37 of the Best Daybed Ideas

Don’t we always wish we had more space when guests come over? It’s like the age-old thought process – you only realize you need more spaces to sleep right before the guests turn up on your front porch. Taking that into consideration, we’ve come up with an exhaustive list of different daybed options that you can buy to make your guests time a little comfier. Less time on the floor, more time sleeping in a decent bed. Or if you get kicked out of the bed for an argument with the other half. But less about that, the better. Take a look below for out 37 best daybed ideas.

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1. Metal – Hallway Heaven

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This beautiful twin-sized day bed is perfect to place in a room, in a bathroom or even in a hallway – as long as the hallway is big enough, mind. Beautifully crafted and a lovely, light color, there’s every possibility that you may actually forget it’s a daybed until the guests arrive. And even then, you’ll get a nice surprise yourself by remembering this is a daybed. Everyone’s a winner!

2. Wood – Simple but Suffice

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This little wooden option is a nice, simple, easy as you like outer frame for a daybed for your home. Ok, so maybe you will need to buy something to go on top of it, to make it a little more comfortable. But as for only being half a package – it’s a good half a package! Available in multiple colors, this bed has some solid supporting slats and is a neat, if unspectacular, daybed.

3. Fabric – Sofa for Two

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Now we’re really onto the big hitters. This daybed is more sofa than bed, but when the trundle is pulled out, it makes for a two-person bed. It’s a really beautiful piece of furniture, and something that would fit in almost any home because of the neutral color, because as you can see – if it fits in a turquoise room, it will fit in anywhere.

Types of Daybeds

4. Daybed Trundle – Trundle Number Two

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As if trundles are becoming fashionable, we’ve got another on our list. This sleek black number is a little more basic than the previous one on the list, but is just as good, because it fits more people on than the usual day bed. Fill this out with extra cushions and it will be like sleeping on a cloud.

5. Canopy Daybeds – Sleeping Under the Stars

Here’s another daybed that’s in the lap of luxury, looking more like a cross between a hammock and a bed than a daybed, but this is the world some people live in. Coming in at quite the cost, this daybed is one for sleeping under the stars more than under the stairs. A fantastic looking bed with a really unique and unusual design.

6. Chaise Daybeds – Sleep Therapy

Styled not too dissimilar to a therapy chair, this chaise daybed looks really comfortable and avoids the usual daybed problem of having your feet smothered by the arm of the chair at the foot of your bed-for-a-night. Looking good enough to sleep on already, this is something I would love to have in my home.

7. Sleigh Day Bed – Half Cot, Half Bed

Don’t let the title of this image fool you, I love this bed. It just happens to make you look like you’re in a large baby’s crib. But it’s a lot bigger than many daybeds and would suit me down to the ground even as my normal bed. Nice and cozy, I can see this style of bed being a popular one amongst guests. So, best to get a second one for good measure.

8. Traditional – Fit Enough for A King (And Queen!)

A luxury bed for guests that you must really, really like! Another bed with a trundle, but this style is on another level. Lovely, leather sides and a huge, comfortable seat, this bed would be a dream to sleep on, especially if you had these cushions in and around your headspace, keeping your face warm and your head firmly on the pillow – however you slept.

9. Country Style – Back to Basics

This bed, another under the guise of ‘very basic’ actually just gives you everything you need, no frills or extras. I would question the style of wood, but it actually looks like it would fit perfectly in a children’s bedroom. Another pull-out bed underneath, this is a functional, simplistic but workable bed situation.

DIY Daybed Ideas

10. Build a Daybed

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This daybed, expertly built from scratch, will be a perfect addition to a home, giving you the ability to pull this out whenever you get a guest turn up for a night. Although fairly unassuming and unspectacular, it does exactly what it was built to do. And what more can you ask for than that? A decent bed for a decent night sleep.

11. A Favorite Frame

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This daybed, expertly built from scratch, will be a perfect addition to a home, giving you the ability to pull this out whenever you get a guest turn up for a night. Although fairly unassuming and unspectacular, it does exactly what it was built to do. And what more can you ask for than that? A decent bed for a decent night sleep.

