14 Blackout Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Blackout curtains are the perfect solution for bright rooms and privacy as they essentially block all the light from the outside. They work wonderfully well in children’s rooms, as well as in rooms that require dimmed lighting for those who work shifts or are suffering from illness. Occasionally a window sets just right and allows for bright sunlight to stream directly in at a table, television, or sitting area. These types of curtains are the perfect solution to these types of situations.

Blackout curtains for sliding glass doors are also quite handy as sliding doors often open up into backyards and other areas that allow for quite a bit of visibility. Using curtains helps provide the peace you need from anyone using those areas, as well as shut out the light whenever that becomes a problem as well. The following examples of room darkening curtains for sliding glass doors provide some ideas of what is available to help match decor and style in your home.

1. Roller Shade Privacy Shades

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These blackout window treatments for sliding glass doors use a roller shade design to provide privacy and a darkened atmosphere. Available in various degrees of opacity, you can easily lighten or darken your room as you need with a simple pull of the cord. This also keeps loose material out of your way and provides a full ability to take advantage of your view.

2. Sliding Thermal Curtain Options

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Thermal blackout curtains for sliding glass doors are the perfect way to help block both heats to provide a cooler atmosphere, and cold, to keep from wasting heat in the winter. These drape style thermal lined curtains are especially convenient for those rooms that get direct sunlight during the day to avoid heating your living spaces unnecessarily.

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3. Darkening Vertical Blinds

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Room darkening vertical blinds for sliding glass doors are a great option for privacy issues. Although they can be gathered to the side and out of the way, they also allow for light to brighten your room and view enjoyment without having to open completely.  This provides a degree of privacy without interrupting your view. They then close quickly with a quick tug of a pull to allow for the block of light.

4. Matching Luxury Decorative Options

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Match your window treatments with your decor to provide a luxurious look. Many of these provide the heat and cooling protection you need, and when lined are offered in any color needed for complete blackout needs. This cream-colored room looks much larger than it is due to the lighter color choices to help provide subtle shadows.

5. To Line to Not to Line White Curtains

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White blackout curtains for sliding glass doors absolutely can be an option. You may have thought that lighter colors are not the best for darkening the room, but if you provide a liner you can choose to provide various effects from a total blackout to more soft lighting to room living spaces.

6. Paneled Blinds For a Unique Look

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These unique blinds combine wide panel-like vertical designs with a more modern look to provide various lighting options as you slide each panel. Choose from solid colors or create your own various panel color changes, including ombre effects for a truly different way to provide a darkening, private effect.

7. Solar Shades For Maximum Room Temperature Control

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Blackout roller shades for sliding glass doors can also include solar shade options that are designed specifically to help regulate room temperatures. Similar to thermal panels, these choices may allow in various opacity of natural lighting all without heating up the room via solar energy.

8. Traditional Drapes for Your Windowed Doorways

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These traditional drapes are highly effective and come in many different lengths and widths so you can choose between using single or multiple hangings for your doorways. Easy to slide out of the way or even pull to the side for a draping effect, many people prefer this common style for their windows.

9. Long Lengths for Wide Windows

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Large windows are awesome, but they present quite a few challenges concerning both privacy and lighting. Getting the perfect sized curtains or drapes can be a difficult match, but opting for vertical blinds is a great way to provide total control over both.

10. Picking the Perfect Hue

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If you have an idea in mind for matching your decor and are worried about color, hue, and texture of your curtains or blinds, don’t be. With the huge array of decor options available, you can envision your perfect choice and find it with very little effort.

11. A Layered Look for Lighting

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Some curtain choices are sold layered purposely to provide darkening effects, but if you have your heart set on a specific design you can most certainly mimic this idea. Layer your own curtain designs and colors with little to no effort and create a unique, personalized look.

12. Long, Elegant Drapes and Patterns

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Blackout drapes for sliding glass doors don’t have to be solid in color or blah in design. Look for specialized sizes when you have large windows to cover so you can be ensured to get the look you desire.

13. Folding Shutters for a Unique Style

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Thermal lined options can be applied to various designs, such as these folding shutters. Either layer a curtain behind this idea so you can slide it out of the way to let in the light, or line the shutters themselves with an opaque solar choice for lighting when you want it.

14. Double Duty on Your Doorway

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Do you prefer to hang one, or two, drapes to cover your doorway? No matter what you answer is, when you choose a sliding curtain you can move it in either direction to provide variances in lighting at any time of day, as well as unhindered access through the door when it is in use.

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Hopefully, you’ve seen an example of curtains that inspires you and would look good against your sliding doors. These simple designs, elegant looks, and pops of color all provide various options and benefits to your living spaces. They also are also wonderful to double as a thermal lining to help keep cold air at bay in the winter and reflect heat in summer.

Let us know below which are your favorite!