40 Magnificent Bedside Table Ideas For Your Bedroom

Bedrooms can be tough to decorate, especially when you don’t have enough room to really put any furniture in. One thing that a bedroom always has room for are bedside tables. The thing with those is that they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to fit any decor. So, without further delay, here are 40 of the coolest bedside table ideas for your bedroom.

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Cool Bedside Table Ideas

#1: Chic Metal

First on our list is this chic metal bedside table that’s large enough to fit all of your personal belongings on. In this bedroom, the metal color of the tables works very well with the color of the walls and matches perfectly with the bedframe. I can only assume that this came as a whole set, but it’s a beautiful set.

#2. Modern & Simple

This bedroom seems rather small, so it makes sense that the bedside tables would be small and simple as well. One thing that I love about them is how cool they are. Check out the design on them. It fits in with any decor and they’re just big enough to fit a good sized lamp, leaving enough space for a phone to rest and charge.

#3. Single Sided

If you have a very small bedroom and only need one bedside table, this is a very cute idea. This Victorian style table is elegant, and fits on one side of the bed, giving you enough space to keep everything you need or want within an arm’s reach. Using just one table on one side leaves the other side open for something else that you may need or want in the future.

#4. Wooden Elegance

This style is simple and elegant. I love how simple the side tables are and how well they go with all of the other decor in the room. They are just big enough accommodate those beautifully stunning lamps, but the drawers add space for other necessities. These tables are perfect for smaller rooms and bring an older sense of style into place.

#5. Hamptons Style

These bedside tables are super cute! They fit in well with all different kinds of decor and work perfectly with smaller apartments, lofts, and guest rooms. They are just big enough to fit a small lamp, an alarm clock, a phone and charger, and anything else small that you would need within your reach. These are very unique and could honestly be used in any room of the house as an end table, accent table, or just a random table in a corner for keeping plants comfortable or holding up a picture frame.

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#6. Large Wooden Tables

These large wooden bedside tables are very cool. They are decorated with white stripes to match the wall behind them and the colors coordinate we with everything else in the rest of the bedroom. These large tables are spacious enough to accommodate large lamps, telephones, pictures, plants, and anything else you want to put on display.

#7. Wooden Table With Niche

I love anything that has a niche in them. They make for wonderful storage areas for books and other decorations. On top of that, you have the small pull out drawer and the shelf for the lamp, clock, and other items. It matches wonderfully with the hardwood flooring of this room and the cabinets that are over the bed. So if you have hardwood floors or a wood bed frame, this would go great with it.

#8. Contemporary Look

This entire room has a very contemporary look to it, but the bedside tables make the whole thing look even better. Those tables have such a unique shape to them, almost futuristic. They are a much darker color than the rest of the furnishings and decor, but it still looks pretty awesome. They offer plenty of space to put your personal belongings on as well.

#9. Oh So Small

These bedside tables are rather small, but they get the job done. These are perfect small bedrooms, lofts, attic bedrooms, and guest rooms. They’re also very lightweight, making them super easy to move around. So when it comes time to rearrange furniture, it’ll be a breeze to move these to a different location.

#10. Block Of White

If you like simplicity, this is it. Nothing is more simple than just a plain block of white that doubles as a bedside table for whatever you need. White matches just about any decor and it brightens up any bedroom. These are also very spacious, leaving plenty of room for pictures, lamps, laptops, cell phones, or plants. Personally, I think that these are very nice to look at.

#11. Multi-Level

This bedside table is rather unique. It is actually two pieces, one of which is connected to the wall while the other is under it. It matches perfectly with the paneling on the walls and the space between the two if perfect for storing a laptop or books, keeping them out of the way. It’s a pretty creative idea and it’s probably something that could be homemade by the right person.

#12. Glass Top

I really enjoy the way that this nightstand is designed. It has a very unique top portion to it. The top of it is made from glass and the bottom is made from wood. There’s that awesome space in between the two, which is perfect for storing books to keep the top space free for lamps or picture frames. This is definitely something that you would find in an upscale apartment or home.

#13. Floating Nightstands

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I absolutely love this idea and it’s definitely something that can be upcycled if you found the right material. This floating nightstand idea is wonderful because it doesn’t take up any floor space. It still gives you a surface for your belongings and you can use the space underneath it for shoes or you can keep it free. It’s the perfect idea for those beds that are high up in the air because you don’t have to reach down to get something.

