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Black Friday Sales For All Your Bedding Needs

Updated November 29, 2019

It’s time for some crazy amazing deals! Yes, you already know what we’re talking about- it’s Black Friday and that means insane discounts and offers that are too good to pass on. Each year, shoppers plan ahead and put together lists of must-haves that they can save money on by buying them during the year’s biggest sale event. The last Friday in November is reserved for slashed prices and everyone knows it: the crowds are insane in stores and it can be difficult to grab the items you have your eye on.

Luckily, you don’t have to get out of your PJs and go out of your house to save money on products from your wishlist. Black Friday is also an online event, with deals being offered left and right, and for days around the event itself, as well. Just make yourself comfortable, grab your laptop or smartphone and scroll away! Naturally, there are discounts on everything and anything, including all you need for a good night of sleep. And no, it’s not just the cheaper items such as pillows or bedding that will be up for grabs. On the contrary, the biggest savings are on the items with a heftier price tag, such as mattresses or bed frames. That’s why many people put off buying new sleeping accessories until Black Friday sales- as the savings can be quite significant.

Needless to say, if you are looking to get a new bed, a comfier mattress or a topper, or just want to spruce up your bedroom with new sheets or duvet, now is the perfect timing. You can get the items that have been on your wishlist for ages and for much less money, too, and who doesn’t like that? And while Black Friday is the perfect time to treat yourself, you can also use this time to do some early Christmas shopping. Show your loved ones that you care with a thoughtful gift meant to give them the comfort and luxury they deserve without having to break the bank. A nice feathered pillow, a weighted blanket, or that mattress topper you know would be great for your mom’s back issues… There are plenty of possibilities, and we’re here to help you narrow them down.

This year, same as the previous ones, we’ve scoured the internet for the best offers on mattresses, beds, pillows, toppers, sheets, and other essential sleep accessories to make sure you get the early bird deals with the greatest value for money. We’ve selected items that have slashed prices, impressive features, and are well-reviewed by customers who bought them. Read on to find your perfect match- our list of best sleep accessories for Black Friday 2020 ensures you don’t miss on some serious savings and discounts that are being offered online!

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad: Save 30%

Not only that you’ll be snug and cozy sleeping on this quilted heated mattress pad, but the warmth it generates can relax tired muscles and relieve pain and tension while you sleep. The 10 different heat settings allow you to customize the warmth level to your needs, but what’s even better is that this heated mattress pad comes with dual controllers- so your companion and you can set up desired heat levels for each side of the bed. The individualized comfort will give both you and your partner a restful night of sleep. And with 5 ounces of fill and 140 thread count, Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad also feels luxurious in addition to being incredibly cozy.

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OlarHike Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump: Save 61%

Ideal for when you have guests over, this twin air mattress with a built-in pup will give you an extra bed in the house- in mere minutes! The electric pump will quickly inflate (and deflate) the bed, and it usually takes between 3 to 5 minutes before the mattress is perfectly firm. With raised edges to prevent falls and a height of 18 inches, OlarHike Twin Air Mattress feels more like a real bed than an inflatable mattress. While spacious enough for your guests to feel comfy, this mattress is actually perfect for small spaces, as you can store it in its storage bag (included) when it’s not needed. Best of both worlds!

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GhostBed Luxe Mattress: Save 56%

If you want a luxurious, high-end mattress that costs like a budget-friendly version, now is your chance to get one: with a 56 percent discount, you’ll be able to snag GhostBed Luxe Mattress for less than half of what it usually costs. This medium-firm mattress boasts cutting-edge Japanese technology to deliver a cooling effect through their Ghost Ice fabric instantly, but in combination with the other 6 layers, the cooling effect will last all night long. The different layers also ensure that sleeping on the GhostBed Luxe Mattress feels like being on a cloud, but yet with enough firmness for proper spinal support.

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Dreaming Wapiti Full Mattress Protector: Save 70%

This waterproof protector will keep your expensive new mattress protected without restricting the much-needed airflow. Designed as a fitted bed sheet, Dreaming Wapiti Full Mattress Protector is made from a unique microfiber and poly cotton blend that produces no noise and can be washed in the machine and tumble dried on low heat. The three-layered design with ultrasonically embossed durable microfiber on top, poly cotton interior and a TPU waterproof membrane also prolongs your mattress’ life as it will prevent stains, bacteria and mold forming, and keep it protected from spilled liquid- whether it’s a glass of wine or your pet’s pee.