12. Two Star Bed

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I’m not too sure where to start with this bed! Sure, it works fine enough, but it doesn’t look too exciting. Then again, is it supposed to? It’s a spare bed for a night or two. It’s hardly looking to fit into the Ritz. Pulled together neatly, with more spring than a lot of other day beds, the truth in this piece will be very much in the testing.

13. Complex But Comfy?

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This is another design that on first looking looks fairly basic. In fact, it looks worse than that, it looks like a decorating table. But taking a further look, this solid-base bed has adjustable slats to move the head and legs parts of the bed further up or further down. A cool design and proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, because it’s cover may look like a decorating table.

Modern and Stylish Daybeds

14. Modern Bed Sleeps Two

Not too much more you can say to this except that this modern looking bed sleeps two people, and looks to be a cool and simple design and have a really comfortable mattress situation going on. The pillow there, too, looks crazy, and may leave a slight crick in your neck. Overall though, a good-looking bed that sleeps two people. Told you there wasn’t much more to say.

15. Dull Daybed

This grey daybed is fairly unassuming and pretty much a basic daybed. It has an unusual design that makes you look a little bit penned in, but I suppose all it’s there to do is sleep someone, and that’s what it is able to do. Although it looks a little small, you’re able to hang your little legs of the edge and become all comfortable again. Bliss!

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16. Lap of Luxury

Another piece of bedding that’s in the lap of luxury, this daybed on the sand is more of a sun-lounger than a sleeper, but it really will relax you something rotten. Set out across the sand of a garden or a holiday destination, this daybed will offer a grand sleep, even if it has a simple design.

17. Penned in Comfort

This small metallic bed frame makes it look a little bit like you’re penned in, somewhat like a comfortable prison cell, but a little bit classier. A twin bed that has a delightful looking mattress and duvet combination, you could add this classy piece of furniture to any room in the house and it will make for an excellent centrepiece.

18. Weird and Maybe Not Wonderful

What a weird, strange set up in this picture! This is apparently a daybed, but it looks more like a decorative chair in the corner of a home office. And why it is set to the backdrop of a black brick wall, I’ll never know. It also has a rub over the seat which looks a lot like someone has spilt paint on it. Still, it is probably comfortable?!

19. Daybed – Thai Style

This Thai Style daybed with circular pillow is a really simple but cool looking style. The color looks like it would only really fit in a similar colored room, but that takes nothing away from this great looking bed.

20. Interesting Looking, Blue Bed

This bed is a smart looking, navy blue bed including pull-out trundle for extra sleeping. The bed itself is a cool design, with minimal armrest that is handy when you’re trying to get a decent night sleep. The trundle itself pulls out from underneath the sofa bed to provide extra space for extra guests.

21. Lush Luxury

This is one of the daybeds on the list that looks more like a bed than it does a sofa, and that bodes well if you’re trying to get your head down for the night. Spacious and tidy, the color of this sofa makes it a great choice for almost any room, with the neutral cream/brown color fitting in perfectly anywhere.

Masculine Daybeds

22. Unique, Old-school Style

This European, old-school style would fit really well in the right home. The color of the bed is very smart, and the extra space underneath for storage is a real added bonus, and further adds to the European, almost upper-class feel to the piece of furniture.

23. The Space Underneath

This simple looking daybed option has something of a unique style, as it is simple but very stylish. The stripped back nature of the bed comes from the fact that it has a very basic frame, but doesn’t look bad. The leather legs and backboard are nice additions to the daybed giving it another texture and bringing some style of the furniture.

24. Ye Olden Daybed

This swanky piece of furniture is more like something from Tudor times than something in the home of today, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t one of the most beautiful pieces on the list. Made from old sanded wood, this daybed would fit absolutely brilliantly in an old country home or in a olden-times themed spare room.

25. Super Sofa

It’s really nice seeing a lovely, plush leather daybed that actually looks like a sofa when it’s in it’s day-to-day form. A lot of daybeds can easily be identified as these because of their bulky style and strange shape. If anything, this just looks like it’s impossible to turn into a bed. But alas, pulling out the trundle produces a little more space for another person.

