perfect choice for people who love everything about flowers. Not only is the color combination astonishing, but it’s versatile enough to match every room décor, from vintage settings to classical or modern pieces of furniture.

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There’s no doubt that orange is one of the romantic color choices in the world. It gives out summer vibes, reminiscent of sunrise and sunset. It’s a color of life and everything that shines brightly. Simple, or combined with intricate prints and patterns, every one of these 15 curtain sets is a sight for sore eyes. Are there any orange blackout curtains that you found and absolutely fell in love with?

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