20 Stylish Bedroom Trends for 2022

This year, bedrooms seem to be getting more attention because of the homebody life that the pandemic gave us. New designs emerge, and old trends come back as we evolve against 2020 and 2021’s upheavals.

Are you planning a makeover for your bedroom or another room in your home? Check out these 20 bedroom trends of 2022 for inspiration!

1. Wallpapers from the Archives

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Who would have thought that today’s trendy wallpapers are actual designs from hundreds of years ago? This bedroom features two different designs on one side. 

One is a classic floral art with the same background as the headboard. And the other is a mint green patterned wallpaper that matches the framed painting. Make the whole space cohesive by adding floral sheets and a small faux plant.

2. Serene and Ambient

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With the constant hustle and bustle that each day brings, many demand a sanctuary where they’re at peace. This bedroom has the most calming color palette featuring blues, grays, and white. It also has multiple ambient lights that make you feel like you’re in a hotel suite.

Make sure the en suite has a matching theme to enhance the cozy factor in the space. 

3. Playful Color Palette

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Many experts agree that green will be a dominant color in new playful palettes. The color exemplifies nature’s resilience and represents re-growth. Mix it with muted pink, yellow, and other colors for an eclectic and youthful mood. 

This photo shows bold colors within rounded, curved, and arched figures. Place them against a white background to avoid overpowering the room.

4. Match Colors with Patterns

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2022 is the year for matching your colors with different textures and patterns. This green wooden wall pairs beautifully with the different textures of the green lamp and pillows. 

Don’t be scared to have some fun and throw in other colors like red, purple, and yellow to balance the luminance. But keep the other elements plain so that only one color stands out. 

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5. Modern Scandinavian

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The Scandinavian style is probably the easiest to accomplish out of all bedroom trends 2022 because it focuses on organization and simplicity. Consider getting accessories with clean shapes, hanging bedside tables, and a huge bed frame.

Paint your walls a mix of gray and off-white, have more storage, and you’re done. A Nordic bedroom will produce a calming atmosphere.

6. Character-Rich

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Interior design trends are moving away from rigid and imitable bedrooms and becoming in favor of personality in aesthetics. Your bedroom is your own, so feel free to explore two or three styles.

This work by Emily June Designs shows you can mix different bedroom furniture instead of sticking to one set. It will help you create a space that speaks to your diverse preferences.


7. Patterned Headboards

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This 2022, headboard size doesn’t matter anymore. Instead, go for mosaic or tile patterns for your upholstery fabric for a 3d effect. This headboard matches the pillow sheets and bedding to be more aesthetically pleasing.

You can also try headboards with different shapes. Curved edges will do, but this design extends to the front to make you feel more secure while sleeping.

Photo credit: Romo

8. Latin American Style

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Your bedroom can feel like a remote location with this Latin American-inspired bed frame, headboard, and rug. Watch how the exotic and upbeat patterns match the colors of the curtain and bedding. 

Some significant elements include jazz age patterns, which resemble Buenos Aires’ art deco movement and parakeet green. You’ll also notice the tiles referencing Havana and the brights. 

Photo credit: A Rum Fellow

9. Girly and Bright

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Who says blue makes the room feminine? This soft and curvy blue headboard looks great with shades of pink and yellow. But what ties them together is the floral throw blanket that lays stylishly on the bed. 

The patterned rug also boosts the space’s femininity. Notice how it matches the front throw pillow so that it doesn’t look out of place.

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10. Blue is the New Black

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So, you’ve reached an age in your life where you want your bedroom to look more mature and stable. Try deep colors like blue. A monochromatic look will make it look more attractive. 

Add only a few pale blue elements, then focus on cobalt blues and navy blue. Indigo is also a wise option for creating cool depths in the area.

Photo credit: @mtt.designs

11. Vintage and Multipurpose

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A different type of vintage becomes a yearly trend. This 2022, it’s all about retro patterns on walls and furniture. The younger generation is also interested in reusing and recycling antique pieces. They also like the idea of multipurpose rooms!

