Gray Blackout Curtains: Create a More Peaceful Rest

Our bodies are more in tune to the turn of the earth than you may be aware of. It is created to be sensitive to natural lighting, and actually releases hormones that tell our body when to sleep, and when to wake. Unfortunately, we do not keep the same hours as the rising and setting sun, which can create restless sleep situations when our bodies mentally want or need to be awake, but our bodies are physically not ready to do so.

Blackout curtains help provide the darkened setting so many of us need to get the proper amount of rest. These products help block the rising light as day breaks in order to keep your mind from being stimulated by a brightened room. The following gray blackout curtain ideas are a wonderful addition that blends well into most decors and provides the darkness you need.

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Light Grey Blackout Curtains

Light grey hues are often very complimentary to many different decors and can take on the characteristics of other neutral colors used in a room. These options are light and airy, but still, allow for a darkened atmosphere when pulled closed. They also serve as an excellent backdrop to brighter, more vibrant colors.

1. Complimentary Curtains

These curtains provide a beautiful compliment to the neutral tones used in this breakfast nook without creating a washed out look. This type of option keeps your focal points in view and provides a soft, draping background effect. Use these types of curtains when you want a delicate look and need to close out the rising sun from being directly in your eyes.

2. Double Duty

Grey is also a perfect option for placement with various patterns. Many people choose to use sheer curtains along with their blackout options to provide privacy without blocking the light through the day. Grey helps reflect the lightness and compliments patterns in all colors very well.

Dark Grey Blackout Curtains

Darkened grey hues are often rich and varied in their tones. These are perfect for larger rooms that won’t be drowned out by the deeper color and serve as the perfect contrast to bright whites and other more vibrant, jewel tones colors. Take advantage of the many ways you can use a dark panel to help keep the sunlight blocked from view when needed, and provide an elegant touch as part of your decor.

3. Draping Elegance

The heavy draping effect of these richly hued curtains provides a deep contrast to the lighter walls. Dark grey picks up and reflects many of the colors you decorate with and is popular because of this chameleon type effect. It is most popularly used against cooler color tones such as purple, green, and blue.

4. Starry Night

If you use curtains to block the daylight but still miss the soft glow of starlight, you can easily create your own by layering a sheer panel in front of your blackout curtains with tiny LED lights in between the layers. This is an adorable addition to a child’s room when you want them to sleep late. Plus it serves as a nightlight as well.

5. Heathered Hues

If you are looking for good curtains, but a complete blackout effect is not your favorite choice, a good heathered texture might be the way to go. With the ability to block up to 90% of the light, and leave behind a soft pattern effect, these grey heathered materials are the perfect compromise to a fully darkened room.

Grey Chevron Blackout Curtains

Curtains can provide a unique way to bring new texture and pattern mixing to your space. Chevron patterns, in particular, are very popular because of how they add unexpected depth to the overall effect. The following curtain options allow you to visualize how they might look in your space to provide a dramatic decorative touch.

6. Classic Contrast

An alternating grey and white chevron pattern is a classic look that blends well into any decor. It provides a pop of interest and looks good against a wide variety of neutral tones.  When closed, they help brighten the room but are highly effective at keeping the lighting to a minimum each morning to keep your sleep uninterrupted.

7. Grey Illusion

This grey on grey pattern allows an illusion of a subtle movement hidden within the drapes of the curtains. The various hues of grey work together to allow for a flowing effect that goes well with almost any decor and adds a touch of background decor interest. These are truly a unique pattern and are sure to bring a touch of elegance to any room.

8. Ombre Effect

It’s been mentioned a few times how well grey tones go with a variety of different colors. These ombre effect drapes show off the jewel tones of a soft teal through a dramatic chevron pattern. This is a perfect way to show off a pop of color along your walls and allow a highlight effect for decorative interest.

9. Geometric Design

The chevron pattern showcased in these neutral grey curtains hint at a more complex geometric design reminiscent of technological leanings. Added to the effect of the material draping, and you get a variety of illusionary effects that bring interest to the room without being a main focal point.