DIY Bedside Table Ideas

#14. Corner Shelf Bedside Table

This is a fantastic space saving and organization idea. This simple bedside table is secured to the wall in a corner on one side of the bed (or two if you have the space) and it just floats there. You can use it to place whatever you want on it and you can use the space under it for a chair, a small dresser, or decorations.

#15. Wooden Boxes

These cute wooden boxes are a very unusual, but funky bedside table idea that you can easily do yourself. It’s honestly as simple as putting two upcycled wooden boxes on top of each other and securing them. You can them place something on top of it and inside of them. It’s great for organization and it adds a little touch of the outdoors to inside.

#16. Rolling Wooden Nightstand

These multi-functional bedside tables are such a fun and creative idea. It’s awesome how this table can be used in more wans than one. You can use it as a nightstand or you can roll it around the room and use it as a small coffee table or you can even use it as an ottoman. It serves many purposes and it’s easy to build. The best part is that you can paint it whatever color you want and it only costs a few dollars to do.

#17. Driftwood Tables

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If you’re super creative and have the strong ability to make anything out of wood, then this driftwood nightstand is a great project for you. It is an extremely unique DIY project and it will bring a little bit of the beach to your bedroom. You can make it as big or as small as you want and you can be as creative as you want with it. They’re beautiful and very outdoorsy.

#18. Pallet Nightstand

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Today, you can make just about any piece of furniture out of pallets. This bedside table is made from pallets and it’s super simple to do. It will take a little bit of work, but once you’re done with it, you can either keep it looking rustic or you can paint it whatever color you want to match your decor. If you have pallets laying around, this is a cheap way to get yourself some nightstands.

Unique, Funky, Quirky and Unusual Bedside Table Ideas

#19. Mirrored Table

I’ve actually seen these in my local home goods store and I fell in love with them. They are definitely quite unique and they bring a lot of pizzazz to a room. The face that they are mirrored alone is enough to enjoy them, but they also offer a lot of storage because they have three drawers in them.

#20. Yellow & Vintage

This cute little nightstand is rather bright and old school. This is something that you would see in a house from the 1960’s or somewhere around that era. It’s probably one of the cutest little nightstands I’ve seen. It’s got two little drawers for storage and the top of it is the ideal place for anything you need within an arm’s reach. This nightstand also brings this room together beautifully.

#21. Just A Chair

Yup, you saw that right, this nightstand is actually just a chair. I’ve actually used a chair as a nightstand before and it’s really not a terrible idea. When you don’t need to use it as a nightstand, you can simply use it as a chair if you need. If you don’t want to use any old chair, pick up one that has some unique scroll work in it or paint is a cool color.

#22. Elegant Wall Mounted Nightstand

First, let me start by saying that this bedroom is absolutely stunning. Second, those wall mounted nightstands are absolutely beautiful. They bring a very elegant and victorian look to the bedroom. They are very large, which gives enough space for just about anything you need to put on them. The only downfall to these is that they aren’t going to be easy to relocate.

#23. “Bank” Nightstand

This is the cutest idea for a kids bedroom! They took an old nightstand and repurposed it so that it was safe for children. They took all of the paint off of it, sanded it down, repainted it, added a vault type lock to it and painted the word “bank” on it. The entire thing looks like bank vault and it’s the perfect storage place for your children to hide their prized possessions in.

#24. Upcycled Cassette Table

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This table is very unique and definitely something that I would love to try to make. It is made from 48 cassette tapes without the cases, 12 music cassettes with the cases, and 12 more without the cases on the bottom. It would be the perfect nightstand for the music lovers bedroom or for a mancave.

#25. The $3 Nightstand

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How can a nightstand only be $3 you ask? I had the same question honestly. Well, this nightstand is made from discarded wine boxes and some stain. The awesome part about this is that you can either stain it or not. The stain can darken it up or you can leave it light, your choice. These boxes are very rustic looking and bring a unique sense of style to the room.

#26. Headboard With Attached Shelves

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If you’re looking for something a little bigger, this headboard & nightstand combo is the perfect solution for you. This headboard has two ladder-type shelves on each side. This gives you enough space to organize almost all of your belongings or whatever you want to put on display. These are rather large, so they would definitely be best in a larger bedroom.

