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23 of the Best Blue Blackout Curtain Ideas

Updated May 21, 2020

For a long time, blue has been considered as the color of dreamers. Both relaxing and peaceful, blue induces a state of mindfulness and meditation, with positive effects on the mind. The beauty of blue is that it can be light and serene, but also dark and somewhat violent. This opens up a world of possibilities in terms of using blue as an element of interior decoration.

This article has gathered some of the most varied blue blackout curtain ideas. It features elements that fit in almost every room and match every décor, leaving everything to the imagination of the reader.

Sky Blue Blackout Curtains & Bright Blue Blackout Curtains

1. Romantic Mint Blue

This pencil pleat curtain is the perfect example that blackout curtains can be a perfect match for even the most vivid of rooms. The delicate mint blue can bring a subtle elegance to a room painted in white but can match a number of other pale colors. It’s a great fit for a romantic living room, right next to a set of armchairs suitable for tea and reading time.

2. Vivid Playfulness

This is such a beautiful example of how a curtain can turn a plain room into a playful environment. The pale blue fades even further as a background to the floral pattern. It can easily be combined with a light gray carpet. Feel free to add flower pots and green plants to the window sill, for more drops of color.

3. Delicate Beauty

Glancing at this sky-blue blackout curtain is reminiscent of the Coldplay lyrics “In a sky full of stars”. The curtains are a great match for a kid’s room or a nursery, adding another touch of delicacy to the décor. It can be matched with both vintage and modern white furniture, much to the delight of both children and adults.

4. Sky Blue Simplicity

Contrary to popular belief, a curtain blocking powerful light doesn’t need to have dark colors. This sky-blue curtain features a solid color print, matching a series of different chromatic decor options. It’s an excellent choice for west or east-facing windows, allowing you to adjust light infiltration to a romantic point at both dusk and dawn.

5. Dare to Dream

This delightful sky-blue blackout curtain features a delicate and playful cloud pattern, suitable for a boy’s bedroom or cute nursery. Despite them being blue, the curtains actually create a very welcoming environment, thanks to their innocent vibe. The tulle is an excellent addition to the whole set, really making the curtains stand out to be admired by anyone who walks into the room.

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Blue Blackout Curtains Eyelet

6. Blue Style

There is so much you can do with the beautiful shade of blue and a pair of quality blackout curtains like these. They go great in the bedroom, especially to cover balcony doors, but the elegant shade of blue can be a perfect fit for an office as well.

7. Discreet Bridal Lace

If you’re looking to give any room a romantic vibe, this set of blue curtains overlapped by bridal lace is an exquisite choice. They would make a perfect fit for a girl’s room, but they could also be used to cover an indoor arch. If your bedroom layout has an arch separating the sleeping area from the rest of the room, these make a great addition.

8. Blackout Patterns

This set of blackout curtains depicts geometry at its finest. The top side of the curtain features trapeze-like patterns, while the rest is covered in an elegant shade of deep blue. Because of the playful style, they are suitable for a multitude of decors, especially in rooms with abstract wall stickers, kitchens or offices.

9. Stripped Perfection

If you find plain colors to be too dull, feast your eyes on this blackout curtain. The vertical stripes are in different shades of blue, adding a pleasant visual element to the room. It’s perfect for rooms that have simplistic pale colors, creating a sense of space and making the room taller.

10. Brushed Metallic Finesse

What’s not to love about this set of marina blue curtains? The woven texture is very smooth to the touch, and the design resembles a brushed metallic finish that definitely adds color to the room. The visual effect is stunning in itself, perfect for a bedroom or a living room. Despite the delicate gradient, the curtains are an imposing piece of décor.

11. Leaf Elegance

Here is another perfect example of how nature’s elements are combined to create intricate patterns and make beautiful curtains. With a gray background, these curtains have vertical leaf strings, with different shades ranging from metallic white to deep blue. Perfect for every room in the house, this curtain gives out a romantic vibe, and the chromatic elements can be matched with a lot of different décor settings.

