Beyond Air Mattresses: Other Intex Products

Aside from Intex’s airbeds, they also provide a range of indoor and outdoor recreation products. Two of the most popular products are above-ground pools and spas.


The pools are inflatable and are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most popular pools is the Easy Set, which only requires an inflatable pump and a hose for assembly.

If you would like a more permanent pool fixture, you can also get a pool with a frame and reinforced side walls. They offer pools with metal framework, as well as 3-ply material in order to provide a stronger foundation for your inflatable pool.

Families who want a larger pool without a complicated framework should look to the oval and rectangular inflatable pools.

Intex also offers a line of small pools for children, which may set you back around $20, and a large pool with all of the extra features and reinforced siding may cost you up to $2000.


Intex Spas are offered in two versions: PureSpa Bubble Massage and PureSpa Jet Massage. Both spas are inflatable, and while the first one uses bubble jets, the second uses more powerful massaging jets. PureSpa Bubble Massage runs for around $500, and PureSpa Jet Massage is around $700.

In addition to pools, spas and airbeds, Intex offers a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for their inflatable products. For example, their line of pool accessories includes a variety of pumps, pool cleaning tools and other extras, such as a pool ladder or underwater light.

Index also has a line of pool toys which you can buy in addition to a pool or a spa. Classic pool toys, such as an inflatable killer whale or inner tube are featured on Intex’s online shop.


Other products include inflatable furniture, such as their loungers. Their inflatable furniture products are cheaper than traditional chairs, couches and loungers. If you are in the middle of a transition, or if you do not want to spend the money to get solid furniture, air furniture would be a viable alternative.

In addition to air furniture, Intex sells sporting goods, such as boats and lounges for use in the water. If you enjoy water sports, Intex sells a variety of products for use in pools, lakes, rivers and other water environments.

Outside of water recreation products, Intex also sells inflatable playhouses and play centers. Children can enjoy themed bouncy houses if they are not up for a pool day.

As one can see, Intex sells a plethora of inflatable products. If you are looking to amp up your outdoor activity offerings, look no further than Intex’s online store. Some of their products may send you may quite a bit, but the range of products they offer is quite extensive.