26. Black is Back

It seems like black is back in fashion with this cool, minimal daybed with cushion included. Although it’s a fairly sleek and smart design, it’s also very minimal, so will take up very little space wherever you decide to use it.

27. Daybed, Emphasis on the Bed

This daybed looks a lot more like a bed than some of the designs we’ve already looked through, and this isn’t as such a bad thing. With a backboard being the only thing that makes it resemble a sofa, everything else makes this look like a nice, comfy and cozy bed fit for any guest. Just don’t forget to bring a duvet and pillow!

Outdoor Day Bed Ideas

28. Sensual Sunlounger

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the feeling that this is much more of a chilled out sunlounger than a straight-up daybed, but who even cares? One of the most relaxing looking beds I’ve seen, this outdoor beauty would fit right in your back garden, as long as you live in a sunny climate, of course! Use this as a outdoor seat and couple it with a garden umbrella for the ultimate in relaxation.

29. Sitting on the Dock of the Pool

This bed is another cool looking outdoor number, except looking a little more classy and maybe a tad more expensive than previous styles. If this is your home in the picture, you’re probably able to spend a little more on a daybed, considering you have a pool the size of most people’s homes in your backyard. Not that we’re bitter or anything!

30. The Best of the Best

This style is my absolute favorite style of daybed. Part outdoor chair, part bed, part work of art, this daybed folds out to give you a fantastic place to sleep with the wind brushing through your hair. Especially reserved for the hottest of continents, make sure you take full advantage of this style of bed if you buy it, and make outdoors your indoors.

31. A Day Bed, Grunge Style

I’ve never seen a bed look more like a grunge rock and roller in my entire life. It looks as though it’s wearing a flannel shirt and a little bit worn away. But this person clearly looks like they super comfortable so who are we to judge? A lovely nap or a sleep outside next to a fire is a sure-fire way of becoming really relaxed.

Elegant Daybeds

32. Ye Olde Daybed Once More

Did they have therapists in the Victorian ages? This old style looking daybed would suggest that they in fact did, much to the confusion of people who merely wanted to catch some zzz’s! I can imagine this daybed being very comfortable and well worth spending the money on.

33. Retro Bed

This plain white, elegant daybed has a retro feel but would love utterly fantastic in the modern home, regardless of where it is. The vintage bed is completely contrasting from some of the larger sofa beds we have come across previously in our list.

34. Basically a Bed

You can call this what you like, this daybed is essentially a big bed with the exception of having an armrest either end of the bed. Looking more comfortable than most beds I’ve seen, you will be a lucky guest to get the chance to sleep in this monster daybed.

35. Pretty with Pillows

This style of bed is super pretty and the lovely floral pillows really bring out the beautiful-looking back-frame of the bed. Looking a lot longer than most daybeds, this sofa would suit the vintage-style home perfectly. The comfy looking mattress and cover combo with the pillows make this one of the most snuggly looking sofa beds around.

36. The Grand Daybed

Very few beds are as elegant as a four-piece poster bed, and even fewer daybeds have that luxury, yet looking at this you would be forgiven for thinking that’s what this is. A lovely pair of draped curtains at the top end of the bed make this one of the more superior-looking daybeds going. I am a big fan of this style of daybed. Grand and sophisticated.

37. Funky and Fresh

The color, the look, the style – this daybed is funky from top to bottom and the color-scheme makes it look an awful lot like it belongs besides the seaside at a holiday resort. Really bright, very attractive and comfortable looking, there’s really very little else that you would want from a daybed.

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So, there we have it, our rundown of the coolest, most elegant and fresh daybeds out there. There’s been some fantastic beds, some interesting beds and some completely DIY options too. The whole range has been covered. Make sure you buy one of these cool daybeds to keep friends, family and even pets happy while they sleep.

As you can see from our DIY pieces, these beds don’t need to be the most flash or complicated designs, you can build them yourself literally out of anything. If this is your plan, then good luck! I plan to merely buy mine from a store, like normal people do. Take into account the design of your house when you’re choosing the daybed – as you can see, there’s a style for any home, then you’ll be right as rain. Happy hunting!