40 of the Best Bedroom Color Combos: #27 is Perfection!

When it comes to restructuring a bedroom – so many things need to be taken into consideration. Aside from determining what kind of furniture would look best in any sized room, another important thing to take into consideration is the color scheme.

Do you prefer lighter or darker colors? Do the color hues affect the size and feel of a room? What colors look best together? These are a few questions you may ask yourself when wanting to incorporate a new color scheme into the bedroom, but deciding on colors doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of some pretty great bedroom color combos for you to browse over and maybe fall in love with one!

1. Black and Yellow

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For a color combo that screams bold originality, nothing beats this cool black and yellow bedroom. Working with black can make a room too dark and somber, but in this case, the bright pops of yellow bring in the magic of the sun. A sense of humor is obvious with the black and yellow bike acting as a faux headboard. To soften the overall look, the back wall is painted a lighter gray and the two throw pillows on the bed are beige and white, and black, grey and rust.


2. White on White

Photo credit: Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

While this bedroom look is not for everyone, there is something elegantly pristine about a white-on-white color combo. The use of a textured off-white throw on the bed, a white shag rug on the floor and a two-toned cream antique-looking side table all add layers and depth, so the room doesn’t look flat. Pops of green with a plant and the pink of the flowers offer up a gentle warmth that make it a welcoming space.

3. Royal Red and Blue

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This room features some pretty great, bold jewel tones that always look great together. The royal blue and red help complement each other without being too strong, despite the fact they are typically contrasting colors. This would be a good color concept for a master bedroom or even a guest room set up.

4. Lime Green and Yellow

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This fun bedroom would be a good color concept for a kid’s bedroom. The bright yellows and greens coincide well together and make the room feel bright and happy. In order to keep the room from feeling too small, keeping the ceiling a white color like the one in the picture, is a good way to prevent that boxed in feeling.

5. Sultry and Smokey

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This bedroom just oozes sensuality. The burnt orange and royal purple marry well in this gorgeous bedroom setting. These colors, though not commonly paired together in a bedroom setting, do so well together because they are both deeper colors. This would be a great idea for a bedroom or a guest house color scheme.

6. Red and Aqua

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This cool color concept features bold red against that fresh aqua color which makes the room feel like a breath of fresh air. Although one wouldn’t figure a bolder red color and a cooler aqua tone would work together, the pairing is perfect for this great bedroom set. Pair some funky colors up to see what happens.

7. Navy and White

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Ship ahoy! The nautical look of navy and white has been a popular color combination for centuries, as it inspires a crisp military discipline that lends a no-nonsense appeal to a space. In this bedroom, there is nothing to distract the eye; the beige accents in the two side tables, hanging pendant lamps and the basket at the foot of the bed blend in seamlessly and do not detract from the overall sense of order and calm.

8. Light Brown and Muted Green

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This bedroom features that gorgeous light brown color paired with a great muted green or almost an aqua color. Brown and greens/aqua colors pair really well together, and the color combination is prominent in wedding themes or even anniversary parties. The pairing also goes well in bedrooms, as you can see by the photo.

9. Color Pops

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This bedroom features a predominantly blue room with pops of royal purple. This is a great concept when you want to create an interesting spin on a room without attempting anything too crazy. The purple pillows are the perfect color pop in this mostly blue room, and the deep, royal jewel tones always look good in a more subdued setting.

10. Neutral Palette

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There’s nothing more calming than a neutral palette. Shades and hues of brown, taupe, tan and white blend effortlessly in this bedroom for a truly relaxing vibe. Layering with throws on the bed and the chair, rugs on the floor and pillows on the bed add texture and form to what could otherwise be a very flat look. Wicker and wood accents continue the color theme while bringing in natural elements.

11. Blue and Orange

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As you can see from the picture, blue and orange pair really well together. The brightness of the orange and the deep blue of that royal blue makes this room a delight to look in on. Pairing a brighter color with a jewel tone is a great way to accentuate each individual color and appreciate what each color brings into the bedroom.

12. Browns and Oranges

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This bedroom features an array of browns and burnt oranges. The pairing of the more subdued wall color with the gorgeous artistic back wall against the bed makes this room absolutely pop. This is a gorgeous idea for a bedroom – whether that be a master bedroom or a gorgeous guest bedroom. The color scheme is great.