Mid-sized homes now include home offices in bedrooms, especially when the pandemic started. Pick a study desk with enough tabletop space and storage for your essentials. 

Photo credit: Elin Walters

12. A Headboard that Matches the Wall

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You can create a subtle contrast between your headboard and wall by matching their colors. This design features a blue and white patterned headboard against a rich blue wall. 

Instead of colors, make the item stand out with its pattern and shape. The high curves will add a wow factor to your bedroom, making you feel like a princess. Maybe you could outline it with red to be more eye-catching.

Photo credit: Andrew Martin

13. Biophilic Vibe

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Ever since we’ve been in quarantine, people have been finding ways to bring the outdoor environment inside the house. Aside from getting beautiful houseplants, nature-inspired wallpapers like this gray and white tree design are a great idea. 

Make it even more beautiful by using green velvet upholstery for your bed. The sun’s natural lighting will make the fabric resemble the moss on rocks and walls. 

14. Dreamy Blush Pink

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Scandinavian furnishings and pastel pink are like the Romeo and Juliet of feminine interior design. Choose an earthy pink that stays away from the juvenile baby room colors. A raw shade is more fun and versatile to adorn. 

Add some natural wood, leaves, and framed artwork for a Nordic touch. But don’t go overboard with these accessories because Scandinavian is usually minimalist and simple.

15. Paper Lanterns

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Mix oriental and modern aesthetics through functional items like light fixtures. Once you have general and task lighting, it’s time to upgrade your ambient lighting with these paper lanterns. 

Use it as a bedside lamp for an ambient glow. You’ll find many of these paper shades at an affordable price in online stores. Don’t be afraid to cluster them on one corner of your room to create a statement.

Photo credit: Line Klein

16. Teal and Brown

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Dark brown and teal alone look regular. But when combined, the two colors bring a bold color palette with a solid contrasting effect. Have one side of your room painted teal, and then the rest should be white. This design will make your bedroom appear wider. 

Choose a rust hue for the mirror, bedside table, lamp, and bed to add depth to your space. Match the curtains with your wall, and maybe add a rug or vintage basket.

17. Mid Blue and Metals

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Another trendy bedroom color to try is Breathe. It’s a mid-blue paint that is light enough to stay airy but dark enough to add more color. You’ll never get enough of this refreshing color, so paint it on your entire wall and ceiling.

Then layer it with metallic accessories like brass or copper. This design will make your curtain rods, light fixtures, mirrors, and chair legs more consistent. You can even include them in your throw pillows!

Photo credit: Alisa Bovino

18. Modern Bohemian

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Gone are the days when boho chic was all about white, wood, and other farmhouse elements. You can keep your cozy Rattan chairs and other natural materials but give your bedding and walls a transformation.

Embrace a bright palette while mixing textures and incorporating splashes. Orange tassels, patterned sheets, and a green wall will add personality to your bedroom. These colors will make your bohemian home feel more modern.

19. Natural Fibers

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Upholstered walls, soft linens, and flowy curtains matter. And with the concern for sustainability, many manufacturers will market more of their natural fibers. Consider wool, silk, and cotton when you’re redecorating your room.

Synthetic fibers have a damaging impact on our planet and health. Make sure to replace your blankets, drapes, and rugs with natural materials. After all, they look more sophisticated!

Photo credit: Yasmine Ghoniem of YSG Studio

20. Earth Tones

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Earth tones haven’t gone out of style since the decade started. But the trendy shades are changing from time to time. This 2022, the ideal earth tone palette includes dark green, dusty rose, and terracotta. It’s both soothing and versatile!

You may also consider a soft pastel pink that blends yellow and red pigments. This shade will remind you of sunsets and summer nights on vacation.

Final Words

There are so many ideas to inspire among these bedroom trends of 2022. Make your bedroom solely a sanctuary or a place for working. You can also stick to earth tones or consider a rich teal and brown combination.

Comment your favorite style below and share this post with a friend! And for more tips, here’s our list of loft bedroom ideas!