10 Coral Blackout Curtain Options and Ideas

Updated July 31, 2019

Nothing finishes off a room quite like a pop of unexpected color in an unexpected place. Curtains are often overlooked in the decor of many household rooms, yet provide so much interest to your interior design. Blackout curtains, in particular, are not only part of a decorative effect, but they also are quite handy. 

Our bodies are designed to be in natural sync with daylight, but that rarely works well with work schedules, parenting, and personal time. If you find you are losing sleep due to your body feeling the need to waken due to a bright room, then you might want to consider blackout options. This is also true if you have a bright window that heats your house in the summer or causes an uncomfortable glare when trying to enjoy a room in your house. These coral blackout curtain options are the perfect choice to add further interest to a room all while providing a necessary job.


1. Shades of Pink

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The awesome thing about the color coral is that comes in many shades and hues. At times it may be pinker, others may highlight strong oranges. These soft coral pink blackout curtains look amazing against soft greens and whites and are perfect when placed throughout your home to serve as a delicate backdrop.


2. Bright Pops of Color

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Bolder coral pinks showcase draping shadows and rich-hued tones to brighten rooms decorated with darker woods, or deeply colored upholstery. Don’t turn away from these brighter colors simply because you feel they have no place in your decor. You would be surprised at how they can light up a room or serve as a beautiful, contrasting backdrop to your interior.

3. Perfect Corals

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This true shade of coral is soft, inviting and designed to look like layers of soft, opaque curtains to provide the blackout effect you need. Hinting at the tropical, this is a color that works well in both rustic and more contemporary decors alike. Use it to lighten up a dark corner, or allow it to sit subtly as a gentle backdrop.


4. Layering Details

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Carefully selected valances allow for a touch of contrast and brighten a room when used against just about any color. Don’t turn away from this effect just because you are already working with lighter colors. This coral and white choice is delicate and whimsical – and looks perfect in this seaside decor.


5. Simple Corals

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These coral colored curtain panels have the perfect balance of orangy pink hues to help brighten up a room. Choose shorter panels for your smaller windows, or be daring and hang 63-inch vibrant panel colors over your walkouts and picturesque windows.


6. Luxurious Detail

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Sheer panels are often used to provide not only detail to your window hangings but also a  touch of elegance and luxury. They give you the ability to tie back one, or both, panels and change up the overall look depending on how you feel or what you need.


7. Pretty Patterns

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Look for simple, pretty patterns as showcased in these coral and white blackout curtains. Not quite perfect lines of not quite perfect triangles allow a sense of movement and whimsy. These types of patterns look at home in any space since they are not overly busy.


8. Brushstroke Chevrons

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Coral chevron blackout curtain should be your next go to as this is a popular pattern that is both fun and elegant. This brushstroke design that incorporates various hues of corals and pinks with white to make a flowing, delicate look. Use this, or something similar in your living areas as added interest.


9. Deep, True Tones

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This deeper hued coral is rich and vibrant and would look good any richly toned decor. Use it to brighten winter cast rooms of Canada, or provide shade in bright, sunny Southern Gulf states. Don’t shy away from these brighter, unexpected colors- embrace them!


10. Dark and Light

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A true, dark coral tone is hard to find, but these curtains absolutely embrace this deeper, warm hue to mix with an elegant lattice pattern. Use in a bright room for decorative interest, or help brighten a darker room with the simple pattern and mix of colors.



The use of window and doorway curtains are a great addition to any room and decor. Blackout curtains, in particular, are incredibly useful for your sleep health as well, and to provide a more comfortable ambiance on bright days. They also can help keep your room cooler in the heat of summer by blocking the worst of the sun. 


Coral curtains may not be the first choice many people turn to- with neutrals being a popular window covering choice. But don’t be afraid to look for color to add to your home, both as an added pop of color or as a subtle background.