30 Blackout Curtain Ideas for Kids: #17 is So Cool!

As adults, we often crave for that extra minute of darkness, when we can rest our eyes and charge our batteries for the next day. If sleep is important to us, can you imagine how huge it is for your kid to get sufficient amounts of sleep? But the night only lasts a few hours, and what’s more pleasant than sleeping when it’s dark?

No worries, we have blackout curtain to keep us covered. These magical items can literally turn day into night, so if you’re looking to recreate that nocturnal environment that puts your child to sleep, boy, do we have some ideas for you!

#1. UK Royalty

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Anyone who’s into horses and the UK can opt for this stylish cartoon blackout curtain, perfect for a child’s room. The light blue background is adorned with a bunch of horses that are not just dresses in Britain’s flag, but also carry a crown. What else could be more fit for a prince’s room?

#2. For the Red, Beige, and Blue

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Or something like that. Anyway, how about this elegant blackout curtain which, in our own humble opinion, is perfect for just about any room of the house? The recreation of the French flag is even more masterful, as there are little symbols across the beige part of the curtain, which include sketches of the Eiffel Tower.

#3. Geometry, Baby!

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If this gray blackout curtain doesn’t convince you, maybe the pink or navy version of it will. This soft cotton blackout curtain has a minimalistic design, with zigzag thick horizontal lines that combine a solid color with white inserts. Its saturated hues and simple design make it perfect for a child’s room décor where focus needs to be on other elements, and not the curtain itself.

#4. Elephant Parade

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One elephant makes a helluvah pet. A bunch of elephants? Now that’s a party. With this blackout curtain that brings together a herd of colorful elephant, you can personalize your baby’s nursery, making it the perfect spot for your little one to enjoy sunny days, but also dark and peaceful sleeping environments.

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#5. Curtain Hypnosis

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Are you looking for a kid’s room blackout curtain that’s neither too simple, nor to eye-catchy? Here is a design that blends a dreamcatcher-like pattern on a plain white background. It has just the right amount of personality, with a beautiful pattern that avoids simplicity, while also being absolutely mesmerizing to look at.

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#6. Friends with Personality

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A giraffe and a zebra walk into a room. No, that’s not the start of a joke, but rather a simple description to one of the cutest blackout curtain options for kids you’ll ever get the chance to see. Oh, and can we take a moment and admire those crazy-cute glasses and that funny-looking hat?

#7. Subtle Metallic

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What happens when you combine a subtle pale color with the richness of metallic dot patterns? You get an amazing blackout curtain that’s suited for a girl’s room, achieving the finesse and personality your girl aims to have in her day-to-day life.

#8. A Walk in the Park

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If you’re on the market looking for a set of blackout curtains for toddler girl rooms, here’s a model that’s just too cute to overlook. The differently-colored trees with a cartoonish design are the centerpiece of this rich blackout curtain, while the neutral tone of the background makes it easy to match with different bedroom styles.

#9. Moar Animals!

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Is your nursery in desperate need of an animal-type of personality? Here’s a sight for sore eyes! Welcome elephants, penguins, and lions to a parade that’s bound to keep your little one happy just by looking at it. It’s definitely the type of blackout curtain one expects to see in a tasteful nursery.

#10. Childhood Spirit

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Out of blackout curtains for toddler boy room ideas? How about these cartoon-like zebras are prancing around happily on a sunny day? The blue color of the background makes this such a delightful choice for a boy’s room, inspiring them to love animals and nature, while also tickling the playful childhood spirit from within.

#11. Pink Checkers

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Checkers fans, raise your hands and cover them windows with this adorable blackout curtain! It’s all about the pink and white stripes that meet to create a generous and cute design. Made entirely out of cotton, you can rest assured about the quality of the curtain, while your little one gets to enjoy a room filled with personality. Is it just me, or do these fit in the kitchen, as well?

#12. L’Amour Toujour

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When it comes to blackout curtains for children’s room ideas, we always like to explore the simplest of options, as well as the most elaborate ones. The design of this particular model is a guaranteed attraction, thanks to the beautiful shade of light blue that makes out the background, while the Parisian elements on the bottom side rest under a sky full of stars.

#13. Colors of the Rainbow

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The rainbow may only have seven colors, but to this curtain, we say a million times “YES”. Aside from being terribly efficient as a blackout curtain, it also has a pleasing visual effect for children who are just bonkers for colors, without having a favourite one. Child satisfaction is guaranteed!

#14. “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

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Everything about this blackout curtain is perfect. As a parent, you have to love the neutral background tone that’s easy to combine with several different room layouts. As a child, you can’t help but fall in love with the elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes that are all gathered for an outdoor party right in the middle of your bedroom!