10. Southwest Statement

The dramatic contrasting blacks and greys of these curtains are further emphasized by the pencil pleats provided along the top of each to allow for a gentle draping effect. This chevroned pattern is a popular one in many Southwestern decors and highlights well the brighter colors and patterns found within that decorative genre.

Grey Patterned Blackout Curtains

When plain grey hues just won’t due, and Chevron isn’t your first choice, try considering a patterned curtain to bring interest to your window spaces. Subtle patterns can highlight the rest of your room decor, and not so subtle patterns can help make a daring statement. The following options provide some bold ideas to consider.

11. Blooming Contrast

These simple blooms pop off the dark, rich grey fabric and brighten your window area for a dramatic effect. Large, oversized patterns allow for visual interest and texture all while staying subtle enough to not overwhelm the rest of your decor. This option works nicely with both cooler and warm hues as a decorative accent.

12. Striped Source

These grey striped blackout curtains are an awesome addition to just about any room in the house. Provide a touch of the nautical to a bathroom walkout, a contrasting stripe to a white wall, or a fun pop to a child’s room. No matter where you decide to use these they will provide an awesome contrast to your decor.

13. Latticework

This latticework design in soft grey tones provides a unique touch to frame your windows. The pattern appears and disappears within the drapery folds and allows for decorative interest. This choice is also perfect to help mimic the curves of your outdoor vegetation to provide flow from one vantage point to another.

14. Gently Patterned

These gently patterned curtains in various grey tones dance across the fabric due to the delicate lace-like detail on the design. If you love the idea of a pattern, but do not want to commit to anything too bright or bold, these are the perfect compromise. The draping of the curtains provides subtle changes in light to the pattern, allowing it to look different from various angles.

15. Geometric Country Curtains

These blackout panels boast a bright geometric design that feels at home in both rustic and more modern spaces. The abundance of fabric allows for a heavy, flowing feel that is luxurious in nature. Plus the cool grey coloration is the perfect addition in any decor.

16. Earth Tones

Love the idea of grey, but want something that helps create a seamless transition to more earthy tones? This zig-zag pattern has absolutely everything you need from various tones of dark to light grey to the more earthy green and browns found in nature. This is a perfect option when a touch of contemporary is in need of more rustic decor.

17. Lace in Luxury

Provide a window to the world that still keeps the majority of your daylight muted, all while providing a peek at the outside world. These heavy grey panels include a lacey, delicately detailed insert to allow for a Victorian Esque feel to your room. These are an excellent option to hang in tall window frames or in front of wooden paneled French doors.

18. Waterfall Effect

When you want your curtains to make a splash, these elegant panels are designed and patterned to look as if you have flowing water gracefully pooling beneath your feet. Gentle, elongated waves in various shades of grey ripple across the fabric and work with the natural draping to imagine a waterfall within your home.

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Grey Velvet Blackout Curtains

Velvet fabrics are not only popular because of their soft feel, they also provide a rich, blended look to the area they are placed in, and provide a rich hue to space. These heavy, draping options showcase the rich look of this material and are the perfect addition to areas you wish to show off. Take on various ways you can hang velvet to take advantage of this luxurious vision.

19. Soft Pastels

These panels look as if someone took a soft grey pastel to a canvas and placed them within the room. Velvet is known for its luxurious softness, and how well it casts shadows across the material to provide a muted effect. Apply your own rich effects to your home with the use of heavy, draping curtains.

20. Crushed Velvet

Fall in love all over again with the shimmering, soft look a crushed velvet brings to any decor. These heavy curtain panels are the perfect addition to any color scheme to provide a contrasting look to your interior design.


Grey is a beautiful color to add to just about any decor. It is timeless and seems to take on the shades of those colors it is placed with. Blackout curtains are the perfect addition to any room that needs to help keep the brightness of day away, and these options are a beautiful addition to your windows and door frames.

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