#19 Blackout Curtains in Green: #17 is Pretty Cool

Updated March 28, 2020

Life, renewal, energy, nature, optimism, freshness, harmony, growth, you name it. These are just a few words that can be associated with one of the most majestic colors in the world: green. It’s basically one of nature’s most powerful colors, one that can bring any setup to life. It adds power and optimism into every room it finds its way into and can turn just about any dull home into a place of serenity and safety.

Talking about the color green could literally take us hours (or pages), and boring our readers is not on today’s agenda. However, we do want to show you some of the most awesome green blackout curtains, which are perfect for your interior decoration plans.

Forest Green Blackout Curtains


1. There’s No Place Like Home


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If you’ve ever read “The Wizard of Oz” and pictured what the Emerald City would look like, this would be the first color that popped in your mind. This beautiful dark shade of emerald green is the perfect statement for creating a fashionable interior décor setting. The color is bold, daring, and astonishing, bringing every other element inside the room to life.


2. Worthy of a Castle


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The way in which this forest green blackout curtain elegantly falls to touch the floor is also majestic. The silver lines at the top are subtle and elegant and create a very pleasant visual effect when combined with this shade of green. The curtain is right at the border between simplistic and beautiful, as the diagonal lines at the top add a touch of uniqueness to what would otherwise be a plain set of curtains.


3. Green Statement


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When seeking inspiration is not something you have time for, this timeless forest green curtain will get you out of a jam. It’s easy to match it with your current living room or bedroom set, as the pleasant color is a darker statement of elegance. It’s the ideal choice for green lovers who just don’t feel like browsing too many curtain models before settling for just one.


4. Fairy Tale Green


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How can you possibly not fall in love with this polka dot green curtain? You’d think that it’s designed for a child’s room, but in reality, it the perfect fit for any homeowner that wants to create a playful interior decoration style, with elements that stand out, just like this curtain does. The dots are delicately scattered on the surface of the curtain, without being aggressive and disturbing.


Seafoam Green Blackout Curtains


5. Flowers at Sea


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If your imagination wanted to combine the greenish nuance of sea foam with some delicate white flowers, this set of the curtain would be the exact results. Everything about it screams preciousness and delicacy, from the shade chosen for the background, to the floral print that seems shredded from a princess’ dress.


6. Fantasy Nursery


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Entering your honeymoon suite and discovering this romantic green curtain set is an imagination exercise that completely makes sense. The color is so romantic and pure, it pretty much what nursery walls are made of. The shading cloth is the perfect touch to an otherwise dreamy curtain, as white veil falls to caress the fabric.

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7. Blending Light with Darkness


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This set is the perfect example that contradicts the misconception of blackout curtain completely darkening the room. The sea-foam green is light and pale color, capable of bringing light and contrast to a room, even when the curtains are pulled shut. The visual effect created by the rich white pattern is absolutely dreamy.


8. Raising the Bar


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Honestly, we couldn’t have picked a better title to describe this curtain, which is definitely upping the game of blackout curtains all over the world. There’s something about this dizzy playful patterns that combines white, shades of gray, and green that makes us want to buy it right now and just put it about anywhere in the house!


9. Say “Hello” to My Tall Green Friend


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White background, tall green trees, a little elk scattered here and there… what’s not to love about this blackout curtain? It completely lights up the room, while using beautiful prints and patterns in a color that everyone likes: green. Perfect for any children’s room, it’s also the kind of curtain you want to hang in the living room, as you’re decorating your house for the Christmas holidays.


Olive Green Blackout Curtains


10. I’ve Got the Power


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Olive green has always been one of our favorite upholstery colors, so it’s only natural to include olive curtains on our list. The power of this color dark olive green is somewhat of a manifesto, showing that you’re not afraid to go head deep into the world of chromatic possibilities that these curtains open up for you.


11. Wenge We Get This?


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This particular shade or olive green will basically make you want to tear these curtains from their rod and turn them into an evening gown. The shade is so soothing and elegant, it’s somehow unbelievable how easy it is to match with the vintage home décor. It’s the perfect combination for cherry or wenge furniture.


12. Endless Damask


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When you hear the words “Damask curtains”, you already know that you’re dealing with an elegant décor element. This particular set is nothing short of sophisticated, and probably can’t be matched with vividly-colored furniture. Instead, it fits perfectly into a room adorned with Victorian-style décor elements, as well as massive white furniture.


Bright Green Blackout Curtains


13. Spring Fling

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For the past years, people have been looking to bring as much of the great outdoors as they possibly could in their home. The bright green color of these blackout curtains reminds us of how leaves look like at the beginning of spring, covered in the powerful sun rays. It the color of nature coming to life, which means that it can also bring your interior decoration elements to life, as well.


14. Botanic Bliss


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This is precisely the type of blackout curtain that you cannot stop staring at. The metalling shade of bright green is combined with floral imprints, creating not just a curtain, but a head-turner. It’s almost like an art piece, capable of drawing the attention of every person who walks into the room.


Emerald Green Blackout Curtains


15. Color Me Emerald


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There’s really no telling what’s more exquisite about this curtain. The emerald shade is basically the equivalent of blood for the color red, being absolutely majestic, a perfect additional to every living room or bedroom. The geometric pattern prevents the curtains from being dull, while the silver lines match the background to perfection.


16. Welcome to the Jungle


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Yeah… so… It’s really hard to talk about curtains that combine nature’s elements without getting over excited. In this case, we’re dealing with a curtain that symmetrical in its gradient color choice, with abstract branches covering the top and bottom parts. This particular model has us confused because we’re not sure if we should be excited about the maple leaf accents that remind us of how majestic the fall season is, or whether to be hyped about the emerald green shade that reminds us for why we love spring colors.


Blackout Curtains Lime Green


17. Food for the Soul


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The shade of lime that colors this curtain from top to bottom almost feels like therapy. Which comes in handy if you need the absolute dark to sleep, or suffer from insomnia and need to take drastic measures to get some rest. It’s like gazing at the curtains could heal all wounds, and we can all start new chapters in our lives. There’s a reason why specialists insist on using certain colors for certain situations, and this lime blackout curtain can prove precisely that.


18. Inside Out


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Boys and girls, we may just have found the recipe for success. You take one simple camel color curtain, adorn it with beautiful leaf prints in different colors of lime and green, connect them with fine green lines and a few playful dots here and there… and you get this absolutely gorgeous blackout curtain. It literally makes you stop wanting to go outside and just hit there and look at it.


19. Dancing Till the End of Lime


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Do you know what’s really admirable about this whole lime curtain thing? How the vivid shade of this color can make any room seem bigger with so little effort. It’s like a color that dances right before your eyes, bringing color and energy into everything you do around the house. And this curtain set makes no exception!



To be perfectly honest, there were about 100 more choices for green blackout curtains that we wanted to add to this list, but again, boring you is not our priority list for the day. Choosing these models was really hard, mostly because there are so many playful and beautiful options that you can create using this base color. Now, we want to know two things: which is the curtain option you fancy most from our list, and what would the world’s best green blackout curtain look like, in your opinion.