#27. Vintage Suitcases

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This is something that you would see in a 1940’s movie and it’s a really cool idea. This involves a bunch of vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other starting from large on the bottom and ending with small on the top. You can walk into just about thrift shop and find these laying around, so it’s definitely not hard to make this idea work.

#28. Cinder Block Nightstand

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If you have a couple of cinder blocks laying around the yard, they make perfect nightstands when cleaned up. You just take two big ones and space them out a little, the take one of the thinner ones and put it on top of the other two and BAM! You have yourself a super unique nightstand with little block openings for storage.

#29. Stepstool Table

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If you have one of these laying around that you aren’t using, now you have a reason to. Stepstools make pretty awesome nightstands. They have multiple levels for storing your belongings and they’re portable. When you don’t need to use them anymore, you can just fold them up and store them for another time. Also, if they’re made from wood, you can paint them any color you want to match your decor.

#30. Bedside Pocket

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This is a twist on a bedside table. Rather than having a big, clunky table on the side of your bed that you constantly bang your arm on or run into in the middle of the night, you can substitute wall pockets. These are cute little pocket organizers that attach to the wall that can hold your small belongings such as your glasses, jewelry, and other items.

#31. Tree Trunk Nightstand

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Do you want to bring a little bit of the outdoors to the indoors? This tree trunk idea is the perfect way to do so. The best part is that you can make it as large or small as you want and you can choose your kind of wood that best fits your room. This is one of the best ways to obtain a free nightstand because trees are literally everywhere.

Small and Narrow Bedside Table Ideas

#32. Lighting For Two

This cute little nightstand is perfect for fitting between two beds. This is a great lighting solution for rooms that are too small for two nightstands. This nightstand is small enough to fit, but it has two drawers to keep personal items in. The black and white color of it works beautifully with this room and with most rooms for that matter.

#33. Narrow Little Nightstand

If you have a small bedroom and can’t fit larger nightstands, this narrow nightstand gives you just enough space for a small lamp. It also features two drawers for additional storage and brings just a touch of elegance to the room. It’s a very cute bedside table and the size of it would make it very easy to move around.

#34. Small Country Table

This is a country-like bedside table and a cute one as well. It’s super small which means it’ll fit just about anywhere. I love how it has the opening cabinet on the bottom, drawer in the middle, and the niche above the drawer. It gives the user multiple possibilities for storage. The color of this specific table is also very attractive.

#35. Hanging Shelf

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If you really have no space for a bedside table, one of these hanging shelves is the ultimate solution. You can grab one of those shower shelves that hang over your shower head and just hang it on the wall next to your bed. You have to make sure you hang it where you can reach it but also where you won’t hit your pillow or your head on it at night.

#36. Wall Mounted Nightstand With Drawer

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There’s nothing super fancy about this wall mounted nightstand like there was with some of the other ones on the list. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll really like this. The drawer on this is large enough to hold quite a bit of stuff. It also has a very unique wood pattern to it that would fit in very well with a room that has hardwood flooring or wood paneling walls.

Low Bedside Table Ideas

#37. Low Floating Nightstands

These low floating nightstands are perfect for those low lying beds. They are very simple and depending on what they are made from, I would think that they could be painted different colors. They are also spacious enough to hold all of your essentials that you would need at your bedside. They also leave space underneath for your slippers.

#38. Short Small Nightstand

This tiny nightstand is an ideal solution for those who don’t want their bedside table right next to their face while they are in bed. It has a very low profile and more than enough space to put a book on or a flower arrangement. These small tables are wonderful for people who have low lying beds as well.

Round Bedside Table Ideas

#39. Oval Bedside Table

These bedside tables are unique and stylish. They have a very modern oval shape to them and two drawers that give you enough storage space for organizing your personal items. The tops of these tables also give you enough space for lamps and charging your cell phone. The color of these nightstands are also very attractive and go well with the colors of the room.

#40. Country Round Nightstand

If you have the space for them, these round country style nightstands are the perfect decor for that country style bedroom. These are large enough for even the biggest lamps, giving you more than enough light for reading. The color of these tables will also go with any color room and match any decor you may have.


There you have it, 40 of the most unique, cool, retro, colorful, and simple bedside tables we could find. A lot of them are super easy to make yourself, some you can find at your local thrift shop, you can even find some in your backyard and not even pay a dime for them. Remember, you can make a bedside table out of just about anything, you just have to use a little bit of imagination. If you enjoyed this list, feel free to comment and share!