15 Gray and White Blackout Curtain Options: a Palette for Any Space

Updated August 5, 2020

Blackout curtains are a popular option for bright windows that face sunny directions, and as a way to add style to rooms all while providing a darkening effect when needed. Since our bodies are already naturally in tune with the rising and setting of the sun, it can be difficult to get the number of hours our bodies need when we fall asleep hours after the sun sets- but naturally, want to rise when the dawn appears.

Blackout curtains can help keep your room darkened and your body in a more natural state of rest without interruption when used over any bedroom window. This can be especially helpful for those who work varying shifts, or who need to catch up on their rest during the day. Gray and white blackout curtains are an excellent option for just about any decorative palette as the following examples highlight.

1. Soft Draping


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Gray is such a variable hue that often look amazing in just about any decor, as shown in this example. Soft gray takes on the warm tones of the room to provide an airy feel and blend more naturally into the background without being a highlight feature.


2. Privacy Pairing

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The patterned sheer white drapery provides a subtle, yes efficient backdrop to a bolder gray curtain. The use of layered curtains allows you to still have a touch of privacy when your drapes have been opened- all while allowing natural lighting in.


3. Country Patterns

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Light gray and white plaid and stripe are the perfect country pattern mixing option that can go well with more bold, bright colors, as well as neutral tones. Although considered more a  rustic option, more and more plaids, checks, and stripes are making their way into modern interior design.


4. Nursery Perfection


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Blackout drapery is a popular choice for children’s rooms to help them sleep longer and through afternoon naps. These gray and white nursery blackout curtains feature a soft gray with wisps of clouds to provide a simple, yet whimsical decorative experience.


5. Seeing Stripes


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The great thing about striped curtains is that they blend effortlessly into your background and help draw the eye across a room to make it look larger. This particular option is the perfect addition to a bright and bold boy’s bedroom.


6. Latticework


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Delicate lines of gray upon white serve as part of the main features of a neutral colored room, rather than a muted background. Use your curtains as a statement rather than a backdrop and bring to life an otherwise overlooked area of your room.


7. Pretty Patterned Panels


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Patterned panels are a great way to change up the decor both for usefulness and looks. Opt for repetitive, simple designs that work with the lines and curves of your room rather than stand in contrast.


8. A Touch of Whimsy


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Allow for a touch of whimsical, and unexpected, patterns to your curtains. Although still simple, the delicate hearts of these panels are an excellent addition to a children’s room or office to highlight personal style and decorative taste.


9. Material Choices


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The types of materials your curtain choices are made to add a detailed touch you should consider. Heavier materials drape differently, as so various weaves of fabric. Satins and silks also will reflect lighting in the room and add a touch of variance to your space.


10. Fun Prints


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These grey and white print blackout curtains are an awesome addition to a more rustic interior, man cave, or children’s room. Curtains serve as a great addition to the overall look you are attempting to achieve, and when you have a certain vision in mind it is worth finding what you need.


11. Popular Chevron


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Chevron is a timeless pattern that works well in just about any room. Gray and white chevron blackout curtains can serve as a focal point in your room or as a simple backdrop to a various array of furniture.


12. Perfect Pairings


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Gray and white striped blackout curtains are the perfect pairing for your tiles flooring to provide a touch of the unexpected and bring your eye up and out. This is especially true for corner areas without being too ostentatious.


13. Free Fall

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Gentle curves and a free fall of gray hues amongst white provide a sense of movement and gentle free falling water. Don’t be afraid of busier patterns, especially if your window is located in a more open area that needs attention.


14. Floral Frenzy


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At first glance, a patterned curtain of this type may look a bit busy overall, but the softness of the gray and the pops of contrast splashed throughout fits well into a multitude of decors. Don’t be afraid of these types of options as they are often the detail a room needs.


15. Seeing Stars


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Gray and white star blackout curtains are the perfect addition to a child’s nursery or toddler’s room. Take a chance on fun patterns that are not over the top childish and can be used for years.



Gray and white are a classic color scheme that can fit into a huge array of interior design decors. The use of simple solids or patterns is soft and welcoming and can work with warm, as well as cooler hues of color. The above choices provide excellent examples of how to incorporate these tones into your spaces as blackout curtain options for your convenience.