30 Beautiful Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Have you ever dreamt about a black and white bedroom but felt it would be too dull, too dark, or too difficult to pull off? We’re here to showcase 30 black and white bedroom ideas that will show you why interior designers recommend this bold choice for people who dare to be different.

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1. Spacious Black & White Interior

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The contrast between black and white will always be a classic when it comes to interior design. It’s one of the classiest stress-free choices out there. Remember that black is meant to anchor the room, not overwhelm it. It does that perfectly in this example, especially with the black window treatments.

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2. Black Bedding

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Utilizing a variety of textures in the form of furniture, textiles, finishes, and accessories is critical for creating a layered, dynamic black-and-white environment. Introduce black textures into your space with matte black metal fixtures, or black bedding items. 

3. Black, White, Brown

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I love this idea of giving your bedroom a new look by painting some of the existing furniture. Here, the bed frame received a fresh coat of paint and is now perfectly aligned with the simplicity and class of a black and white bedroom. 

4. Eclectic Farmhouse Bedroom

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Fancy a farmhouse-style bedroom? Then take a look at this! The master bedroom features whitewashed walls and comfortable European colors and is bathed in natural light from three sides by windows. The mount creates a glorious contrast with the mirrored nightstands. 

5. Chanel Bedroom

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If you’re into the idea of having a glam bedroom setup, I’m pretty sure you’ll find this setup breathtaking. I do like the choice of mirrored nightstands, especially with so many black accents that would darken the room. The white bedding goes hand-in-hand with the black frame and headboard with tufted accents. 

6. Black Bed Frame

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The bedroom, with its dramatic black canopy bed, is no exception to the black and white monotone color scheme that runs throughout this refurbished warehouse apartment. The discipline of keeping to two neutral hues allows you to mix and match different eras and styles while yet maintaining an overall feeling of harmony in your design aesthetic.

7. Cozy Corner

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The use of neutrals is a wise decision when purchasing huge foundation items. It is never out of style to wear black or white, so purchasing a piece in either of these hues will be a wise purchase. Notice how cozy this bedroom setup is, blending black and white with a few grays here and there. The semi-transparent window treatments are a great choice for a room designed primarily for relaxation. 

8. Dream Setup

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Playing with patterns is one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring life to a black-and-white room. Dots, plaids, stripes, and abstract themes are all popular patterns. A traditional checkerboard floor in black and white. You can’t really go wrong with black metal nightstand lamps. The cozy fur rug at the foot of the bed matches the color scheme perfectly. 

9. Black and White Wall Art

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Hanging black-and-white pieces of artwork is a simple way to incorporate the colors black and white into your home design. When it comes to the bedroom, you can get as creative as you want with your wall art. For further contrast, the frames have a golden hue, while the images are kept to a bare minimum when it comes to the chromatic palettes. 

10. Masculine Bedroom

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Men’s bedrooms are, at their core, functional spaces; yet, this does not preclude the infusion of significant quantities of aesthetic difference into the space. There are literally thousands of bedspreads to pick from, as well as an equal number of dressers and lamps. It’s as simple as identifying the fundamentals that work and selecting the appropriate instrument for the job.

11. Black Accent Wall

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Painting walls black has been a popular trend in interior design for the past several years. If you want to experiment with black paint in your home but are still hesitant about using such a dark color, try painting an accent wall in black instead of the entire room. To balance out the dark, add white works of art and white-framed images to the space. A mirror, like the one in this picture, also works. 

12. More Black Walls

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Black painted walls can be scary, especially if you are concerned about making a room appear smaller or smaller. This bedroom, on the other hand, has a light and airy vibe to it. There is a lot of white-washed paint on the walls and ceiling, which helps to bounce the light around this bright bedroom, which helps to offset the black feature wall and bedding. The copper bed frame adds a nice finishing touch to the room.

Photo credit: Colin Poole

13. Light Up the Room

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Using white paint in a room that receives plenty of natural light is a perfect combination for your bedroom. The paint will reflect the light, making the space appear even brighter as a result. Plain white walls are also ideal for exhibiting patterns because of their simplicity. Using an explosion of patterns in different items across the room, such as bedding items, this bedroom is transformed into something completely different.

Photo credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott

14. Bold Wallpaper Choices

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Making dramatic style statements while working with monochromatic is possible; the geometric feature wall in this bedroom is repeated around the space in various light fixtures and scatter cushions, for example. Using another color scheme, this would be overwhelming, but it appears clean and stylish in black and white.

15. Black Platform Bed

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Black is often perceived as a masculine color, so I kind of expect our male readers to be interested in how to bring forth the masculinity of this color in their bedroom. From black accents, furniture, and even bed platforms, the bed is one of the colors that are easiest to fit in a home’s decor. Platform beds do not all have to be the same design. A wide range of options is available at local home improvement stores such as Ikea. In this particular case, the platform bed has been designed with a tufted and padded style to make it appear soft, warm, and inviting.

16. Ornate Ceiling

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Mixing old and modern furniture, artifacts, art, and accessories is one of the most effective ways to create a welcoming atmosphere that has been gathered through time and feels well-curated. Using white or black paint on old or antique furniture can assist it to blend in smoothly with more contemporary items while also generating a feeling of history and timeless style. Similarly, the ornate door and ceiling that are reminiscent of a Victorian-era seem to perfectly match the modern tufted bed. 