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EnerPlex Never Leak Luxury Air Mattress: Save 54%

The EnerPlex air mattress feels like a comfy bed, and it’s all thanks to its proprietary coil beam construction that provides optimal spinal support- just like a real, expensive bed mattress would offer. The 9 inch height and quick inflate and deflate action make this air mattress easy to store and suitable for small apartments or even camping- as it can be inflated wirelessly. This is a unique feature made possible by the fact that the EnerPlex pump can be used both plugged in the outlet or charged to be used wirelessly–one full charge will inflate and deflate the bed 4 times.

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Bedsure Mattress Pad: Save 41%

This hypoallergenic and antibacterial quilted mattress pad both protects your mattress and adds an extra cushioned layer between you and the bed for improved comfort and superior rest. The polygon-shaped quilting is not purely decorative, but functional, too: it provides better airflow and prevents you from shifting and sliding in sleep. Made with microfiber, it is machine washable and will not crinkle or make any noise whole you toss and turn at night. Its fitted sheet design ensures that Bedsure Mattress Pad fits mattresses that are up to 18 inches high.

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Vesgantti 10.2 Inch Multilayer Hybrid Queen Mattress: Save 39%

A superior multilayer bed mattress with an affordable price tag, Vesgantti Hybrid Queen Mattress is not too firm nor too soft- it’s just right. The secret is in the combination of hundreds of stainless individual pocket springs and memory foam, which offers both support and cloud-like softness. The pocket springs adjust to your body weight and support all the important body pressure points, while the luxurious slow springback foam gives an unparalleled sense of comfort. To boot, this 10.2 inch high hybrid mattress is super quiet, antibacterial, and fits all types of foundations (slatted to boxspring).

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Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch Resort Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Memory Foam Pillow: Save 83%

With a whopping 83 percent discount, this twin extra-long mattress is practically a steal- you could get a high-quality memory foam mattress and a memory foam pillow by essentially paying just for the pillow. Gotta love those crazy Black Friday deals! Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch mattress is made out of high-quality CertiPur & OEKO-TEX certified memory foam, layered for superior comfort. The top 3 inches of HD Air Infused Memory Foam are followed by 1 inch of premium Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam- and both sit on 8.5 inches of high-density foam for support. 

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Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow: Save 63%

This orthopedic, contoured memory foam pillow provides optimal support for the neck and the spine, helping you relieve the pressure and tension while you sleep and simultaneously minimizing the negative effects of your desk job on your back. Suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers, this contoured pillow adapts to your needs while always offering the right support. The curved pillow is encased into a soft, machine washable cover that will protect the pillow and prolong its usability.

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Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massage: Save 74%

Chronic back pain is such a common issue that many people don’t take heed before it turns into a serious issue. This handy little shiatsu massager is an excellent gadget to help you relieve pain and tension while working or watching TV- a hassle-free and budget-friendly way to get a luxurious massage. With heating and multifunctional massaging function, it will break all those knots with ease- whether it’s your neck, calf, or any other strained area of the body. The massager can be plugged into an electrical outlet or your car’s lighter socket (it comes with a suitable plug) so you can use it on the go. 

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Columbia High Performance Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow: Save 57%

If you keep on turning your pillow through the night hoping the other side is chill enough, you’ll love this cooling memory foam pillow. Designed to stay cool and refreshing for the whole night, Columbia High Performance Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is perfect for all hot sleepers. It has two sides: a breathing, moisture-wicking side and a stay cool side with cooling gel technology. This way, not only that you’ll have better temperature control but you won’t be waking up in a puddle of your sweat anymore. This is a medium firmness pillow suitable for standard and queen size beds.

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ZOYLEE Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow: Save 41%

Why sacrifice comfort when you travel? Whether it’s a long car drive or a flight, ZOYLEE Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow will keep you cozy and well-rested until you reach your destination. The clever design makes it particularly suited for airline travel, as its unique bendability allows you to contour it and customize its shape to fit your needs, regardless of where you happen to be sitting in the plane. The machine-washable velour covers hide a memory foam inner core that’s durable and pliable, so you can count on this travel pillow accompanying you on many adventures.

