10 Blackout Curtains for your Girl’s Room

Updated November 29, 2019

The best part about having your own room is the opportunity to decorate it in any way you want. Your room can express your likes, your comfort, who you are in the most simple or intricate ways.

When you decorate your kids’ room, you want them to feel happy and relaxed in their surroundings. Their room should have their interests at heart, that could be their favorite color or a theme from their favorite show/book.

One part of the room that should always be considered are the curtains. The curtains complete whatever aesthetic you are going for in the end. They create the final cozy, homey touch to the room, and they block out the sun which keeps the rest of the room cool and safe from UV rays.

Little Bow

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These curtains bring cute and pink into perfect correspondence. They are a nice light shade that can work with a light or dark room, depending on your theme. They are also thick so they can easily block out light in the afternoons. Their striking feature is inevitably the little bows that line the top of the curtain folds. This creates personality in the room, as well as the curtains themselves.

The color palette for this curtain is light pink, white, gray, and blush.

Ruffled Fun

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These curtains are quite simple in design, but it’s the little things that matter. Though the bottom is that of a regular curtain, the top is a cute ruffled style which adds significant flair to the entire set. This design can come in casual pink, crystalized green, and white. Choosing from these colors can help further modify the unique appearance of your daughter’s room.


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What more is there to say? This curtain set perfects the adorable butterfly appearance in the most elegant way possible. With a base color of white, it’s hard to miss all the vibrant butterflies stretching their wings over the window. Not only will the whole room brighten up with these curtains, but the light won’t get through once you close them which is the main benefit of blackout drapes.


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A discreet design could be exactly what you’re looking for in your little girl’s curtains. The curtains don’t have to be the center of attention in the room, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be nice. This curtain set is condensed while still being eye-popping as well. The ringlets are an easy and charming pattern that can’t go wrong. This curtain can come in lavender, Abigail Grey, hot and light pink.

Mellow Yellow

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Pink isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes another color is the perfect color, and this could be yellow. These yellow curtains have as simple a design as the ringlets; lined arrows facing down. The effect is modern and wholesome since the color is so light. A light color can really leave the room looking brighter, even if the curtains are drawn over the sunlight.

Floral Intricacy

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These curtains are the perfect way to bring color into any black and white room. The contrast really makes the whole room stand out, and the design is universal. A floral design can always find a way to fit in with the rest of the decorations. All the colors combine for the best minimalist look that can’t be competed with. If you’re unsure of what your daughter will like, go with this choice as it’s hard to fail with these curtains.

Your background color could be anything you (or your daughter) wants, this curtain will still match like the final puzzle piece.

Flowery Delight

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Pastel colors are the safest bet for any room that wants to appear bright and fresh. To bring a lambent mood to your room, stick to a moderate design and more plain backs. The design keeps the curtains from being too boring, but the colors mark an easy to partner piece that can fit in just about any scenery.

Laced Finish

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If your daughter’s room hones on elegance, then these are the perfect curtains to capture the attribute. They are silky, smooth, and embellished with ruffled laces at the top. Elegance doesn’t have to be over-the-top, in fact, it almost never is. Elegance brings out the modest beauty in everything, and these curtains do just that. The silver color is universal and can fit in with any theme you had in mind for the entire room.

Baffling Bottom

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You may have noticed there has been a pattern in these previous curtains. The ‘eye-catching’ placement of the curtain was always located on the top. Not for this curtain. The ruffles are fluffed and stretched over the bottom to give a different appearance to your curtain. Now, the blackout curtains give off a more chic look rather than elegant, which can work better in a fanciful scenario.

The Elementary Solid

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The ultimate failsafe is to work with a solid color. Designs and stencils may not work for you, so roll with the classic solid-colored curtains and you’re bound to complete the room’s visage. There’s no harm in having a simple set of curtains. In fact, it could complete the picture-perfect room you had in mind!


Curtains aren’t the center of attention when it comes to decoration, but they either bring the whole room together or appear out of place. With some careful consideration, you can find the perfect choice for your young lady’s room that will create an everlasting impression.

Did you find anything that you liked? If you find something you liked in this list, feel free to comment which one it was and how it looked in your new room! Share our link with anyone you think wants some fresh ideas for their room as well!