17. Dark Bedroom

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Going full dark in a bedroom is a very bold move. Even if you think a black bedroom is perfect for sleeping because it creates the illusion of further darkness, not everyone finds it comfortable to stare at black walls and black furniture the entire time. So, while I do love the entire setup of this bedroom, it’s not necessarily something I would recommend for everyone. It’s a really cool idea if you love black to the core. 

18. Imposing Bed

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Having a black and white motif in your bedroom (or any area of your home, for that matter) has an air of elegance and sophistication about it. I love this choice of black, white, and gray bedding, especially when paired with matching wall art. Instead of opting for a large piece, you can opt for several small art pieces, so you don’t really have to choose just one and stick with it. 

19. Kid’s Room

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Some parents might not agree with black walls in a child’s bedroom, but it’s actually quite a cool choice. With this room, the idea was to create a gender-neutral common environment by incorporating patterns rather than color. I’d say it was perfectly achieved, as even with all this black and white, the room has quite a lot of personality. The hanging letter lights are definitely a delight to look at. 

20. Industrial Headboard

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It’s actually very easy to build your own headboard and give it an industrial vibe. You can repurpose old wooden pallets, strap some black paint on them, and hand a couple of Edison bulbs on the left and right sides of the bed. 

21. Contemporary Men’s Room

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If you want to bring a modern vibe into a man’s bedroom, you need to remember the different hues of black and white. From pitch black to near-black slate grays to the deepest midnight blues, the color black may be found in a plethora of shades and variations. Opt for a shade of black that complements the character and natural light in your bedroom for everything from the paint to the metal finishes.

22. Infused with Personality

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Black and white isn’t about fancy decor items or spending tons of money on extravagant pieces to make your bedroom look like a museum. You can pull off this trend in great style by opting for inexpensive decor items that help you put the cherry on top: motivational quotes framed and hung above the bed, patterned area rugs in black and white, and even letter and numbered integrated into the decor. 

23. Contemporary Bedroom Setup

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Neutrals go really well in a black and white bedroom, and this example shows us once again how easy it is to mix and match different styles and decor pieces and still end up with perfectly balanced room decor. While the majority of this bedroom is about contemporary black and white pieces and decor, the hanging light fixtures are made from rattan and have a boho vibe to them. 

24. Decor Pillow Abundance


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Imagine you’re a black and white photography lover and you finally get the chance to showcase your most favorite pieces right above the bed. A black and white bedroom setup will allow you to do that without making the wall art seem completely out of space. The gorgeous throw pillows that decorate the bed also give it a sense of class, especially with the lustrous sheen of the fabrics. 

25. Symmetry in All Things

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When it comes to color combinations, nothing beats the timeless appeal of black and white. Although these hues are diametrically opposed to one another, when combined with neutrals, they create an exceptional bedroom palette. I just love how this symmetric bed space adds a glam appeal to the room without overcrowding the space with elements of poor taste. Plus, the framed pictures definitely tone down some of the aggressiveness of a full black accent wall. 

26. Black and White Nursery

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The thing you need to remember is that creating a playful space isn’t just about choosing the most vivid and bright colors on the planet. You can make an area more playful by going with different patterns, just as you see in this nursery. This setup destroys the idea that a child’s room shouldn’t be black by opting for several black decorative elements. You can’t tell me this room wouldn’t be fitting for a baby!

27. Simple Black and White Corner

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Consider incorporating a darker feature into your bedroom, rather than shying away from it because of its boldness. This can help your room feel brighter than you might expect. Black on the walls, bedding, and eye-catching decorations can make even small bedrooms appear larger and more open. People are embracing the fresh, modern aesthetic and inventing new ways to use black into their designs.

28. Checkered Black and White Bedroom

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Here is another great example of how you can play with patterns in a black and white bedroom so it doesn’t look as dull as one might think. When you get matching bed spreads and linens that go with your window treatments, everything falls together quite nicely, and you stay true to the black and white theme of the room. Plus, there’s something playful and pleasant about checkers as a pattern. 

29. Royal Bedroom

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Black and white seem like a rather simplistic choice for a bedroom color scheme, but you can turn it into a royal space without all the golden shiny accents. Here, you can see the ornate headboard that pairs with the architectural wall art, creating a sense of grandeur across the bedroom. The crystal chandelier is a plus and definitely a piece worth considering if you’re going for that royal vibe. 

30. Abstract Wall Art

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The great thing about choosing wall art in a black and white bedroom is that it makes your walls appear less of a void and more of an interesting panel that could be in the spotlight. If you’re not sure what wall art to choose, you can always go with abstract. There are plenty of cool black and white pieces of wall art that you can purchase on Etsy and Amazon, so you’re only limited by your own imagination.

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In the End

There you have it: 30 black and white bedroom ideas that show you just how easy it is to pull off such a decor. Don’t be fooled into thinking black makes the bedroom too dark because when you know how to make use of it, it adds a lot of class to the surroundings and is one of the easiest colors to mix into the room. For more great bedroom style tips, check out our list of purple bedroom ideas!