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Luxe Bedding Bed Sheet Set: Save 66%

Luxurious, soft, and silky, this bedding set is not just gorgeous–it’s also practical. Made out of microfiber, it’s more durable than plain cotton, and also fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. To boot, microfiber is hypoallergenic as it’s resistant to dust mites, so this bedding is a great  choice for allergy sufferers and people with asthma. This 4 piece bed sheet set contains one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet has elastic on all sides for a snug fit and will be a good choice if your mattress is 14 inches or lower.

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WAVVA Bedding Luxury 4-Pcs Bed Sheets Set: Save 63%

If you prefer your bedding to look minimalistic and elegant, you’ll be impressed with these mono-colored bed sheet sets. Made out of double brushed microfiber, they have an ultra plush feel and will feel luxurious to spend the night in. Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, this bedding can be washed on cold in a washing machine and tumble dried on low. The set includes four pieces: two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet with an all-around elastic that will fit mattresses that are up to 14 inches high.

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Naluka Mattress Topper: Save 49%

Do you need a new mattress but can’t afford one even with a Black Friday discount? Then a mattress topper with a 49 percent price slash might be just what you need to get a good night’s sleep without breaking the bank. Whether your old mattress is nearing the end of its usability or if it’s too firm for your liking, this 2” soft and fluffy topper will do the trick. Filled with polyfill, it will give the impression of sleeping on a cloud, while still offering proper support to your body. It attaches to the mattress with a power band elastic, so Naluka Mattress Topper will suit any mattress between 6 and 18 inches of height.

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Dreamfoam Bedding Gel Memory Foam Topper: Save 35%

In case you want a mattress with a cooling effect without actually having to invest in one, then Dreamfoam Bedding Gel Memory Foam Topper could get you what you need for a fraction of the price. This 3 inches thick topper in twin extra large size is made out of contouring memory foam that’s infused with advanced cooling gel that helps draw away heat from your body. But while the refreshing effect this topper has is definitely lovely, it’s not the only advantage: the slow response foam it is made of will make sleeping more comfortable than ever before and offer better support for your spine.

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LESNNCIER Down Alternative Comforter Duvet: Save 41%

This queen size comforter is an excellent alternative to expensive and allergy-triggering goose down comforters- it’s much more affordable and easier to maintain, but it gives you all the same benefits as its pricier counterpart. Ultra plush and hypoallergenic, LESNNCIER Down Alternative Comforter Duvet has a brushed microfiber surface that’s soft and plush to touch, and evenly distributed microfiber filling that will keep an optimal temperature under the covers. This duvet is suitable for all seasons. You can wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low–or hang to dry.

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KASENTEX All All Season Down Down Alternative Quilted Comforter: Save 40%

Made in pebble gray brushed microfiber, KASENTEX comforter doesn’t just look luxurious, but it feels soft and plush, too. This warm and cozy comforter is filled with a machine-washable, hypoallergenic down alternative called hydrophilic fiberfill. Thanks to the box stitched design, the fill is evenly distributed for a perfectly snug and cozy feel without the usual downsides of down. And, to boot, it’s reversible so you can switch between dark and light gray top when you want to mix things up a bit. It’s like getting two comforters for the price of one!

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Sleep Innovations 2-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Save 60%

If your new expensive mattress turned out to be too firm for your liking, don’t despair. This memory foam mattress topper is ideal if you want to make your bed more comfortable than it already is or if your old mattress lacks the right support for your back and you want to add extra cushioning. Produced in the USA, this mattress topper is made out of 2 inches of cradling memory foam that will keep you cozy throughout the night, adjusting to your body and relieving pressure points for a truly restful sleep.

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JOOFO Air Mattress, Premium Inflatable Air Bed: Save 47%

Whether you need an easy-to-store guest bed, a mattress for camping, or a temporary bed to get you through a big move, this premium inflatable bed is a perfect choice. JOOFO Air Mattress is 18 inches high, and that, combined with the unique inner column design, makes it feel less like an inflatable mattress and more like a comfy bed. The built-in pump will make sure that your new temporary bed is ready to use in 3 to 5 minutes, so don’t worry if you have unexpected guests staying over- setting this mattress up is quick and easy. Compact when deflated, this air mattress can fit inside a small bag, so it’s ideal for small spaces or traveling.

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