13. Bright and Happy

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This bedroom features plenty of bright, happy colors. The light or sky blue paired with the radiant yellow is an exact representation of a sunshiny day. This color scheme would work best in a bedroom of a child or even as a guest bedroom in a house somewhere out in the country. The bright colors help make the room feel bigger, too.

14. Interesting Yellows

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This room features plenty of different kinds of yellow. The burnt yellow, the more subdued yellow, and the more interesting yellow makes this room an interesting sight. The pale gray helps tie the entire room together because it is the one prominent base color which allows all the other interesting colors to dance upon this solid platform.

15. Mean Greens

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You just can’t go wrong with green. There are so many tones in the green spectrum that you could decorate a room entirely with varying shades, and it’d still look great. Take this room for example – there are greens for as far as the eye can see, and it looks great. This just goes to show that you don’t need too many contrasting colors to make a scheme work.

16. Lavender and Yellow

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This gorgeous bedroom features plenty of that relaxing lavender color paired with a more subdued yellow. Almost acting as a creamy yellow, the contrast from the purple tones with the brighter yellow tones makes this room feel inviting and relaxing. Lavender is sought after for its calming aroma, but clearly the color works, too.

17. Rich Tones

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This bedroom features rich wooden tones that pair well with the clean whiteness. This bedroom looks suitable enough for royalty, as the classic wooden look helps makes the room feel bold while the crisp white makes the space feel inviting and welcoming. This is a great color combo since you have the bold brown and clean white.

18. Southwest Dream

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This gorgeous bedroom features burnt orange with bright teal. This is an absolutely stunning color scheme, and the whole room just pops. This room feels festive as if you’ve entered a swanky hotel in the southwest. It’s a good way to make the bedroom feel exciting and full of life. It’s interesting just how colors can make a room feel a certain way.

19. Coral and Blue

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This interesting color combo is kind of like that blue and orange scheme we saw previously but a bit more subtle. Instead of a bright prominent orange, the orange has been canceled out by a more subdued orange tone – that wonderful coral color. Coral has been a bit more prominent in the fashion and home décor industry this year, as the color is just gorgeous.

20. Orange and Tan

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This color scheme features some more orange with a more tan color than brown. The effect is still gorgeous, and instead of brown being the more dominant color, the brighter orange has taken center stage in this interesting bedroom color combo. This is a great way to accentuate a certain color but keeping that more prominent brown undertone.

21. Pinks and Red

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This wonderful color combo features two colors within the same spectrum – pink and red. The pink and red pair exceptionally well together, as they naturally complement each other. The bright yellow wall acts as the brighter background color which allows these two colors to stand out from each other without much conflict.

22. Moon Purple

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Maybe it’s just me – but this bedroom color scheme looks very spaced out. Space as in planets or within the cosmos. It’s a more interesting concept to a bedroom that has a unique feel to it. It’s probably those wonderful gray accents among all this purple. This would be a great color combo concept for a master bedroom or a guest bedroom.

23. Greens and Blues

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This bedroom color concept features plenty of blues and greens. This is a great color concept for a smaller master bedroom or even a guest bedroom since the colors are so prominent, they basically act as décor within themselves. The intricate designs and art throughout this bedroom are within the same scheme, making it more interesting.

24. Grays and Neutrals

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This wonderful bedroom features some of the best color combos you can see in a bedroom. There are plenty of yellows, creams, and grays, making this bedroom full of neutral relaxing colors that just work together. If you want a more relaxing feel to a bedroom, using a scheme of neutrals and subdued colors are the way to go.

25. Red and Green

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This bedroom features interesting tones in red, green, and gold. The red and green, although this is a more subdued green or even an aqua color, usually pair well together. The gold accents throughout the room makes the green and red tones stand out even farther since the gold color acts more as an afterthought or as the icing on a cake.

26. Bold Bedroom

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This gorgeous bedroom features two bold prominent colors – brown and red. This color combo, both being bold and strong throughout the bedroom, makes any space feel fit for royalty. The room evokes power and looks as if it demands respect. Pairing the two bold colors together is a great way to make an interesting space.

27. Browns and Creams

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This bedroom features that great prominent brown color with plenty of cream tones to act as accents. This is a gorgeous room that gives off that classic bedroom vibe since brown and cream naturally go very well together. This more traditional style bedroom is a safe bet when it comes to deciding on a color scheme because you just can’t go wrong.