#15. Unisex Royalty

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This particular blackout curtain is reminiscent of a wedding/princess dress, and while it does match any girl’s room perfectly, it can also be an option for a baby boy’s room. The simple white color makes it easy to blend this curtain into just about any bedroom setup, while offering the illusion of extra-space.

#16. Polka Dot Madness

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What could be cuter than a rain of bronze polka dots falling from the white sky? The design and color combination of this blackout curtain is amazing, really making us feel like it’s raining polka dots! Thanks to the background color choice, mixing and matching your new curtain with your child’s bedroom setup has never been easier!

#17. Triangle Heaven

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Are you a fan of blackout curtains with geometric patterns? Then this nursery choice might just be the next item on your shopping list! A wide array of white and gray triangles meet to create a stunning visual effect that could successfully adorn any rooms of the house, which makes it a valid choice for a nursery as well!

#18. Horizontal Stripes

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Explore this cotton twill option that combines thick horizontal stripes, for a sense of width and space generosity. The entire look of the curtain is so elegant and bold, it might just be fit for an adult’s bedroom, as well as a kid’s one.

#19. Innocence Reloaded

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If you enjoy minimalism, there’s more on the way. Feast your eyes on this elegant, simple, but immensely beautiful blackout curtain. The vertical curved lines given a sense of height, while the color is mesmerizing. Mothers of daughters, don’t how your little ones this curtain if you don’t intend to buy it!

#20. Round and Round

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The wheels on the bike go round and round… Is that how the song was? Anyway, we’re all into these bike wheels that generously cover the orange background of these effective blackout curtains. It’s triggers your child’s adventurous spirit, while also creating a sense of orange slices covering the windows.

#21. Not-So-Bermuda Triangle

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Are you out of blackout curtains for toddler room ideas? Here is a neutral choice that doesn’t require much hassle in considering potential combinations, as it can fit any bedroom. The curtain is adorned with a bunch of little orange triangles, to make a statement and maybe inspire a love for geometry.

#22. Dazzling Rainbow

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Is there anything cooler and more life-like than a rainbow? Take this blackout curtain for kids’ rooms, for instance. It features six of the seven colors that make a rainbow, places them on a white background, making sure that the colors really pop. Easy to mix and match with other colorful bedroom/nursery elements, too!

#23. Reach for the Stars

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If you’re looking for a kid’s blackout curtain that can imitate the majestic beauty of the night sky, you will adore this playful star pattern. The pattern and solid background color create a very peaceful setting, while the multitude of stars are an invitation to fall asleep by counting something else rather than sheep.

#24. Just a Dreamer

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An option for dreamers, inspiring and decorating a kid’s room to the fullest: that’s the easiest way to describe this option. The cloud pattern rests peacefully on a light blue background, creating the illusion of extra space in your kid’s room. Who says that you can’t cover the sky and still enjoy the view?

#25. Dots & Flowers

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Does your daughter love polka dots and flowers? Then she will definitely appreciate this blackout curtain that combined blackout lining with a childish and girly pattern. This pencil pleated curtain can be the centerpiece of every room that combines furniture and décor elements in light colors.

#26. Ruffled Elegance

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Here is a dusty pink curtain that combines cotton, linen, and a ruffled bottom side. The design makes this an ideal curtain for mom’s looking to give their daughter’s room that princess-style elegance. Not only will it give your daughter the privacy for a good night’s rest, but it also gives the room a very elegant look.

#27. Lace Everywhere!

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Combining lace and solid pink fabric, this blackout curtain will be the centerpiece of your girl’s room. Made from poly cotton fabric, you get a durable and quality curtain, which is a sight for sore eyes not just because of the lively color, but also thanks to the top embroidery floral lace pattern.

#28. Pink Is the New Black

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Looking for a plain color, but still efficient blackout curtain? Here is a pink option that bound to delight and dazzle your little girl, giving the entire room a stylish look. Because it’s plain pink, it can easily be matched with your existing room theme, adding personality and boldness through its shade.

#29. Polka Passion

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How adorable is this pink blackout curtain? It’s covered in a playful polka dot pattern that will adorn any girl’s room, whether a baby or a teenager. It can add a drop of color into any bedroom. I dare you to show me a girl that won’t fall in love with this curtain!

#30. Vrum Vrum!

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If you’re ready for more playfulness, how about this adorable blackout curtain that’s perfect for your little boy’s room? While it may not be rich in colors, the cars and bus drawing will delight any small car-lover. It’s like having an efficient blackout curtain AND a cool car poster, both at the same time!

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Bottom Line

Blackout curtains for kids’ rooms aren’t an easy choice. You may know that to look for when choosing a curtain for other rooms of the house, but kids can be very picky, which makes your choices narrower and more difficult.

We really hope that one of these 30 blackout curtains provided some sort of inspiration for child room decorating, so let us know if we nailed it!