Blackout Curtains Navy Blue

12. Messy Beauty

The trimmed edges of this blackout curtain have a vintage appeal. Brushing against a plain white brick wall, they are perfect for boho-style rooms, especially in studio apartments. They go great with all sorts of colorful furniture, allowing you to play with different settings. Beware of kittens that want to play with the trimmed edges.

13. Daylight Dreaming

There is a very mysterious vibe surrounding these navy-blue curtains. It’s almost as if darkness is always around the corner, but the darkness that brings soothing senses to life. The star pattern is dreamy, to say the least, making a perfect addition to a kid’s room. They go great with both plain white or darker room settings, creating beautiful and realistic scenery.

14. Noble Blue

This set of curtains brings out the best of two different worlds: horizontal stripes and a royal navy blue. The upper side of the curtains gives the room a trendy feel, while the bottom side features black horizontal stripes on a natural background. The combination is itself is perfect for modern rooms, especially when paired with a floral white tulle curtain.

15. Blue Suede

The casual look of this navy-blue curtain is all about nonconformism. The vertical stripes are perfect for a modern living room, creating the illusion of depth, and making the room appear taller. The gray addition does hand-in-hand with the blue shades, making the room feel more elegant, and adding a subtle touch of finesse.

16. Simplicity at its Finest

Less is more, and with this particular set of curtains, this statement couldn’t be truer. If you’re a hopeless dreamer and want to give the room a sense of peace, feast your eyes on this elegant navy-blue curtain set. Because of its simplicity, it can be matched with a lot of different colors and elements, creating a cozy environment in any room of the house.

Blue Patterned Blackout Curtains

17. Golden Excellence

This is yet another example of exquisite blue curtains, this time featuring heavy golden patterns and elements. The details are similar to intricate carvings on old furniture pieces, creating a sense of vintage elegance. Because of their look, they go great in bedrooms and living rooms with massive furniture pieces.

18. European-Style Grace

Another great set of curtains for a romantic setting, these blue floral Jacquard drapes are the ideal match for all-natural wall paint. The pale wall colors will highlight the floral patterns, making a great piece of décor in a European interior. The looks of the curtains is very graceful, toning down the temperament of the room they’re placed in.

19. Fairy Tale Scenery

There’s beautiful darkness surrounding these drapes, something reminiscent of a fairy tale setting, where the princess is lost in the deep dark woods, waiting for her Prince charming. The pattern of birds on tall and imposing trees is perfect in any modern room, especially in a setting with books and other artistic elements.

20. Lost in the Galaxy

Suitable for any kid’s room, these curtains are perfect for the absolute dreamer, as well as the science nerd. The galactic pattern rests on a deep shade of blue, making Star Wars fans feel like they’re part of the movie. Just by looking at the curtains, you’re given a sense of mediation, feeling small in comparison with the expanded universe.

21. Bold Combination

If you take a pair of navy-blue blackout curtain and add colorful horizontal stripes on the upper side, you’re making a bold statement, negating every fashion advice that talks about the optimal color combinations. The vertical choice of stripes and colors reminds us of a vintage rug carefully placed in front of a fireplace, in a cabin in the woods.

Blue & Brown Blackout Curtains

22. Gradient Statement

There’s definitely something very visually appealing about a gradient set of curtains, even when the color combination is unexpected. This particular set starts off with a metallic copper brown and ends in a dreamy shade of blue. The combination is worthy of a bold setting, in every room looking to make a statement about what’s “hip and cool”.

23. Classic & Casual

Here’s one more combination of blue and brown, carefully combined in a vertical stripe pattern. It emits a casual vibe, especially when used in a room with faded colors. It gives a sense of privacy and very particular tastes, turning the entire room into relaxing den (and a very artistic one, at that).


One of the most beautiful things about blue is that it can mean so many things. Light shades of blue give out stability and precaution, while deeper shades are a symbol of wisdom and deep knowledge. Because of that, blue is a favorite color in a lot of different settings, and the wide range of curtains above is a statement to that.

We’d love to know which are the most beautiful blue curtains you came across, but also what type of vibe they emit. How do they make you feel when you look at them?