28. Turquoise and Cream

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This bedroom is a beach goers dream. This would be a perfect color combo for a bedroom within a house near a beach, or better yet, on a beachfront property. The turquoise is always gorgeous even on its own, but when paired with the calming cream color, the two become absolutely gorgeous together. A great pairing, for sure.

29. Orange and Blue, II

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This is another great bedroom color combo featuring another version of orange and blue. What makes this room so interesting is the color accents. The blue and orange are great and stand proudly on their own, but their interesting accents makes this bedroom even more fun. The star carpet, for example, is a nice way to add texture to the mix.

30. Skies and Oranges

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This great color combo features another spin on the prominent blue and orange combo. This room features a lighter sky blue paired with orange to create an interesting space. The lighter color being the more prominent color- the sky blue- really opens the room up which is nice if you’re dealing with a tighter space.

31. Mermaid’s Dream

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This bedroom is gorgeous, plain and simple – although there is nothing plain about this bedroom at all. The gorgeous blending of blue and green makes this bedroom look like the master bedroom of a mermaid’s kingdom. All the extra designs, décor, and embellishments make this room plenty intriguing with accents.

32. Coral and Purple

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The first thing you’ll notice about this bedroom is the great coral ceiling. This in itself is interesting since you don’t commonly see a colored ceiling within a bedroom color scheme. Typically, the ceilings are left white in order to make the space feel more open and wide. In this case, the coral ceiling only helps that great purple stand out.

33. Burnt Orange and Yellow

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This bedroom looks as if it would make a great master bedroom color scheme for a bachelor pad. Something about the two colors orange and yellow makes this room feel a bit more masculine. Not to say that this is a man-specific color combo, but the room feels a bit more masculine for some reason. Maybe the pairing of two tones within the same color spectrum.

34. Blue and Yellow

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Pairing blue and yellow is a more common color combo. Using the blue and yellow pairing in a bedroom is a safe way to incorporate those great jewel tones – that royal yellow – with a more subdued after thought color – the wonderful yellow tones. The two pair well together, and you just can’t go wrong with this color combo.

35. Cream and White

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You can’t get a cleaner feel than by pairing cream and white together. The two just work together. You probably would have expected these two to cancel each other out, but just you look how great they work together within this bedroom color scheme. The interesting cream accents help add texture to the space, which is always a good thing.

36. Purple and White

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As you can see, this bold bedroom features that wonderful purple color. The color is so bold that it can stand on its own and doesn’t need much else. Since the purple is more prominently found on the bold bedspread, pairing the room with a white color helps make the room feel classic and clean. These two obviously work well together.

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37. Oranges

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This bedroom color combo features mostly orange with some white accents. This is a great concept if you want to keep a bedroom bold and create a space that is entirely unique. The white walls help makes this color concept more interesting since the white provides a clean surface for the oranges throughout the bedroom to live on.

38. Bohemian Color Schemes

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To create an intriguing Bohemian color combo in the bedroom, stick to more neutral tones with just pops of color. Grays, tans, browns, and creams work so well together, and you can easily dress up or dress down a room depending on the feel you want the room to have. Adding interesting textures and design pieces or even artwork will help make the space even more intriguing and uniquely yours. You can do so much with this color combo.

39. Pinks and Blues

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Creating that dusty sunrise feel doesn’t need to require an amazing view of the horizon each morning. You can easily incorporate these colors by creating your own color scheme palettes within the bedroom. Sticking to radiant pinks, dusty grays, and even some strong taupe colors can help you achieve that feel all from your own bedroom.

40. Kid’s Bedroom

colorful kid's bedroom

Photo credit: New Africa/Shutterstock

A child’s bedroom should be their sanctuary, a place where they can sleep, play and study with equal ease. Using aqua as the main color in this room achieves that goal, since the hue artfully blends blue and green to promote energy, while also inducing calm. Gray and white accents balance it all out for a genuinely fun bedroom any kid would love to call his or her own.


So which color combos were your favorite? Did you see a few designs that you’d like to try to incorporate into your own bedroom? Which tones do you think you want to use? If you’re not sure, no need to worry, you can easily take elements from several designs and create your own unique space. All you need is a little creativity and a plan.

Have you recently changed up a bedroom color scheme yourself? We’d love to hear your insight on the matter. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with us so we can all get a better understanding of what color concepts work best in bedrooms.

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